Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Planetary Report of 3/17/2018


I’m here to speak of the planets positions and how things led to where they are now as well as some predictions–perhaps! This report will only be how I see things as they are. I tend to see things a bit different from most so—keep an open mind! 
I see the planets as actual deities in their own right. Not simply stars in the sky that influence us as humans. They have their own experience as themselves with each other–with Earth and her children including us. However not their every move is solely about us but about the whole big picture including themselves. They do what they need to in order to better themselves which they are fully aware of how it ripples beyond effecting us. 

Jupiter-Retrograde in Scorpio–

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Seen as the spiritual guru, teacher, and even higher self in many traditions and magick. I see Jupiter as well Zeus! 🙂 This retrograde is what I refer to as the “lucky retrograde” even though no retrograde is truly negative no matter what anyone says! Do not buy into that notion! 

Jupiter is associated with Good  fortune, wisdom and progress. Jupiter will be in retrograde for four months. However again–Zeus nor I nor Mercury wanna hear any complaints! In fact—
We wanna hear you let go a bit! Laugh! Have fun! Experiment while our “Father Sky” is in retrograde. This is a time where Jupiter is welcoming new ideas, experiments with the development of magick, Jupiter is open to converse with all of you if you are in need of contact with your higher self!
Jupiter is saying don’t be afraid of allowing your dreams take a hold of you and doing whatever you need to do in order to develop more faith in them in order to manifest these dreams with reality! 
He is saying do not fear making a mistake or even failure! Now-more than ever-luck is on your side! 
With that said—when it comes to his relations with the other planets–he is meandering slowly allowing himself to do as he should but keeping a watchful eye upon the movement and positions of Pluto, Saturn, and particularly….Mars. All with a playful smile..


Pluto working hard and committed as ever to the realm of Hades deep within the Earth. Take your focus there for the moment! Picture Hades managing all of the souls whom are there temporarily working out their karma, the rest of their time they have to be as they are, working through obstacles, some very difficult, some terrifying but only because they believe their darkness to be real instead of illusion, however some are calm and accepting as they move easily through their murky golden waters of Hades. 
This world is the foundation in which the soil (Saturn) of Earth lays over it like soft and comforting blanket. This soil is fertile and ready to give birth to a new beginning. However the realm of Hades takes longer to reach that point. As they are the foundation—the heat from the inner core of Earth that gives warmth to whatever seed may be planet deep within the soil of EArth! 
This hard working Pluto is committed to generating this heat–keeping the souls within his realm focused whether they are full of clarity or not he cannot control. As it is of their own free will and choice to move beyond their pain or stay within it. Either way— the heat that generates from this realm is what gives to new life! 
Pluto is preparing for this new life to be born as he does his work with sharp focus–sweat dripping from his brow! 


Saturn–God of time-God of Karma- This planet along with his magnificent rings however seemingly rigid ways–especially these days as he dwells perfectly within him home realm of Capricorn.
In this position–see Saturn as the fertile Soil of Earth just waiting patiently yet with drive and focus to birth a new seed/idea (or more or less) into being! 
That being said–The fertile and soil that is practically “in heat” from the vibrations felt from Hades deep within the core of Earth–is now a blanket that feels drawn to be neatly covered up upon the surface of EArth so that it may feel this warmth even closer–so that it may become more in tune with the vibrations of the realm.
In essence so that it may influence healing from its position–hoping to reach Hades. (Saturn is speaking to Pluto. Giving him a soothing still voice of faith in his commitment. Speaking to him with only vibrations that echo like a planetary song of the stars–“I’m here.. I wont be going anywhere for a while.” Meaning–the soil is here to keep the heat within the realm of Hades so that a height may be reached so that a realization upon many of those souls will be reached and then recycled in order to be birthed into someone, or something new! 
Fitting for the energy of Saturn as he is the God of humanity, the one whom supports the physical, the solidity, man made ideas, and concepts. He encourages us to pay attention to the physical–particularly Earth. So that we can better care for her, ourselves, learn the laws then we will better understand our purpose and how to manifest with perfection! 


Onto Mars whom is inching his way into Capricorn–while still on the threshold between Sagittarius/Capricorn.
Mars has really been through quite a large transformation this year! Being guided by Jupiter earlier this year as he walked through the dark waters of Scorpio and then went retrograde—it was time to face the darkside of himself. His fears, his annoyances, his impulsiveness, his desire to always do things his way—usually without much thought. As that is what Mars is made up of. 
Action-doing-defensive-war-doing this for himself, other planets and humanity. He literally burned himself out thought. So he slowed down. He cooperated with a a bit more calmer exterior than usual. And willing kept his eyes open to the these sides to him that he was aware of–simply just didn’t believe he had the time to really do anything about it. 
Until Jupiter said it was time–Saturn followed suit allowing him that time. 
Though by the time he was half way through Scorpio he was nearly on his hands and knees almost crawling in the muddy waters with scorpions around him–teasing him with their pincers. He needed out! He accepted that he needed to allow the gift of time within his life–use it to his benefit!
This then inspired a sort of “second wind” within him. He stood straight up and leaped with a new born faith in the goodness of time—and into the realm of Sagittarius!
He enjoyed his journeys within this free, wide open woodsy realm of where he saw Artemis–and many paths leading to the Moon! He picked up the bow and arrow–put his spear away for the first time–and used this time to actually focus and learn a weapon that wasn’t so barbic. He learned how to strengthen his sneak skills–and became very good as an archer! 
However once he master this—and a few sexy Nymphs—he became bored and wanted to leave this realm as it became too “free” for his mood. He missed an environment that was much more—secure. Rigid even. Not negative. But certain. No so many free thoughts floating around…. 
Until he was then inspired to fall asleep beneath a tree suddenly—as this was inspired by Saturn–God of Man-Made Ideas. He blew a mist of healing dust upon his brow that healed him gently of all of his past wounds he had admitted during his time in Scorpio. Saturn also inspired a dream within him that would have him envision a new structured order—when he would wake he would have a full plan on how to gather the Angelics to build a much better Army. 
An army with different values and ethics and what would drive them into war if they needed to. And better yet–he wouldn’t be the one doing everything himself. He would be able to better enjoy–his time! 
Mars then awoke as he then found himself upon the threshold between Sagittarius and Capricorn. He felt a rise of impatience—but an impatience felt with inspiration—he couldn’t wait to arrive at Capricorn! 




Meanwhile Neptune/Poseidon chillin down deep within the depths of the ocean waters—far out of reach of where Man could ever find him! Neptune is chill quite happily within his home realm of Pisces. He is the co-ruler of along with Jupiter! 
Now is the time for Pisceans to come out and play! Our very favorite of the year! If it is your Sun Sign! As it is mine. (Though Aries is my AS–Aquarius-my moon sign)
Neptune is dwelling deep within the Ocean Sea however splashing around and playing a bit with his trident. Stirring up the depths of the waters. These waters are the direct link to humanity’s emotions–however!
Posieden is now doing what needs to be in order to match up with the work between Pluto, Mars, and Saturn! He is working on his domain of feeling, imagination, dreams, logic versus illusion, visions, story-telling with pictures, drawing, singing, crying, laughing until you cry, suffering, fear, death, as well as life! 
He builds all of these things within himself until his eyes turn a neon blue just as Jupiter strikes a lightning bolt down—hitting the water to get it reved up! Poseidon then begins to stir his waters with his trident more quickly and with chaotic motion!
He focused upon the image of a new birth coming into being. The birth of spring, the death of winter, but also the birth of a new Venus! A Venus that will better suit the new and improved (or will be) Mars. This is important as they are the divine consorts—they have been for many, many years—been the Masculine and Feminine that resides with both man and woman–and all creatures with gender and are able to reproduce! 

A new age is approaching however! 

This new energy is uncertain but no doubt exciting! Poseidon continues as he chants loudly—laughing and crying as tears stream down his face and into the waters of creation! 
This movement will for sure be felt within everyone’s dreams!


It is a New Moon in Pisces this night! Perfection indeed! Luna approaches Neptune as he stirs the Ocean like a madman! She says in a tone that resembled a dark yet soft tone of a wise Mother–A crone to be exact. This Crone however within the realm of Pisces–She is conflicted about her identity. Feeling and Dreaming about herself. Finding herself within her own dreams and nightmares that are mirrored to and from humanity and herself. 
Luna feels insane yet also nurturing enough to join the fun! As Pisces is always conflicted. One foot in the positive one foot in the negative. Full of inspiration, faith, nurturing energy,, however—can seem detached and lost within ones own mind. 

This was exactly Luna at this point.

She casts her dark shadow of her New Moon upon the chaotic waters–just as Jupiter lets out a cackle and another lightning bolt. Luna lets out a high pitched laugh as well that mirrored a startled tone but also lost within the lunatic fun! 
Her dark shadows upon the shimmering chaotic tide seems to begin to simmer things down—oddly enough–however to a near and almost intimidating stillness! Posideon calms down as the rain of Zeus stops his fall! 
Now the focus is happening only between Luna & the Ocean. She then begins to whisper and chant towards the still waters. Barely heard nor understood. However it was obvious she was “planting a seed” perhaps of imagination deep within the whom of the Oceans! 
Once she stopped chanting she became very quiet but then suddenly screamed like the crone she is and then shouted “The past is always here to haunt us! This is what always will be my children of the waters of emotion. That which you fear but hold dear to you! Humanity! Listen to me as I speak directly to you! Oceans of emotion and imagination that which all you love came forth from! The past is here unwavering, along with time–as it is a gift! Both as a gift! Your fear will remain because it is your fear that teaches you–but only if you listen to it instead of pushing it away! The more you push it away the more I shall push it back towards you with the chaotic tides of Ocean! It is time to awaken! Because a new! Simply because you have embrace the past—and time as the gifts that they are! With this new growth and rebirth—comes faith! You are being taught the importance of Faith in order to achieve anything in your little lives!


Morning comes and the Sun shines down upon EArth particularly the Ocean within the early morning!  The Sun sees, senses, smells, and knows what was done the night before. As he heard it–knew it then and knew it on a deeper level now as it bright healing and inspiring loving light shown down upon it all!
The Sun inched closer to the vortex of energy deep within the waters that were forming into a new birthed idea…creature… or being… Sun couldn’t tell which at this point. However He sent the creation much of his love, clarity, light in order for the creation of darkness and chaos to see which direction to move—grow towards. 
The Sun being in pisces signifies that the Sun is attempting to shed some light upon the plans—that we have been keeping stagnant out of fear–or the plans we have felt fear to continue to make into a reality—the Sun in pisces is saying… hey look! remember those plans..? They are still waiting for your completion! Continue on with your dreams and plans—but with pisces there is always the other side…
The Sun speaks– “Just beware… This could backfire—but it could also turn into something truly beautiful and unforgettable–but that should be of no concern because in truth–that is the risk we ALL take. Gods, Fae, Angels, humans alike! There is no perfection—only an acceptance of the imperfection. For if there were no fear or ugly there would be no absolutely beautiful!” For these are the illusions of this world..
Learn to embrace this world. Stop rejecting it. Stop fighting it. Stop complaining–and see this world as it is. A world full of art and gifts and abundance that is always here even when you think youre experience lack! The experience of lack —is abundance. 
The more you resist, hate, or fear what you don’t understand—the more harm you cause and the longer you will reside as a part of your soul remains within Hades–Decide to be Reborn! 


Venus-our divine feminine is kicking it within Aries. She is actually enjoying herself within this realm when otherwise she might have become annoyed with the rushed, fiery, confrontation attitude. However after the transformation of Venus herself—as she travelled very similarly as Mars. Saw the truth of her own errors. She has decided to become a bit more communicative, more active–in pursuit of putting her ideas into action instead of laying about–gazing upon her beauty and dreaming of her own reflection for hours at a time! She has made the decision to put these dreams into reality! To decide to better manage her emotions that may come across as selfish, emotionally manipulative, nearly having an “evil” attitude at times, as her habit of becoming vindictive if something happens against her own desires finally is seen as a bit too destructive. It is time to give back creation into the world–and take back some of the destruction. Quite noble and selfless for a gal like Venus! Not to say she doesn’t have her good side—she definitely does! However it becomes masked easily as her desire consumes everything she is–and she is blind–no longer knowing who she is or what this world is truly like outside of her abode.
Venus comes out of hibernation and steps out into the real world—curious to see the world as her counterpart–Mars speaks of often. Does he speak the truth? Is this world full of rushed thinking, action, and mindless action as well as war? 
Can I truly do something to aid this world into seeing that who I am will help balance them out? 
She walks out into the world with her head held high–her identity disguised of course—she feels like the Ram of Aries! And she loves it! 


Mercury–the winged messenger–as is in Aries also–coaching Venus on how to communicate herself properly to the People. He follows her unseen to man–as a muse of sorts… telling her how to place the words in the proper order and to pose as human in order to unleash the new world order out into the world! Mercury’s vibration inverted which is stated above as I said he is unseen but he is down here on Earth with us. Speaking directly to us—telling us new plans—new ways—new improved ideas on how to manage our emotions—our actions. How to find balance all coupled with finding faith within ourselves but also faith within what we say we have faith in—Mercury says its time… to give a bit more of that faith! 

Faith in in the unseen. Take the leap of faith. Do it. 

Now is the time. Later will be regret.

Time is the essence. 
To become in harmony of everyting is the key. To stop complaining when Mercury goes into retrograde is a large key! You aren’t correct. You’re believing illusion. Believe in your planets… in order to hear us correctly…. you first need to see that you truly do not know anything nor yourself as well as you think you do. 
You will only know yourself by know us, animals, the spirits of EArth, and diving deep within your passions—ignoring your fears. 

Fears are not real. 



Uranus the planet of evolution, new ideas, rebellion at extreme, the humanitarian, the powers that enable man to learn and evolve–to move beyond becoming more than they once were! This planet is residing with Aries along with Mercury, and Venus. This beautiful shade of blue–strong winds–ice and rock. He and/or She is accompanying Venus on her new endeavor. Venus feels as if she wants to begin a new project however a mixture of her own style along with the energy of Uranus. She finds that the two resonate quite nicely at this time. They both come together—down walking upon Earth as a new force in order to bring hope to mankind–a much needed healing session and pep talk to all of the lost and weary humans whom have had it rough the last few years—to no fault solely to Venus–she is wise enough to know that everyone has played their parts. A smile of hope glimmers across her lips–as she takes the hand of Uranus into her own as they charge out into the new world as Spring blossoms showing its signs on the trees, grass, air, wind, and flowers that Venus falls deeply in love with–each time her eyes falls upon them—particularly the pink Tulips! 
She can smell a new beginning on the rise—she gazes upon Humanity with Uranus aside and and Mercury hovering with them. STanding like the giant Gods they are. They then send humanity the birth of energy that has been created solely for their own benefit! 
Reaching out for miles and miles—inspiring every man, woman and child–as well as the creatures and animals that walk along with them. 

Earth then awakens slowly as Persephone rubs her eyes—she crawls out of the soil that Saturn was shielding her with during the cold Winter—feeling recharged and ready to take on the world—she begins to inspire everyone with the new World Order! 

In conclusion—this is my own way of performing Planetary magick! Once you become very close and understand the Planetary Gods personally—respect their power and domain—if they allow it–they will let you write very descriptively of them in order to express who they are to the world as well as perform a little magick! No need for sigils nor any other things other than speaking to them directly! Let go of Ego and allow them to speak unfiltered!
The positions and what not of the planets—if you didn’t catch the punch line is this—Spring is coming—but this isn’t the only thing approaching us! If you feel a pull to change and evolve as well as become more spiritual or magickal or to broaden your understanding of faith??? 
Do so!

Contact me if interested in receiving an astrology report or birth chart!



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