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Welcome to The Violet Twilight where you will find the Violet Vortex! Please take a step inside of the vortex below! Inside you will find many twists & turns of energy that ultimately is the dust of magick that is found within the dark matter of the Universe! Looking for answers? Clarity? Affordable service that is hard to find in this world of nay-sayers & non-believers? Or maybe you are ready for a fresh new perspectives on the Unknown? No matter the reasons for your visit–you are here. So take another step towards experiencing a needed adjustment of your reality!I suggest you to click below onto the vortex–in it you will be directed towards my “About Me” page to learn more about yours truly–then once you have gained enough info about me then you may read my other essays & please consider–if needed or interested take a look at my brochure of services!

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About Violet!


I do not claim my truth to be the truth of all truths! I would never do that! I do not say that if you don’t believe in what I believe in then you all will burn in hell. That is ridiculous! I am not pushy about my beliefs at all. I am only passionate, honest, and my sole purpose in this life is to LEARN & to help others learn to think for themselves, I show them the path of self responsibility, self love, self knowledge, and to learn how to discern! I help others see how much of the information in their head has been forced by the people in power versus how much of it is personal experience! Read this article on what I am offering as a contribution towards Satanism & the people of any path! My contribution~

torch_animated_violet30-9About The Violet Twilight!

The content of this website is a whirlwind of many things! But I, myself, do identify with the term Hekatean Satanist, for lack of a better term, but for  now it will do! I have much in common with the spiritual satanist & the luciferian! Take a look inside and you will see! 

It is true I am not the usual Satanist that you normally see–but that is one of my purposes. To push Satanism even further. To remind people what the true essence of Satanism is which is independence. Freedom of thought, ending slavery mentality, but also taking responsibility for oneself, & putting true personal experience above all else. Satanism is about humanity’s shared nature & a balance, healthy dose of individuality that makes us unique. It isn’t another form of fanaticism that seems to be showing up within it along with it being everywhere else. 

I am here to push the boundaries & challenge you. Both right & left hand paths. Stop the division. It doesn’t exist. Speak truth. Pay attention to the words that you say to the world… It is time for a change… even within this genre of witchcraft, magick, & religion! 

The Goddess is revealing herself more & more! And she demands to be seen as equal as the Satan archetype, God, entity, or spiritual being that all of us interact with on whatever level we may chose… it is time to balance the masculine with the feminine. 

It is time to see Satanism through the eyes of the Goddess, Hekate! In a way that is rarely seen, spoken of, or have been heard before! The closest whom speaks of such would be the author Marc Allen Smith—the author of The Queen of Hell. His website can be found here–


But even still, I will not be saying a direct copy or quote from him either! Stay a while, read over my essays, past, present & future! 

There will be more to come! 



Seven Hekatean Satanic Suggestions-click image!

I have decided to drop the Coven idea & instead focus on creating videos for guided meditations & online courses as soon as possible! If interested please keep an eye on this link! And feel free to contact me if you’re interested! Otherwise follow the link below to see my brochure of services!  

My menu of services & prices as well as a bit of information about the Violet Vortex Temple can be found here!



I encourage you strongly to comment on anything that you feel inclined to! Whether you agree with the content or not so long as you use respect! :) I am open to discussion and healthy debates!! Feel free to follow this blog or subscribe to receive updates as well as spread others to let them know that a fresh new perspective is among them!!




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Violet Moonshadow

“It’s 11:11, Do you know where your intent is?”
by Violet Moonshadow

Introducing my Project Showcase! 

The Holy Trinity! 

If you take a look at the “front page” (The Holy Trinity) of my project you will learn more about this project but only the beginning! ;) This project isn’t finished. But I must post something about it here on the front page of my website so you all are aware that it exists! :) This project of mine is focused on my love for music! Specifically my top three favorite bands–hence the title! Once I am finished working on the story of the career and timeline of these bands–I will then work on the spiritual experiences that I have had with these bands that I grew to become much more aware of especially once I became more magically inclined & awakened in a spiritual sense! But until I reveal those miraculous and magickal moments please take the time to read the other fun facts & stories of these bands as I further progress my work upon them! <3

The Spiritual Realm of MM

Technically Marilyn Manson was the very first rockstar that grabbed my attention to such an intensity and even though I didn’t become an avid fan immediately–

The Holy Trinity

Welcome! I am a lover of all sorts of music but there have been three bands that have been with…

Antichrist Superstar|MM

The lovely Mr. Manson & his story from beginning to the end. “I am the alpha & omega!”

Follow The Leader|KoRn

A story about a little band called KoRn–focusing more so on the “leader” so to speak– Jonathan Davis.

Violet’s Video-Editing! (aka Nokturna Raven known on youtube)

Iam also known as Nokturna Raven on Youtube. Click the Celluloid image to view the videos that I have edited! I am offering to edit videos for anyone whom is a musician and/or anyone who would like a video that will show off/promote their services for an price that is negotiable! Please contact me for details!



The 11 Vibration! I made this from a complete subcionsous place in 2012 referring to my awakening in many ways!