e686985a851e55aa0e94d107ade22d78--occult-pastelLeft Hand Path or Right Hand Path?

I personally find it silly to feel as if I have to chose between the two! So–I don’t chose either. I let the on-lookers decide! I know the difference between the two–I think! haha! But seriously it really does vary from person to person.


-In my opinion Right Hand Path can mean simply that–
  1. -You see yourself becoming or evolving into your own God
  2. -You believe in a set Dogma that includes everyone else
  3. -You believe spiritual comes before the physical or you have a strong belief in the equality of both.  
  4. You believe that the Gods are more than mere archetypes.
  5. You believe that you were created by a God

And in my view Left Hand Path means
  1. You believe in individuality above all else293f699d60cd1bc89f728b2a70a6856b
  2. You believe you’re already a God
  3. You believe everything on Earth was placed here for your benefit–to take without asking–use what you will in order to create the world you desire
  4. You put the physical above spiritual concepts
  5. If you work with spirts you merely see them as mystic experience in order to sharpen the mind.
  6. You believe in questioning and doubting all unless you have gained personal experience.   img-thing

There is much criticism against both of these paths–particularly in the luciferianism community & Satanism community when it comes to the Right hand  Path. I, however, do not make such distinctions. However if one had to label me–I would most likely be categorized as Right Hand–because these are the statements I believe & follow!


  1. I believe the spiritual is equally important as the physical
  2. I am polytheistic & I revere to Lucifer & Hecate as my God & Goddess
  3. My chosen deities teach me to evolve into becoming more God-like
  4. I recognize that I am mere human–a human is a very infantile stage of being–therefore shouldn’t see themselves as Gods–yet!
  5. Nature, animals, plant-life, the planets–these are much more aware and wiser than humanity.
  6. i believe in a upper & lower plane that resembles heaven & hell however aren’t permanent and have different reasons for existing. 
  7. I believe in individuality–however it can become a fanatical movement just as anything else can. Without balance & control it can harm instead of liberate!
  8. Imagination is just as important as logic. In truth–logic is born from the deep waters of imagination. 
  9. I believe in understanding & testing all concepts for personal experience. We must understand our environment in everyway. 
  10. I don’t believe in choosing between light or dark, love or hate, or right or left—I believe the best way to understand this world is to open up and allow all to flow in and out. As this is the true nature of things. 




You tell me! Am I walking a right hand path or a left hand path? Or a middle? I personally do not care which! I am eclectic to the extreme. I do what I feel is best for my evolution & spiritual growth therefore it influences the physical world as much as it can and will!

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