A Christian Witch


I am a newly Christian Witch reborn from a Spiritual/Theistic Satanist. A Christian Witch.

Stay a while. Thanks website was formerly known as The Violet Twilight. I have a wealth of knowledge & spiritual background including both white & black magick knowledge. However I saw myself as a grey witch of sorts more than anything.

I will not go details here on this page. But you will eventually find my current outlook onany different topics relating to all sorts of religions and topics in these areas of worship, theology, magick and the Divine.

I deleted many of my prior posts before the recent transition but I have left some posts remaining. Please bare with me as I post my current thoughts!

Apologies for anyone whom may be confused since my conversion but know that my journey isn’t yours, it mine. Judgement doesn’t lie in my hands only personal experience and opinion that pertains.

I may speak in terms of what God has said unto me. But what I will share or offer as perspective will be offered with an awareness that i cannot say what’s best for you. I can only say what’s best for me and what I believe to be what best for humanity as a collective.

Please stay a while. Contact me with questions. Know that I am open to helping anyone on any path with any concept or conflict.

For there is only one path and I do not reject differing concepts or beliefs because I’ve held many different types of beliefs in my one lifetime. And seeing the world with those lenses have stayed with me and they all have a hand in who iam today, who i was, and who I am destined to be. So therefore I cannot hate any of those choices or beliefs.

There is good & evil, right & wro g, dark & light. There is, in my view, a spiritual authority that has laws in motion. There are those that submit to those laws & those that dont. There is a white, black and grey area. I

Yes, in my view, God will get through to all of us no matter what. No matter how long it for ysto have the capacity to understand Him, he will be there when we find ourselves in that moment.

This website isn’t a preachfest. It is simply me telling my story slowly but surely in hopes to helping others find whatever they are seeking.

Whether it’s connection, consolment, understanding, advice, whether it be Good, himself, the Goddess, Or knowledge concerning other practices that I no longer practice.

Your choices I have no business in. I’m simply here to be of some kind of help during whatever transition you find yourself in.

I’m a light in the dark.
Hear my story.

I was an eclectic Theistic Satanist & now I am a Christian Witch. here my story

“It’s 11:11, Do you know where your intent is?”
by Satan

Introducing my Project Showcase!

The Holy Trinity!

If you take a look at the “front page” (The Holy Trinity) of my project you will learn more about this project but only the beginning! ;) This project isn’t finished. But I must post something about it here on the front page of my website so you all are aware that it exists! :) This project of mine is focused on my love for music! Specifically my top three favorite bands–hence the title! Once I am finished working on the story of the career and timeline of these bands–I will then work on the spiritual experiences that I have had with these bands that I grew to become much more aware of especially once I became more magically inclined & awakened in a spiritual sense! But until I reveal those miraculous and magickal moments please take the time to read the other fun facts & stories of these bands as I further progress my work upon them! <3

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The Holy Trinity

Welcome! I am a lover of all sorts of music but there have been three bands that have been with me starting at age 12 that I credit for the largest influence towards becoming who I am today! Whether it was directly or subconsciously, these three bands were always and still are there for me… Continue reading →

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Violet’s Video-Editing! (aka Nokturna Raven known on youtube)

Iam also known as Nokturna Raven on Youtube. Click the Celluloid image to view the videos that I have edited! I am offering to edit videos for anyone whom is a musician and/or anyone who would like a video that will show off/promote their services for an price that is negotiable! Please contact me for details!