Christian Conversion

Welcome to my page that used to be a website of me teaching eclectic views, rituals, practices that I had incorporated into my path as an Hekatean Satanist. This website had many different things to read about and learn from as I saw as truth.

Until recently….

October 11, 2017 I converted to Christianity due to many different reasons that were facing me head on & revealing a specific truth without me even looking for Jesus nor Christisnity. I had actually thought I was happy & reached a high level of evolution but there was a veil that was being lifted by Jesus himself without my request. I began to see everything as it really was & is.

I am still learning. And I’m still changing so please bare with me. Ultimately I’m not speaking to anyone whom doesn’t feel they need a conversion. But I’m here to tell my story, to share my changes & Revelations.

My reason is to only glorify God & to help those whom feel a resonance with what im saying. I’m speaking to those of you whom are willing to listen.

I am in the process of stripping away all that the Lord says that never belonged to me in the first place.

However my background is large. I will always have some views that will differ from the rest. The way I found Jesus or he found me proves that is ultimately means he is always reaching out to us, he gives us numerous chances to recognize him.

I am not a Christian witch however jesus wishes for all witches, pagan, and satanists to awaken to his call before it’s too late.

I feel one reason Jesus found me as he did is to help others on similar paths understand certain things that havent been properly explained.

I am a Minister, Spiritual counselor, and im offer guidance during spiritual warfare. My experience with Satanism, imo I see as a beneficial part of my background when it comes to understanding the devil’s tricks. And thr planet worship in the past helps me to explain the intentions of nature & the planets.