Important Spirit Guides



So I wanted to make a list of very important spirit guides found in nature or within the animal kingdom that I’ve become very close to and feel they are an integral part of our spiritual evolution & what not!






  1. cherry-tree-clipart-transparent-2Trees- These spirit guides/friends are literally the best! They aren’t afraid to get loud and clear about the laws of Earth–the purpose behind why we are here and what is expected of us! Trees are rooted into the soil of Earth aka Law!







2. The Fly-graphics-flies-254732

The Fly is a messenger! And do not be fooled by his erratic & clumsy movements! He is merely trying to get your attention! The Fly urgently sends the message that change is on the way or that change is needed with a quickness! He also says its time to wake up! Pay attention to your duty in their world–how are you serving creation? And are you TRULY paying attention? Do not judge your place in this universe–for there are others that do much worse–because that is what they were meant to do. Think of the habitat of the Fly.  







3. The Raven/Crow- The bird messenger–shapeshifter whom ushers souls into the Underworld. The trickster, riddler, animal form of Mercury, the watcher, protector, and guide. Inspires creativity & invention. New thought/evolution. Communication.









4. The Fox-The riddler, shapeshifter, also ushers the dead into the Underworld. Connected to the Fae realm. Strong sense of humor is the strength of the Fox. Sign of Good luck. Invisibility powers. Charm. Manipulation of others in order to influence the moment into a more beneficial situation for oneself. tumblr_static_tumblr_static_b3hpv991re0oc44ogkg0kgoc8_640


Dont touch my fucking tail!!







5. The Wolf-strong survival instincts, strong sense of smell when relating to whom to trust, when to attack, and when to defend. Family oriented. Leader of the pack. Alpha and Omega. Sacred to Goddess Hecate & God Odin.  Gif_wolf







   giphy (1) 6. The lion-pleasure comes before all else aside from self preservation. Luxury of time spent. The watcher, protector of the Jungle. The manager of all things wild. Sacred to Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.









7. The cardinal- Cardinal–the winter crimson bird. This bird comes as a reminder of our ancestors and passed on loved ones as well as the angelic beings whom are watching over us and protecting us. cardinal








5477cb328ea0178311a71b9a7e915a008.The Dog- The Dog is sacred to Goddess Hecate. A guardian of the crossroads and the Underworld. Dogs are flawless at being of service to those they love. If more humans would watch Dogs and learn from them… the better off many of us would be! Not that we must always be serving others–but taking some loyalty lessons from the Dog would be wise! The Dog protects the Dead as well as the living near the in between area. 







7o0w9. The cricket-

The cricket is a reminder of how beautiful we sound when we cooperate with others in perfect harmony–whether its for song, work, or other creative purposes. The cricket reminds us that our power to make impact and influence others is tremendous. And to always have that in our awareness when making choices. 






10. The Spider-G2FRDqbbiglegs-3-25-07movie

The spider is a guide that brings creativity in writing. It also brings about the wisdom of paying attention to detail. To gain patience–to face fears–even when it seems as though your end may be near–wait and see. If you are needed to react–then you will. But you will never make a wise decision if you do not size up your opponent, obstacle, or battle up honestly and without fear. Allow the muse to come to you. You will know what to do with it. For the spider is the creator of its own web. Its fate. The options are brought to you—you then chose but doso with all situations taken into consideration. The spider never wastes a moment. 



More to come!


From here I would suggest reading about the realm of the Fae-click the image below to do so!



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