Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury is the planet of communication! So this means no matter if Mercury is retrograde or not–Pay attention to thoughts and words you chose to speak, and think!

First of all retrograde is illusion!e0801789af0eb413768943640bae08ed

“illusion caused by the motion of Earth and these planets around the sun”

It merely appears to be in retrograde. Does this mean that the “negative” that is experienced from Mercury’s retrograde to be untrue or illusion?

Mercury says yes and no. The winged messenger of the God’s says that most of humanity are choosing the wrong words to describe these events.

Caduceus-7Yes, it’s true travel plans seem to go awry, communication skills change depending on what sign Mercury is in during the retrograde.

The difference however is that we are paying more attention to Minor details concerning the domains of Mercury.So the negatives seem magnified. Also he says that things have potential to go negative even when he isn’t in retrograde!

The retrograde isn’t meant to be experienced this way. Mercury should know–his domain is the mind, the ego, comprehension, language, magick, illusion, trickery, truth, lies, travel–spiritual and physical, numbers, the voice, thoughts, symbols, etc.Hermes_art

So when he says, “You’re not experiencing this as you should…” listen to him!

Retrograde-while illusion-however still has infuence, it really means– INTROVERTED!

The movement means the planet isn’t sending off his normal vibrational influence. Instead he is collecting his energy–he is re-evaluating things, Learning, gaining higher and more evolved thought therefore he can better accomplish his goals regarding his duty that infuences us and the other planets!

super-helmetIt doesn’t automatically mean negative energy is on the rise. However the sign he is in when introverted taints the energy he is sending out towards us as he is reevaluating things.

His collection of energy seemingly slows down or causes interruptions in his domain that we experience. BUT! How we experience it depends on what words and thoughts we chose to define the events!!!

His message and domain!!

He isn’t telling you to not make plans or to speak or to be silent if that was the message then what would be the point in having him  reevaluate his plans?

He is doing it for you.

Your responsibility in this is to allow the effects to infuence you to learn. Receive his inverted message!

open your mind. Do not restrict the experience by assuming it’s something you’re in control of or that it only happens when he is in retrograde.mythological-god-hermes-floating-above-clouds-golden-caduceus-87499020

Because time is a mere concept.

The effects from his inverted state of being can be felt during, after or before!

Mercury will be in aries for this retrograde– Starting March 22-April 15.

This means his energy is very fiery while he pulls his swift-paced energy within in order to see himself more clearly than before. In order to know more of himself than he did before.

e7e1dca31374876e741463a536363b34--hermes-tattoo-running-tattoosIn Aries… this means he is feeling on fire and determined to be understood on a broader spectrum by himself.. if he succeeds then that means you,too, will experiences one thing that will bring about a larger comprehension of yourself!!

Mercury feels unheard many times. It annoys him. It’s what urged him into this inverted position.

He is asking you, if anything..

                                                                   Can you feel me now?


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