天秤座-道带标志,占星标志,传染媒-例证-91231703The poet Mesomedes wrote a hymn to Nemesis in the early second century AD, where he addressed her:

“Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice,”
and mentioned her “adamantine bridles” that restrain “the frivolous insolences of mortals”.




Nemesis-by-jessica-galbrethA personal favorite Goddess of mine. Greek Goddess of Justice, revenge, and retribution. Our winged, dark faced Goddess punishes those whom express arrogance towards the God’s.

Nom. Nom. Nom
She “gives what is do”.Force_Edge_(DA)_DMC4SE

Which means she deals righteous judgement & gives back what is coming. She stated that “no one should ever have too much good”. It is said she handed out negative towards those with far too many blessings. And gave negative & positive to those that were in need of one or the other.




    She is known best for the saying
“an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”



source She also aided those whom come to her for aid in bringing justice Alfred_Rethel_002to those that harmed them.

There are a few different ideas to whom her parents were although I believe it is Nyx, goddess of Night. I also believe she is an aspect of Hecate-Goddess of the Crossroads.

Many people debate the Mother of Hecate–Nyx or Asteria. I would have found I interesting if Nyx was the Mother of Hecate as I feel Nemesis & Hecate are closely linked as I said above. Also it would have made them both related to the Fates.


Nemesis is a wonderful Goddess as she maintains the natural law of balance .It’s definitely something that is necessary. Tho I N16.1Nemesisam aware that many do not believe in karma or natural law.


However it explains much of the darkness in the  world today. I know that it may be difficult to see any natural law or karma or for that matter many of the things I speak of

But you must take into consideration– everything I’ve spoken of. As it is all connected and fits together.

The reasons the world is the way it is–firstly the actions of the Gods in the early days, then there was a rebirth,a sort of do-over. Then the Gods decided to back off a little–become a bit more subtle–respecting Man’s decision to mock & reject the old Gods..Narcissus+Fell+in+love+with+his+own+image+Rejected+all+who+loved+him




Though Nemesis hasn’t backed off–

So everything is being mirrored back to humanity and replaying itself again and again.


I know humanity doesn’t wanna believe that they are wrong or do anything wrong. But it’s true. If one would simply look–

You would see that some things are true whether to believe in them or not.



Want to work with this Goddess?



Call her name


Do you need someone to meet their karma and fast? But you’re nervous to do the spell? Call upon Nemesis. Ask her to help. Be specific.


Allow her to take it onto her hands. I promise she will take care of it. Ask her if you can join her to witness the splendor.



Hourglass_Custom_AnimatedIt is said that Zeus fell in love with her, wanted to bed her however she declined his advances–but and quoted–

“Nemesis, as she fled from Zeus’ embrace, took the form of a goose; whereupon Zeus as a swan had intercourse with her. From this union she laid an egg, which some herdsman found among the trees and handed over to Lede (Leda). She kept it in a box, and when Helene was hatched after the proper length of time, she reared her as her own.”


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