Introduction to Nonduality


Who am I?

8ad2d5e115a5dae385b0bca93b88fca4This question is asked by every single one of us–many times throughout life! I do not believe anyone is born knowing this answer to this question to its fullest extend! However I do feel that when we are children–we are closer to knowing the answer until our minds become trained more & more into forgetting the crucial answer.

The experience of Oneness was one of my very first solid & profound spiritual experiences. It is something I shall never forget and I credit these spiritual concept to a wide range of my realizations & awakenings! I could never forget to include this paradoxical path on this website in order to spread these concepts to those that feel drawn to them!


This deep inquiry–has been a long process for many sages, philosophers, & seekers alike. The realization that they and those of us whom are blessed enough to see, or intellectually understand, or even better–experience on a profound level can be called a different things, such as;

Candles (77)









Candles (77)

candle3What is Nonduality?

There are many shades of blue-so to speak-that vary the answer to this question. However to avoid confusion to those of you whom are new to this concept– I would say that Nonduality is the study of The Self. However there is no destination–only many realizations of those shades of blue just before they turn into shades of purple–and then run through all of the colors of a rainbow! 


The movement of nonduality is truly infinite! 


6818f3acb9af1dcc7e739595c052b7baI still remember the very first experience that was triggered by a video by the spiritual guru–Adyashanti. I had already been studying paganism (in many of her forms), Satanism (many of his forms), but at this point I was being called and honestly pulled in many very contradicting areas I wondered if I was going insane! -laughs- However I realized later it was all apart of my souls plan. 


Not everything makes sense nor does it need to make sense. Just as there are logical times—there must be times full of imagination. In truth imagination is where we always reside anyways! We just forget that–for being so far into the other side of the spectrum–far too into the logical side and not enough time spent in the imaginative side for us to really learn the difference between one and the other as well as the similarities

butterfly-stencil5_grandeBack to the heart of the matter!


My first experience that was inspired by the movement of nondual was the experience of the fullness & vastness of my higher self which was not separate from anything that was around me. I felt the web of connection between that full, large, and complete self as well as the connection between “her” and the environment. Even my computer, the walls, the hall, etc. I could literally feel the power of influence I had upon the walls. How if I so desired I could leave the imprint of my energy signature upon the walls. How my thoughts in that


very moment was also most likely influence the energy of that apartment and would maybe attempt to get through to the next person whom lived there…. Maybe


My life truly began to transform before my very eyes in that moment!

Candles (77)


I had many, many more experiences and they grew to be much more profound,5 more complex, harder to explain, etc! And I still have them today! I can honestly say that the path of Nonduality is every bit as amazing as it claims to be! And all that is required of you is to simply be around the energy of the “I am” presence–feel it being transferred towards you. And allow the energy to come within you. If you resist it or reach out too eagerly it will not be there for you to hold.

It is not meant to be owned! 

heart_leaf___heart_water_drips_by_kingkongkevIt is meant to be seen, felt, experienced. It is the nature of who you are, what all of this is, the true nature of—nature–which is all that is! 

You aren’t the ego whom names, labels, and owns every single thing beneath the Sun, Moon, and Stars! 

The Ego isn’t a bad thing! Do not misunderstand!00882bd7e0b10774ea259d14341cb319--buddha-pink-roses

But the Ego is a tool that the “true you” uses to experience itself as an individual. It loves the ego without any condition! It doesn’t reject, resist, or fear anything! All of these things are the Ego—a layer of mind. 

That isn’t to say that there aren’t problems in the world! Do not become so detached from the problems that yes–are of the illusion–because the “true you” wants to believe in all of these things. In order to learn!

To experience! And most of all to LOVE!

Candles (77)


Oneness the glue that holds everything together! It is the experience in which we all inherently seek! Especially when we are seeking love from others, admiration, approval, sympathy, or practically anything from outside of ourselves..? In truth—we are seeking the essence of who and what we are! butterfly-stencil6_grande

Which IS freedom! The purist essence of freedom which is Love.
These two words are actually synonymous when referring to Nonduality! 


How so? Well, freedom is being oneself completely–without hesitation—it is so ‘itself’ that it cannot be contained, owned, held back. It doesn’t feel the need to defend or fight against. However it may quietly do what needs to be done in order to start the cycle of karma–towards whatever or whomever has caused the harm. 

But this doesn’t come from a place of ego–as we know it! heartleaf

It comes from a place of wisdom–understanding and knowing Truth. Not simply having faith! No sir! It is a knowing. One can only understand once they see this truth! 

Speak to a Tree if you doubt me! b9d6ab5f220189535af26aaae79254ea

tumblr_nyx3fqcSez1ru72gvo1_500How does love come from freedom? Or equal to freedom? Love is freedom! Love is not something you own or possess. It is the most natural experience in this world because it is the essence of who and what all that is! Love is truth. It is still. Unmovable. It has no need to judge, defend, resist, restrict, change, or anything else. Love is stillness. It is acceptance. Anything that goes against that is from the mind–this mind that humans tend to possess more so than any other being or creature–has its influence however! 

giphy (4)Anything that is imprinted or influenced by humanity or around humanity. Supports us or anything else—take the fairies for example–these beings will tend to

think or react like us. Because they are here down upon Earth with us! pixie7

Plus—there is that karma thing! 

If we ignore the trees, flowers, or our elemental guides–even though they still guide us–we simply do not see it that way due to an ownership of the ego–claiming all of our thoughts and guidance. These guides will and have (at times though it can be fixed) mirror back to us what we think of them.


For example—if we do not believe in them—they wont believe in us. Their energy will darken as our does. But this generally doesn’t happen ‘as much’ to beings of larger domains! Or of a wiser soul that can’t be easily persuaded.

Even so—it still happens. This is why our awareness and our interactions with our world is so, so important and detrimental

Maya-Goddess of Illusionmaya_2

The literal meaning of “Maya” translates to Illusion! Maya is revered by both the HIndus & Buddhists of India. It is said that she–created the illusory self–the Ego. source (1)

She gives both life & the desire of life! 

Many times referred to as “Mother of Creation”. She is sometimes connected to the Moon but many times seen as a solar Goddess. 

canva-heart-leaves-plant-ecology-icon-MACJ-zJL8sIAs she lights up our ideas! However also associated with magick–she is the powers of creation itself–as she can manifest nature-herself! Simply from the power of her will. Paradoxical in nature–Maya is the truth that which lies far beyond our veil of existence. She is the one whom shows us that all energies are One. However within that Oneness–there are individuals. tumblr_o0jzp6ABkb1rm4jlpo1_400

The individual should never be forgotten solely because it is illusion. As the Oneness too can be considered illusion! Because in order for the word–Oneness–to be spoken–there must be an individual to speak it! 

tumblr_np41aqzpig1s6bxzqo4_r4_500This is where silence comes in and why it is so important on this path!

Maybe is the Goddess of Illusion & Delusion–while we are under ‘her’ influence we forget about our true nature–spending our time in the pursuit of seeking. However this shouldn’t be seen as utterly futile! heart

Many Guru’s say these adventures the Ego goes on is futile and meaningless! And it can be depending upon the intention behind the seeking! However it is a true and genuine expression of ‘the One’ then nothing is futile or meaningless! 

Once the “seeker” knows the truth–it becomes apart of all that is. And there is nothing wrong with the movement of the Ego. There isn’t a resistance nor a grasping towards it. 


Its allowed to be as it is!

Transmission of Presence-Matt Kahn

Stay tuned for steps on how to go about bringing these experiences into your life! 

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