Demons (Daemons)



I would like to talk to you all about the subject of demons. This term used to be better known as Daemons before the christian era took a hold of it and turned it into something other than what it truly was originally. 

What is a daemon? 


               Originally the daemon was an intelligent spirit–a guiding spirits-l300 (1)she_devil_sitting_on_tail_die-cut_decal_car_window_wall_bumper_phone_laptop_5ed7a28e_563108
for many.
It wasn’t a stranger to the darkside, of course not, in fact, the daemon would commonly speak to the human about the nature of their darkside (the humans), in many different ways. Sometimes the entity would express the concern in  logical and clear way, other times it wouldn’t and could come across as the demon that we know today… however without the whole conflict between it and christianity. Because that simply wasn’t an issue back in those days. 

giphy (16)

Yes, the daemon could appear to be… moody. But not an entity that needed to be exercised, at least not in the way that we know today. They did perform such rituals in the past but it was more for, behavioral sourceissues (for adult or child), anger issues, substance control, obsessions, etc, anything that was giving the human host an issue. And the daemon was known to lash out at the ritual because well, it was attached to the issue just as the human was. 


Back in those days people dealt with such things in a much more natural way. Instead of calling psychiatrists or Priests–they called witch doctors and shamans. 

giphy (8)The daemon wasn’t always expressing the issue it was a friend,Tumblr_m2jjp1fZeF1qcyghu a wise guiding source. But it taught that perfection didn’t exist and things were always a two way street providing a more complex situation compared to these days when many want to see things as only having one or two responses. 



giphy (7)


In my opinion, the movement of Christianity really dumbed things down. It cut off a more natural and longer lasting solution and caused confusion in people that is still alive today! 



26868978_165782674147555_8822066815455723520_nMany people believe that the Fae and animal spirits even the forests for the love of Dionysus are all evil fire fairyand demons! Which on one hand its true. They are all considered Daemons. However again, this isn’t something evil or even completely dark & sometimes intimidating!

I consider many of the Fae to be fallen angels… however fallen angels aren’t all exactly how it is described in the Bible. There are many different reasons for Falls. And not all of them are negative or against the angels will!!



People need to understand that nothing is all bad nor all good. Angels aren’t all good nor all bad. Daemons aren’t either. Humans aren’t. Animals aren’t. There is a darkside to every being, everything on this Earth, below, and above! 



However the only reason a daemon or any spirit or God would do something to cause any sort of harm would be to wake us up. Whether it is orchestrated or genuine–that is always the reason. To awaken us to truth–that resides within and outside of us. It may not be known subconsciously to us nor the said entity. But its always true. Which is why I suggest to my friends and clients to never shut out an entity no matter how it may appear! There is a reason for the meeting and its not going to stop just because a priest blessed your house or if a witch demanded it to leave. If you’ve tried everything and it still stays… there is a reason and has been allowed to stay! Even the most scariest daemon of all–there is a reason for your meeting…






No matter the situation there is never a reason for fear… if you fear it.. it is teaching you something. Open up and talk to it! Use respect! It has its own experience as well. No reason in fearing something you do not understand. 


Coming Soon! Exorcisms

coming soon!

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Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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