Magickal Altar





-Main Known Altar tools/items


1) The Athame:


In Satanism the Athame is associated with fire but also has been associated with the air element. The Athame is black and usually double edged. It is used as if a wand in order to direct/channel/in-take energy. It is an extension as ones will. It is also associated with the energy of the masculine. Narrow, pointed, focused energy. Clarity in desire, and awareness of choice. Whether in mind aka the air element or felt within the flame of the soul aka the fire element.

The Athame has both creation & destructive energies however. The Athame, in Wicca, is usually used to break the circle after casted in order to leave quickly to only return.


But on my path I used the Athame as a spiritual weapon of sorts. An energetic link to the energy of destruction. The energy of the Athame says to the spiritual entities, you have chosen to invoke and/or banish them… at will. And youre interacting with them as a partner.

The double edged says… that The magician is aware of the change both sides can accomplish.


The power both the physical and spiritual have.


The Athame is used to cut unhealthy cords with others. To banish what’s been invoked or to use as a symbol when doing any kind of releasing spell. I also use the Athame when I am looking to gain change within my mind or soul in order to experience a greater inner reality.gp20

If one associated their Athame with Air element it can be associated or blessed with/by Lucifer. If it is the fire element… Satan (ultimately meaning a literal or metaphorical, opposite, an enemy,. challenge or problem you’re facing)


2) The Chalice:

chaliceThe Chalice in Satanism is associated with the being Leviathan. Water element. Wisdom of the imagination that is connected to the realm of water & emotion.

The chalice is representing the feminine energy in creation and within ourselves or outside entity. Whether actual male or female entity matters not. It is the energy in which they move. As we all contain both. But lean more towards one or another most often than not!

In satanism The chalice is referred to the Elixer of Life. And the chalice is to be filled with whatever you chose. Whatever is most pleasing and stimulating.

However the chalice is much more to myself, as I can also associate it with Archangel Gabriel of the Moon. Or Cthulhu. Aphrodite, Poseidon or with any other watery creature that is connected to water, imagination, dreams and supports the feminine.

The Chalice represents the feminine watery one that which contains the ecstatic liquid that lubricates one with the passion of creative energy that is felt during the union of sexes.

The Chalice is symbolic for our need to lubricate ourselves or the Goddess with


what we or she desires most by offering up towards her a watery treat in order to open a dialogue with this being outside or within ourselves in order to carry out will out from the spiritual and into the physical by seeing that wine or water as the idea that you chose from the astral realms and then placed it into the Goddesses forces of creation as she takes it into herself, just before birthing it into the world!


3) The Sword:

Force_Edge_(DA)_DMC4SEMuch like the Athame only a larger weapon to gain a larger defense against unwanted energies. Air or Fire. I bless my sword to the Warrior Goddess, the Morrigan.

With this sword the Goddess of War teaches me to only defense… never war unless she needs me to fight in her name!

This can also be done in the name of Mars, Aries, Satan, Lucifer or Lilith.


4) Bell:

bellin Satanism, The Bell is to mark the beginning and end of a ritual. The priest rings the bellnine times turning counter clockwise and directing the tolling towards the four cardinal points of the compass, aka the elements or quarters.

I personally use the bell for a different reason entirely. And that is to clear the energy. Break up stagnant energy in courners and to move energy around and out of the room that no longer needs to be present in order to bring a new energy into sacred space.

The sound of a softer and tinkling bell attracts fairies into your sacred space and that can be very beneficial.


5) Candles:

three candles burningAccording to Anton Lavey in the Satanic Bible, he used candles. Mainly black & white candles. He felt to use many black candles but only one white candle. Many black candles were used to illuminate his space. Though one black candle was placed at the left of the altar representing the “Powers of Darkness” and the Left Hand Path. One white candle was placed at the right of the altar, his preference & not required, but it represented to him, the hypocrisy of white light magicians and the followers of the right hand path. No other light source was to be used.

Black candles are used for power and success. The white candle is used for cursing of enemies.BlackCandle

I personally use a black & white candle if I cannot find a black & silver or Gold & silver in order to represent the God & Goddess or Sun & Moon.

I also use candles to invoke the elements sometimes. But lately have been invoking them, instead, by my Athame or Wand.


As the elements enjoy pushing us to use as little of the physical items as possible to push us into unordinary reality where we can begin our sacred workings.

Not depending upon flicker of the flame in order to know the Guardians of the Corners have arrived is important.

However candles are used and encouraged for this feat particularly for beginners.


Now I’m going to speak of some items that I own or feel are important to the witch or magician whether you have a satanic or Luciferian flair or not.

1) The Wand:

Wand-261x300The Wand is of the Air element in most traditions but can be seen as the Fire element.

The Wand is of Creative energy. The other side of the coin compared to the Athame. It is a symbol of manifestation. A tool to bring to reality your needs in order to gain abundance or to change your inner vision in order to see the abundance already present.

I tend to see the Wand of the Air element. Which is associated with the mind. With thought, words.

Can be blessed by Lucifer himself at the East quarter or Archangel Raphael.
The wand has potential in teaching us about the will of the mind as the Athame teaches the will of the spiritual flame within our soul.

However they can be seen as flip flopping between the mind & spiritual will frequently. Going between gaining and releasing of energy directed by you.

How you experience this depends on many things and imo is the biggest reason for the experiences of failure or success in spell casting.

The clarity is needed to be found in your perception, your vision needs to be willing to see much more than your desires, instead it needs to understand the true power of your will and how it causes change.

This can be found by meditating upon the wand as well as the Athame.

In my opinion, one needs to understand that every action you make whether small or large effects the larger picture no matter what it is and no matter it is destructive or creative

Therefore… there is always a risk. A risk in the results turning out to be different than expected even if it was technically a success or failure… there will be something ganed or lost no matter what.

The results always happen. We just may not be attuned to see it when they happen…. or we are too focused on something else… etc.

Learning about our will & magick means we are learning about many other forces that are at play and may aid or go against your request in the change of reality.

But this is something with much depth and I shall speak of at another time. hahaha



sweepingbroomWhether it’s an actual broom or a cinnamon scented Besom from an arts and crafts store or a miniature Besom deco’d with pentacle & fairy charms; geared towards the witch instead of magician of course—- The Besom is associated with the air element. It can be used as a sort of wand but I use it as a Magickal cleansing tool of my sacred space.

By pouring salt upon my altar and gently brushing it with my Magickal Besom is how I do so more often than not.

giphy (4)

I also associate my Besom with the connection to astral travel that often times are initiated by the realm of Fae many times in my experience. Which explains the besoms connection to the fairy world as well!


As the fairies are responsible for teaching the witch any of her tricks!


3)Dish of Cinnamon:

This is my way of representing the fire element when y Athame or wand is put up for the evening but I need symbolism or feel like invoking the South and using Cinnamon to sprinkle around the room as I do so. Cinnamon is associated with fire, Good luck, abundance, cleansing, purifying, blessings, etc.

SaltPentagram-The-Magick-Kitchen4) Dish of salt:

This is symbolic for the earth element as it is a good stand in when you’re out of candles. But also need salt to ground oneself or banish unwanted energies, etc.


water_elemental_by_javi_ure5) Dish of water:

Water element for the obvious. Can be blessed or used for divination or communication with water elementals.


giphy (9)3-Copy6) Feather

Symbol for air. When you don’t have a wand or athame.

Also an incense can be used for air.



The God & Goddess are usually represented by large main candles at the top, left & right of the altar. As I mentioned prior. Or statues of themselves can be used and are preferred by many of them. But that can be pricey.

But the God and goddess can typically be represented by the chalice and Athame, if not by anything else.


On my altar I have Bast & a wolf statue that represents Odin & my main spirit animal. I also have a tree statue, Anubis, Thoth, and symbols of Hekate such as a key necklace, and other things that express my love for other deities.

MerryDapperHowlermonkey-max-1mb9)The Cauldron

The cauldron is symbolic for the Goddess. For which the womb is where life begins. The cauldron is where we mix herbs to make potions or oils–Or we can burn incense or bay leaves for wishes or whatever intent! This is where we combine our steps in order to manifest our desires!



Whether the sigil, inverted pentagram, symbol, or a statue;

“The symbol of Baphomet was used by the Knights Templar to represent Satan…” according to Anton Lavey in the Satanic Bible.

He continues, “Through the ages this symbol has been called by different names. Among these are The Goat of Mendes, The Goat of a Thousand Young. The Black Goat, The Judas Goat, and perhaps most appropriately The Scapegoat.”

However Baphomet has two forms.

Though I don’t see the difference with as much contrast as Mr. Lavey.

In Baphomets so called pure form… or more accurately his balance with spirituality, the pentagram is upright.pastel_baphomet_by_klumpeh-d6v0hkn

As the pentacle of the witch.

Representing the human body, feet pointing to the fertile soil of Earth and head towards the illuminating stars.

The Baphomet commonly used in Satanism however not required either will do just fine as the choice is individual and up to the witch or magician, the pentagram is inverted.

tumblr_oclcrgIxST1qkx3vco1_400The true meaning behind the inverted pentagram is ultimately representing the inner world of the witch or magician. Which can be seen as inverted or selfish. As everything starts with ourselves first.

However in Satanism the inverted pentagram represents mans carnal instincts. His power to cause change in the physical and his will being free to put his belief in himself above all else is shown in the inverted pentagram in Satanism.

Which in my view is not very different from the actual meaning of the inverted pentagram before Satanism came into the picture as it was introduced as it was by Mr. Lavey and is known as so now.B50413-01-02-Einhorn-Hail-Satan-Tshirt-2

Baphomet actually means much more than just what is stated above however. He/She can be different things for different people.

For most Baphomet symbolizes the Intelligent, self realized, animal.flat,800x800,070,f.u2

But for me is that but also the creation of Hecate & Lucifer in Union. As a sort of off spring and entity that the witch or magician may invoke more than once in order to learn from or may actually absorb a piece of the beings soul as an initiation of sorts that only the witch magician can understand or explain in detail.

Ultimately Baphomet is the being whom holds within all aspects of the Universe. A fully realized individual, intelligent animal, the alchemist, the magician of higher magick, or the priestess of the earth, or moon, sun and perhaps even beyond…



Stay tuned for more information on altar, ritual


ceremonial magick including planetary magick, sigils, and chaos magick for those whom are eclectic to extreme!


Please click the image below to learn more about Satanism & its founder! 


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