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torch_animated_violet30-9Welcome to The Violet Twilight where you will find the Violet Vortex! Please take a step inside of the vortex below! Inside you will find many twists & turns of energy that ultimately is the dust of magick that is found within the dark matter of the Universe! Looking for answers? Clarity? Affordable service that is hard to find in this world of nay-sayers & non-believers? Or maybe you are ready for a fresh new perspectives on the Unknown? No matter the reasons for your visit–you are here. So take another step towards experiencing a needed adjustment of your reality!I suggest you to click below onto the vortex–in it you will be directed towards my “About Me” page to learn more about yours truly–then once you have gained enough info about me then you may read my other essays & please consider joining the Violet Vortex Temple!

The choice is yours.

About Violet!


I am a Gatekeeper of this Vortex Violet–One of many. This means that I am a protector of this vortex. My soul is a co-creator of it & I am to help others usher humanity , guiding them to step into it. Preparing themselves for potent transformation & a new world ahead. 

My soul also hails from Atlantis! My Atlantis identity is an interesting one indeed. I will be posting about this soon! I identify with the lightworker that is known as the lightwarrior!


I wish to connect humanity with the magick that is all around them, to reinstall hope & to help influence an awakening to the memory of this fact–Faith in needed to accomplish anything in this life! Archangel Michael told me that one of my biggest roles aside from medium-ship, is to also help evolve mythology. To evolve the way humanity sees, magick, the Gods, themselves, etc. To gain a healthy balance between logic & imagination and then share my findings! 

I encourage you strongly to comment on anything that you feel inclined to! Whether you agree with the content or not so long as you use respect! :) I am open to discussion and healthy debates!! Feel free to follow this blog or subscribe to receive updates as well as spread others to let them know that a fresh new perspective is among them!!




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Blessed Be–
Violet Moonshadow

“It’s 11:11, Do you know where your intent is?”
by Violet Moonshadow

“The Guardians”-Dawn Of Ashes


Illuminate your mind!

 If you are interested in taking a quick look-see into the pages on this website-thus far-it would be a good idea to click upon the site map! 

Site Map

Please take a step inside of the Violet Vortex  Temple!

Please come & learn about the Violet Vortex Temple where I am slowly but surely building an Online Coven for like minded people! The setting and energy of this place will mirror Atlantis very much! As soon as I have the free time I will be posting more about my soul’s origin & speaking of my deepest purpose that comes from that origin as well.


Join My temple!

My menu of services & prices as well as a bit of information about the Violet Vortex Temple can be found here!


Petitions that are important to me! 

  1. Illinois threats to kill Dogs if Marijuana is legalized!

  2. Petition–mediumship as priestess duty


Introducing my Project Showcase! 

The Holy Trinity! 

If you take a look at the “front page” (The Holy Trinity) of my project you will learn more about this project but only the beginning! ;) This project isn’t finished. But I must post something about it here on the front page of my website so you all are aware that it exists! :) This project of mine is focused on my love for music! Specifically my top three favorite bands–hence the title! Once I am finished working on the story of the career and timeline of these bands–I will then work on the spiritual experiences that I have had with these bands that I grew to become much more aware of especially once I became more magically inclined & awakened in a spiritual sense! But until I reveal those miraculous and magickal moments please take the time to read the other fun facts & stories of these bands as I further progress my work upon them! <3

The Holy Trinity

Welcome! I am a lover of all sorts of music but there have …

Antichrist Superstar|MM

The lovely Mr. Manson & his story from beginning to the end. “I am the alpha & omega!”

Follow The Leader|KoRn

A story about a little band called KoRn–focusing more so on the “leader” so to speak– Jonathan Davis.

The Green Man|TON

A memorial & tribute to a precious favorite–Peter Steele of Type O Negative.

Violet’s Video-Editing! (aka Nokturna Raven known on youtube)

Iam also known as Nokturna Raven on Youtube. Click the Celluloid image to view the videos that I have edited! I am offering to edit videos for anyone whom is a musician and/or anyone who would like a video that will show off/promote their services for an price that is negotiable! Please contact me for details!



The 11 Vibration! I made this from a complete subcionsous place in 2012 referring to my awakening in many ways!


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