High Council 11-Introduction


I am instructed & guided by Zeus, himself, to rewrite and describe his HIgh Council in which it hasn’t been evolved nor rewritten since the good ol days of the past. It should be noted that Zeus loves to tell his story to those whom are open enough to listen! He loves it even more if you share his “word” with others! However as always there is a disclaimer! 

–I do not claim for this to be the truth for everyone nor the whole universe! While it may mirror the spiritual truth in many ways–for myself as well as my own perception of the Universe—it is mixed with truth and fantasy! 

Ultimately it is for entertainment purposes and done to provoke thought!

Read on!



1. King of the Heavens–   sky-and-thunder-god-zeus-character-olympus-god-vector-17148331

Zeus is the Boss Man of this Big Motion Picture!


          God of the Sky, Jupiter, and the Sun.zeus_trueno_guerra_de_mitos__thunder_of_zeus-2

Big Papa is the King of both of the Lights–Spiritual and Physical! Zeus is Father Sky–the teacher– but also the ego as one as he shines his dim & bright light down upon humanity! Zeus also has full control over the weather–the gentleness or chaotic energy of the weather depends upon his mood towards humanity. 

giphy (1)

Father Sky has asked me–Violet Moonshadowz to aid in his council–to simply put together a new set of Gods–assign new traits and domains to them–so long as it is all agreed with per deity as well as him! The reason for this? To cause change! 

To learn and teach a new system of magick–so long as it all goes right! Also and most importantly to cause entertainment for both the Gods and Humanity! 

Zeus_the_Sky_FatherOur Father of the Heavens–he asks of you dear readers to put away your judgements–to put away your blinders before your eyes that you usually wear when it comes to religion and related topics! To allow this information within you–stew upon it! 

See what will come of it! flash-297580_960_720

More information will of course be released as I, Violet, receive it as well as has the time to release it as it were! 

Zeus demands us to connect to our most wisest part of our soul—look into the future—plan for a better future than the one you hold dear to your heart–include everyone not only your tight circle! 376px-Youngzeus


Change is needed and is what Zeus demands of us as he has done his own work to change for the betterment of all! 

Will you do the same? 

6128eb59f166bdc8e51702bb01ac5c2b2.Hecate–  img_1793

Queen of the Heavens

Mistress of Moon. Mother of all witches in the universe! 

She is whom controls the tides of the water–humanity emotional realm. Mirroring back everything they believe they feel. Goddess of law, truth and illusion. Mother of magick. Daughter of Asteria. 

The Guardian of the crossroads, the inbetween. Queen of the Fae & fallen angelics. Mother of all angels and servants of the Gods! 


 Necromancer & Manager of souls left behind and full of darkness.

giphy (5)

  giphy (9)



Mother of the angelics–fallen & daemon. Creator of the human/angel Fae Hybrids!


3. Saturn–God of physical law.96bf2b83d0192eb1bdfa31718f31593f

Owner of man-made ideas, society. The fertile soil of EArth that is ready and waiting to be filled with seeds in order to sprout and grow tall enough to reach the heavens. 

A God with few words and a bite that is much much worse than his “bark”. 

It is said Chronus aka Saturn ate his children whom ever attempted to take his position in the cosmos. Saturn tells me now–things are different. 

However still very rigid and difficult to influence his perception to see that change is needed in the mind of men aka humanity. He still stands strong within his own domain. Do I blame him? Of course not. 

This God sits upon his throne with the confidence and unwavering love he has for man and their ideas of who and what they are. He believes in what humanity is doing. He requires no faith nor anything from humanity. Only for them to believe in themselves. 

If it were up to Chronus aka Saturn he probably would never speak—and never believe that man believing in the stars or that anyone else is in control of their own fate—it is beneficial. 

Though his ideas and plans are being tested by more than one God in the cosmos that is being reflected within humanity as it were. 

71bb3728c0cbdb50fefe94e28f79b6bdIf you are on the side of Saturn–more power to you. I don’t hate nor judge! For I love Saturn as much as the next guy. But if you look deeper within the words that has been written about Cronus–the reason he feels or felt the fear that drove him to eat and harm his own children–comes from the belief in time–in an ending of yourself. The only thing that he believes in. 

However we do need to have faith in more than simply ourselves! 


Or we will be as lonely as this God of Fate & time for infinite. Some things are true whether you believe them to be or not!

giphy (4)

6040539bff45aa9570f842b011808a174. Asteria–

Goddess of Stars & Starlight. She whom birthed the Great Hecate into existence! Grandmother of Magick!

Goddess of Shooting Stars & wishes made upon them! She brought night time divination to humanity. She teaches how to read the past, present, or future while scrying into a black mirror, crystal ball, the black sky, or cards.

275Sleep, dreaming, and even death is her realm.

Change and fear associated…She brightens the night sky (Nyx) with her blinding light of the stars! 

Mother of the Gods! 

The alpha & omega! 


She supports the unchanging but also the changing. She encourages choice to be made whether right or wrong. She sets it stone as the individuals law. There is no going back.

giphy (2)

She is memory & karma. All deities were birthed from her. 


WhisperedLimpImpala-max-1mb5. Aphrodite–98bcb26beb4cf1a9ef3ea0c4d263f647

Goddess of beauty, love, passion, the arts and music. The divine feminine. She rules all things done to express self-love, love for others, and the passion and lust for creativity! She is open-minded and doesn’t follow rules–in fact rebellion is also one of her domains. Sex, stories, and magick that concerns both is what she inspires! She loves entertainment and being inspired to create more and more! A perfectionist at heart.

Aphrodite enables humanity (and all of creation) not only to have the female gender; but also to have the feminine energy to their thoughts and feelings. 

Aphrodites vibration is of the inactive—however seemingly–she is very busy within herself. Managing her mind, emotions, sorting through attempting to make sense out of them by going into deep meditation often–then expressing her past experiences that make up her being with artistic endeavors.

planet-venusThere is a rhyme and reason to her madness–after all!

Aphrodite invented the art that is called sexual attraction. That which humans and animals both hold within their hearts. 


 She isMoonlit_Siren_-_2016_-_24_x_36_-_Lindsay_Rapp

lust incarnate! 

And she is all that you fear within the woman creature!

Siren_20book_20cover_20pencils_originalAll that you have rejected, separate yourself from, she can be a sexual and full of light sort of creature that inspires your art and your sex or she can be the very being you are terrified of!


But that is not all that this beautiful Goddess holds with her sacral chakra! It is the ability to hold and nurture the energy of creation itself!






Former Egyptian Queen–


..in her human years. However when she fell from the grace of her position in Egypt–Atlantis became her domain. She then became something more than human.


Once asleep & made of porcelain– but now awakened..

….By the music of Dionysus! 

She became the first of her kind–The Vampire!

A new world is what she is for and forever after!


Akasha–Queen of the fallen Atlantean– is responsible for many of the new souls that have been sprinkled into Earth to bring about a new hybrid tainted with human yet origin from Atlantis.

These beings are called–Atlantean Dark Angels–resembling vampires at heart. 


These beings that she created were first made to wipe out the human race altogether however keeping those that were favored by the Gods–or better yet–herself–and then reproducing a new race of humanity in which they would never reject the idea of their Gods and Goddesses. 


The world, in her eyes, planned to become more Goddess-revering–however still her plan in this day and age. But she knows she has other deities above her that have a say in how it all plans out. 

After thousands of years doing nothing but warring against those who opposed her–she has laid the war to rest and has joined the Gods of the High Council to negotiate a new plan for the New World Order in which most of them are ready to see!  

edikt-art-Her offspring walk amongst the humans as do all of the hybrid species the Gods have created and manifested within the society of humanity…. for different reasons–however they’ve all come together into this council hall of Zeus for one commonality! 

The Truth! Teaching humanity the truth of themselves as the Gods & Goddesses have learned about even further than ever before. The time to be silent is no more! 

Chronus may be the only opposing force against the rest! 

7. Ares–ares___god_of_war_by_rhinoting-d3r7au3ares__god_of_war_by_eyari-d5gcdg4

God of War. Exists in order to enable humanity to defend whatever they chose as well as to charge after in order to bring about a sort of “what is due”. Impulsive and passionate about War even War he may not have started if it were fully up to him. But the act of violence is given to humanity in order to show them how destructive they are in order to rise above and learn about their personal will. Has yet to be seen–however. This enrages Ares to no end. Ares tends to be very disgusted with the human race. Ares is the leader of the army of angelic fighters within the spiritual world that fight against the magick cast from humans sent to the Gods by accident and on purpose as well as themselves and each other! 


The position of Ares being the divine masculine is one that, as said above, enables humanity to be at war. Decisions have already been made, nothing can be wiped out. Asteria has her memory and its unwavering with truth! Ares wishes that things were not as they are or were. But he cannot change anything until humanity awakens to his domain that resides within themselves! 

giphy (11)

Ares is very misunderstood! As he doesn’t enjoy going to war. It is his duty. But these days he is not so impulsive or angsty as many have accused him of being. In fact he hates the accusation! 

He isb53477f37b81a8bfde8d7a8fe3ba54f6--phoenix-tattoos-tattoo-ideas now much more patient and scheduled with routine as he now directions his legion of angels and demons to fight for him. Though if he must he will always Defend the rights of the Gods and Humans alike! 


“Become the Phoenix!”

His job is above all others—the hardest and most violent!

Though it must be… but there should be a limit–should there? 

Without Ares there would be no male energy nor gender amongst Earth. Without this soldier there would be no need to defend nor fight. There would be zero lust for passion of any pursuit. There would be no activity–no doing. No care-taking that involve action…

So on and so forth! 

giphy (7)

aldo-dominguez-ares-god-of-mayhem-finalNo matter—humanity must learn balance! 

They cannot continue their “doing” and claim all responsibility for what they do! This causes much conflict and confusion! They must learn to see beyond and “above” themselves. There are many higher powers at work. And they cannot over-ride humanity. They must respect past decisions they have made, the decisions of humanity, as well as all else… 

However they can influence and provoke the thought of humanity or their own domains in order to aid in the awakening of humanity in order for all to look with the mirror of Universe and see the truth! 

We are individual yet we are one! 


Click the picture below to read about the Angelic Army of Ares! 


8. Kali–



Goddess of creation & destruction.

Kali is the destructive side of Maya! Maya is goddess of the moon & illusion

Maya is symbolic for the true nature of all things which is illusion. While Kali is symbolic for the other side of this illusion which is called the Ego.


Kali is a  force that cannot be stopped once she begins to war against the ego of humanity & all of its darkness it places upon this creation that she loves more than anything.  She holds an innate hunger for the blood of humanity as it holds its darkness that is imprinted upon it when it follows the voice that is spoken from its own ignorance. 


Kali has spoken! 

“Watch your tongue!”

She says loudly in a near scream to all of humanity!

Kali is a loving Goddess. Do not mistake her war as something that is of her ego as she does not contain an ego. 

Kali is “empty”. Kali understands that all is “empty”. All comes from the void of nothingness to only return to nothingness. 

However Kali also says— “Nothingness isn’t the same as meaningless!”

Nothing is a something!

The point of Kali is to see the sacred in all of creation! And to see that there shouldn’t be anything to truly defend or fight for because this universe is above all else–benevolent! 

Yes there is a darkside and she mirrors that darkside to humanity. But it is of humans own creation that darkness has been spawned from!

The animals know no darkness… and no light. Because in their mind there is no choice nor duality within them! 

If there is no choice then all should be what it is—creation in action! 


Without ego there is only ever joy!

However not spoken of because there is nothing to compare it to! 

It just is! 

Kali has joined the council in order to help awaken humanity to this truth! 

“They do not have choice! The choice they see is illusion and doesn’t truly do them any good! Because if the choice of bad or good/ dark or light really existed other than day or night–then they would always chose what is right! But they do not know what is right! They do not know anything! They need us!”

Kali is the ultimate riddler! download

“I am she who rids the world of these notions–constantly cleaning up after man-kind!”



9. Poseidon–

God of the Sea, lakes, rivers, and marshes! This God is a quiet storm as he uses his trident to send out his magick through the depths of the Sea effecting the tides as it is–then influencing humanity’s emotional being. He does this to cause harm & healing. Depending upon the situation.


Another God whom deals out “what is due”. This deity needs humanity to see the harm that they are inflicting upon the waters of Earth. Not only on a physical level however!

Poseidon says–

“Listen to my quiet yet strong voice that seems to call upon you whenever you feel that perhaps your end is near! Whatever form it is that you fear! Whatever it is illness, a person, a god, or obstacle! Your mind need not see a battle as something to triumph over!

the_fisherman_and_the_siren5952972-tsunamiFear doesn’t exist in the rest of the universe only where humans have left their prints! For I am water! I am the king & God of the waters! I am untouchable because I do not fear what humans have done! Though I will say–your faith in needed! Because without your faith you will only do harm–again and again! Assuming you’re the only one here and with the most power! This is futile and scary for the rest! 



You do, however imprint your fear and dark emotions as well as thoughts and concepts upon my waters that in turn does influence my community beneath the waters that would be called—

the shallow ones! 



Why do you think you all are so afraid of the water and what may or may not dwell deep within the depths of my tides??

This needs to end by the birth of your faith in me!

Death is water but so it is life! Find respect for your elders that are not of human genes!”


–He is the only God that requires faith in him from humans–and for them to willingly give themselves to him at the moment of death–or else his causes their death to be much more dark & full of suffering when it doesn’t need to be but in order to make a very crucial point. 



10. Dionysus–


God of wine, mind altering substances, wilderness, forests, musicians, invention of musical instruments, story-telling, acting, plays and movies, shapeshifting, animals, rape, killing, divine madness that is enlightenment however causes fear in the hearts of humanity as they have forgotten who they and where they come from. Dionysus is the voice that beckons through the trees like wind but from the depths of the forests. He temps man with dark thoughts for his own amusement but also to watch and see if they will ever wake up to who they are, where they are, and their true purpose in this creation!



In the midst of all of this it may seem as though the motives of Dionysus are sinister–think again! 


Dionysus is the joker of the family! Yes he definitely has a darkside however this darkside comes from a place of knowing! A place where joy is known and felt for every so called choice that is made! 56c581_b47b7c836fc2441e97a8d81f2a2b9af3


In myleaf-clipart-animated-gif-8 eyes…

Dionysus is the beginning of who many know as Jesus! Jesus is the reincarnation of Dionysus! If you are unaware of this story–it is because it is untold until now… click the picture to read more of this story! 


Dionysus does what he does for informing purposes as well as entertaining giphy (10)purposes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He is much like his Father—our father–Father sky to be exact! He know 28c4f9a484bcc631ccefb5de5bc3a565--pan-images-satyr-costumecreation is here for us to entertain ourselves as well as for us to experience ourselves as we truly are! 


If we do not experience ourselves as we truly are this is where suffering & pain are experienced! Just as physical pain is an alert to tell ourselves something isn’t right—emotional pain is the same! 


If you are suffering—it is a sign from your higher self that what you are doing, done, or thinking of doing is not right for your soul! Therefore an illusion! 

Dionysus 1



All creation springs from the well of joy–even those things that cause you pain and suffering did also. You  just have yet to see this truth of ourselves! 588616e46f293bbfae451a67

Blindness, rejection, denial, and ignorance—aren’t bad things… they are merely stepping stones to arrive at the truth! But the more you deny–the more you will hurt! 


In Conclusion–Dionsysus is the spirit of the woods! The free spirit! The divine wisdom within the child’s heart! The innocense within the ignorance but also the knowing! He is a paradox but is needed in order for the nature of Earth to be as it were. 

dionysusbychristianbaitg (1)

Since humanity shut their eyes to the story-telling of Earths spirits–they have grown cold and lost without guidance… however they are still guided–but they are vulnerable than ever before because they believe they are alone! 56c581_b47b7c836fc2441e97a8d81f2a2b9af3

They look up–looking for UFO’s–when they should look straight ahead or behind for the spirits whom truly guide them and are in this with them! 



The nature spirits!

images (5)


original (1)

Last but not least! 


e7e1dca31374876e741463a536363b34--hermes-tattoo-running-tattoosWinged Messenger of Mercury! This


Angelic turned God–is the first of his kind! Created by Hecate herself! Many would assume he was created by Zeus or someone else but no sir! Zeus created his very own personal messenger Iris!

Which will be mentioned when I move towards the Angelics, servants and helpers of the council! 

But for now lets focus on Hermes! Son & sometimes consort of Hecate! e0801789af0eb413768943640bae08ed

God of liars, thieves, the magus, communication, travel (physical and spiritual), symbolic image, numbers, expression as an individual, creator of Ego, the will of the ego which is separate from the will of the soul! 

He brought many things to humanity however not at all seen, understood (or even understood correctly), many times he is misunderstood, seen as a nuisance among humanity–especially when in retrograde–and let me tell you!!

vector-illustration-hermes-hand-drawn-artwork-portrait-wings-decorative-elements-template-card-90535634—He is sick of it! super-helmet

He brought all of you so many gifts! And none of you put the credit where it belongs! However yes, you should take some credit but how can you claim the invention of certain things when you didn’t even know it could exist in the first place? 

Take language for instance! 

Caduceus-7You couldn’t speak it before it was invented. how do you think it came about? No one had the words to say–“Hey, I think I’m gonna create a language!” 

No–it was a realization—a motion within the mind that which happened on its own accord. Someone had to have been responsible for that movement? Hermes is the one responsible for that!


Your mind knew nothing of itself until Hermes was able to allow it to think for oneself–or have the words to express itself. Or even to name a segment of time–February! 

And there you have the High Council Eleven! This is the new and improved long table that is situated nice and neatly in the dwells of Zeus! I do not claim to have created this situation as a whole but I do have a hand in it. Because I am open and aware–as much as Zeus expects from his human followers, witches, and magicians! He is willing to see where this goes! 

This was a way of introducing the Deities that have the largest domains within and on Earth as well as their own space in associated planets! What will come after this–is the angelics, daemons, demi-gods, etc that help serve the High Council as well as Earth! 

I am very interested in Planetary Magick! However I feel it needs to be updated and with even more balance than before! 

Humanity has a way of not evolving old texts that were written! As reality has changed alot since the dark ages!

And so have they

Protected by


Published by

Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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