Seeking Priestess Title–What a nightmare!

To Title yourself-Priestess or High Priestess Or not? 


413fb7b7f6adc44cd06dfc68d77ebbdb--esoteric-symbols-moon-goddessThis is a controversial subject it seems! I have only just now gotten through dealing with some major drama with a woman who claims herself to be  High Priestess of an organization by the name of Global Goddess.

This woman–regardless if she were properly certified was anything and everything other than—a High Priestess! 


The story is this–I contacted her last November asking what was expected of me and required of me–if I were to pay the fee which was $25.00–decent prize–though I wondered, what’s the catch? 

Most want to give you degrees or have you go through long ordeals of jumping through hoops to get you certified–much more to give degrees. However I simply wanted to be certified as  high Priestess though she was offering Priestess. I was fine with that.

We all gotta start somewhere! 


35960f046f7911319fbfc7869992827bNow–The first time I messaged her she acted as if it was a real burden to answer my question. As it said on her website that I would be reflecting upon her group and organization if I am to be titled priestess. 

Fine–but it works both ways! Any organization, coven, or high priestess should know this. If they do not–they do not know their position very well! Everything within this practice is about a balance and give and take! 


I noticed her lack of interest and lack of energy towards my question but I attempted to overlook and gave this situation some real thought. As perhaps maybe I am being overly judgemental? Who knows? However her answer to my question was—“Everything that is required is posted on the website”. 

No, “Hello, how are you?” Or “I am very interested in your interest of my offer!” Or anything of that nature! Besides come to find out there was much more than what was written on her website that was expected of me! 


Keep reading! 

45fb2f2c6eb4f04d3662652f0a22209dSo I moved on–let it rest for the time being. I tended to my groups on facebook and served the “community” online as the best that I could that I feel represents the Goddess that I serve–which is Hecate! 

What does it mean to be a High Priestess? Well, I believe that it can vary depending upon what Goddess the practitioner choses to serve. However–it should vary too much from one person view to the other. 

Though many times–it does vary far too much! Which is why I’m extremely careful when it comes to whom I let certify me—particularly as  Priestess or High Priestess. 

I’m thoroughly aware of how much the Ego will attempt to control the situation–even to an extent that the practitioner doesn’t even see–herself! 


I will get back to the individual I am speaking of soon enough but first I’d like to show you all what and whom I feel is not only a high priestess but walks her talk and wears the title as she should

High Priestess Goals & Etiquette

  1. Serving The Goddess before all else! 
  2. Treating others with a perfect respect, honesty, and openness! 
  3. The High Priestess knows there is always a give and take to every meeting! It is the Priestesses Responsibility to make sure there is a natural and even give and take to every interaction she has the opportunity in acting out! It isn’t up to Ego to manage this but up to the Goddess herself! 
  4. The High Priestess doesn’t see herself as the “boss” of anyone. Nor does she manipulate any situation in order to make the people of her coven feel as though they need to prove themselves to her nor anyone. That is between the people of her coven &  the Goddess.
  5. It isn’t the place of the HIgh Priestess to judge the relationship between the practitioner & the Goddess! For the HIgh Priestess position is only to teach the formal steps taken to become and attain the goals the practitioner swears they want to reach. 
  6. The personal goals of a HIgh Priestess is to become the confidant for her coven members. To be many things at once and is mentally capable of being all of those things even at very stressful moments in her life. There is a demand of the high priestess. But that demand should never be too much for her take on. The tasks of the High Priestess should be agreed and sworn to the Goddess that they will do so flawlessly and willingly because her work with the Goddess is more important than any other thing. It is her passion to complete her tasks for the Goddess! 
  7. The only tests that should be carried out are the tests and tasks that the Goddess herself put out for the HIgh Priestess and her coven. But the HIgh Priestess doesn’t highlight these things for her coven! The HIgh Priestess asks for nothing in return–only some shed of proof of her commitment to the Goddess only. The only way to do this with class is to have her coven members swear–at the moment of initiation what it is they are willing to do! The HIgh Priestess should never write out the laws and tasks! The practitioner should write down what they are willing to complete. If there is failure in doing so—THEN and only then will the HIgh Priestess decide if the practitioner is valid in the reasons for lack of participation and if she or she should continue in her coven or not. 
  8. The High Priestess doesn’t go out to form her own coven until she is ready to handle her business with The Goddess in a much larger way until she knows without a doubt she is able to handle the stress that can come along with it.
  9. The HIgh Priestess is always open and willing to make time for her coven members—under a reasonable amount of notice to cancel or to provide details on rescheduling! 
  10. The coven members shouldn’t remain confused about her place in the coven and/or group for no longer than needed! If you cannot provide time and commitment to your coven members then you have no business being a High Priestess! 



What I listed above is of course only guidelines to how I feel a High Priestess should perform with her Coven. As far as her inner work and relationship with the Goddess—I think that is the most varied and I will not state that here. Because every Goddess may ask for different things! 


37a255dae775a4561603c0fbba52c6e2Back to the individual I was speaking of prior. I finally wrote this lady back almost a week ago. I asked her about the title—she again gave me as little information as possible but I forgave it. Thinking maybe she was just busy and she wouldn’t be like this all the time. Or perhaps she wanted to know more about me before she humored me with her interest. Who knows? 

I gave her all of my information, the address to this website that shares more than enough information! I gave her the links to my groups and two recommendations that gave more than enough as well! 

I then asked her if I should pay her the fee. As I stated in the beginning I didn’t want to pay it until I knew for sure I would receive the certification. And she said yes. A day went by–I heard nothing. I wrote her asking what was going on–


She literally ignored my attempt to touch base! 

She had given me literally zero information on anything other than saying once high-priestess-of-firecertified I would have to greet the additional ladies in her group. She acted like it was a damn near chore to ask her for information! 

So finally I let three more days go by! I hadn’t heard anything! Now, I don’t know about you all–but ripping people off online isn’t a strange occurrence. If anything that should be a good reason to why I was eager to know aside from being excited! 

I emailed her a twice asking questions–she finally replies and tells me that she is very busy and asks me to be patient. She goes on to telling me that I need to post more than a simple picture in her group. That she expects a priestess to know how to carry on a conversation—she also tells me that I should “show her that I can do that” while I wait on her!!! 

Oh no ma’am! I don’t think so! a901f34047b22629b4ab4a1a609af056--hecate-goddess-egyptian-goddess

I don’t care who you are! A High Priestess isn’t there to treat her people as children! I wasn’t even certified yet! Nor did I know I was expected to say anything in detail—as of then—until I was certified! 

This is wrong! This is called a power trip! 

Do not be fooled by these women who are imposters! 


The High Priestess SPTIn conclusion— Be careful who you donate to or pay in order to get your priestess certification–or any certification for that matter! But particularly this one!! 

No on can tell you if you are serving the Goddess correctly or not! That isn’t up to the HIgh Priestess, your mentor, or spiritual guru! Shoot—even Spiritual Guru’s will tell you they aren’t your teacher! 

The true teacher is within yourself! 

Yes, be open to an agreement between you and your high priestess or whoever it may be who is training you. State what you’re willing to complete while under her training she is to give to you. 

But if she can’t commit her time to you or be open about what is going on when you’ve donated or have given your own time hoping to receive what you’ve asked for in return? Then do not waste any  more of your time and get out of there!

You aren’t here to prove anything to anyone—except what your promised the Goddess, herself.High_Priestess_op_a7grqq


The HIgh Priestess is NOT the Goddess! 

Do not allow anyone to certify you as Priestess or HIgh Priestess if you and the other do not resonate upon what that means! IF they aren’t willing to converse over that meaning before hand—walk out! 

This journey is yours, mine, and theirs. We all have different meanings and expectations! If the giver of the certificate isn’t what you feel they should be or if you feel uncomfortable or belittled in ANY way—it isn’t right! A HIgh Priestess should never treat their potential priestesses in such a way! If there isn’t a resonance it should be stated by either parties! 

Do not feel as though you are expecting too much or that your words are inappropriate! You do what you feel in your heart is right and true for you! 

YOu do not want to be stuck in a situation where you end up resenting your path when it should be the most sacred thing in the world! I feel that the women who treat their potentials this way–it is the way they were also trained or certified so they feel that this is the only way! 

It is not! Don’t let it happen to you! Stand your ground and remember the truth and sacred relationship hold with your chosen Goddess that no one no matter their title should alter or rephrase in any way! 

This dreadful woman that treated me as if she were superior even though she didn’t become a witch until later in life and she is now in her 50’s I believe or 60’s. But she is offering the priestess title & ordination at her website which is here–

Global Goddess Website

However she attempts to not sound like she is judging you for how you search the Goddess, in which she doesn’t even specify which one either. But she literally shows zero interest. Even though once you are ordained by her and seen as a Priestess you are then automatically reflecting upon Global Goddess & you are obligated to be very active in her facebook groups greeting everyone. But NOT what she called “self advertising” in which I wasn’t. But even if I were… I see my services as serving my Goddess Hecate.

This woman is completely ignorant and doesn’t deserve her title nor place within her coven in real life–that is if she even has one. She even told me that helping countless people online doesn’t count. I said, “What if I can’t leave my house? Besides, I can influence much more people online”. 

Being a Priestess has less to do with casting a circle & calling corners and more to do with how you aid others spiritually which includes Oracle, Tarot Card readings, Astrology readings, being a medium, etc. She treated me like I was worthless & blatantly said I was inexperienced! 

Her name is Deanne Quarrie

Her facebook can be found here– Personal Facebook

Global Goddess Facebook Groups

  1. Global Goddess One

  2. Global Goddess Two


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