How to become a Satanist




I’ve decided to create a whole category called-“Satanic” so that I may post all of my essays and such that are geared towards Satanism as Anton Lavey outlined. I am also going to write these essays with beginners (mostly) in mind. One of my main purposes in this life is to help guide people, whom are interested, in breaking the chains of christian influence that was forced upon them-making their mind up,  how to approach, view, or take the early steps that are involved in how to transform

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themselves into a Satanist that they feel comfortable with. At that point they are on their own with what type of Satanist they would like to become or if it is used as a stepping stone to simply free themselves so they can make a conscious decision in choosing whatever it is they feel is right and true for themselves! 



531533007I do not consider myself a Satanist anymore–per se. However I do still have a satanic flair–strong one at that!  I may consider myself more on the Luciferian end of things but I still acknowledge how important it is to explore the path of Satanism & satanic paths for someone interested in freeing their mind from what they were forced and raised into believing. 

If you are still in Christianity’s hold but you are looking for a way out or you are flat,800x800,075,f.u1interested in exploring Satanism then keep reading and consider taking these steps in order to free yourself! I  highly recommend it particularly for those of you who are genuinely interested and committed to this path of working to reach that moment of self love and pride in yourself for choosing for yourself! 


106423-200In order to remove the ol ball and chain to christianity in order to turn and face the road of Satanism so that you may begin that journey–for starters you must thoroughly analyze yourself inwardly to be sure that you’re ready for such a change! Because the path of Satanism is much different from what you’ve been taught on many levels. I am sure you, at some point or another were told that this path is “evil” or even believed it yourself! This path delights in its shenanigans that Christianity judges it for. However the Satanist doesn’t necessarily see himself as evil nor good. He is crows-2what he is. For better or worse. The Satanist sees himself and the world as closely to the truth of what it is as possible. Meaning he never consciously delutes the truth. He works to accept the truth.




satanicatheistFirstly the Satanist admits that the human being has its tendency towards stupidity and self delusion. The Satanist but works hard to remain aware–keeping his eyes open to his actions and thoughts. So that he will ever be mindful of his “art” in this life. HOw he is working his magic. Whether he chose to cast spells or not–the Satanist knows that every part of life is about expressing himself as accurately as possible in order to experience the most beneficial situation that he may be able to gain by the working and exercising his mere will! 



cute-pink-angel-wings-with-halo-mdAbove all the path of SAtanism is about walking a path of truth. Personal truth, individual truth, no matter how unpopular it may be! Accepting your  rebellion–not necessarily being rebellious on purpose–but knowing that your innate nature is rebellion! And accepting that, celebrating it! With sophistication! This path isn’t about sheltering you, nor holding your hand, or giving answers to life’s questions–without questioning those answers! 

This path is about sometimes accepting the unknown! It’s about accepting your quirks and so called flaws! Your natural traits and things about yourself that you were judged for o told you would burn in hell for! This path is about making choices for yourself, choosing the truth that sings its song within your heart and not allowing anyone take that away from you!



Being a Satanist, however, also means being tolerant of difference. As we celebrate the individual–we strive to see the force of the individual within many things–if not withinst,small,215x235-pad,210x230,f8f8f8.lite-1u3 everything. Even the ones who chose to live a life of ignorance, denial, etc, because they, while may not be helping or contributing to the cause you  stand by they still chose to live their life as they are! Opposition approaches the SAtanist very often and I would say it chooses to approach the Satanist more so than any other person walking another path.






The steps towards walking a satanic path! 

Anyways the first step towards facing this pathway on your journey is to perform something called the Black Mass. Note that this should not bedark_devil_trace_by_maki_tak-d65jkrm performed until after you’ve done research as well as read the Satanic Bible and of course until you feel ready to commit! But be warned that this will begin a challenging and difficult path for you. It will take time to become used to and you will have times where you may find yourself mentally confused. But if you stay vigilant and focused on the truth of yourself, your heart, your soul, etc. You will come out of that confusion just fine!


il_fullxfull.1387945854_5siePerform the Black Mass–

BaphAndGirlThis is designed to first challenge your former beliefs by being blasphemous within this rite!  If you wish to add a dash of witchy flair to your rite you may find it useful to do this on the Dark Moon. Which is the phase of the Moon where she is 0% illuminated and not seen in the sky. This represents New Beginnings, it also means the moon is in between her waning and waxing phases. Waning is the phase she is in from the time she is full to new moon. She is gradually pulling her energy within herself. Taking back what is owed to her. This phase affects us by making us feel more introvertedimages (2) and more focused on detail. It is the phase of the moon where witches and/or magicians typically cast spells or perform rites where they wish to banish a specific energy or habit, to curse or to cause change that is related towards desiring an experience of  a loss. When the Moon is New to Full–this is when she is waxing. This means she is extroverted–more certain and knowledgeable of her power. She is also in the mood to share that power directing it towards all of us!However no matter if she is granting her lunar light to us or her shadow–she causes change. None of this is needed however, if you’d like to make it as practical and simple as possible that is your choice and encouraged either way! 





How to perform this rite? This is what I suggest, you may research it to find the source material or you may improv it yourself following my tips and guidance here! devil_and_angel_decal_concepts_by_blackhawk45lc-d9pmdlk

My advice would be to first realize this rite is to challenge your prior beliefs. Know that this rite will change you–the way you think consciously and subconsciously for the rest of your life–that is if you stay vigilant and strong in your decision! I suggest your goal to become something of a nihilist. Don’t do any ritual overly layered or colored with magical routines! If you’re interested in the magick–I would wait for a little whiletumblr_nqtxc1P2KR1u8mykho1_500 because diving into SAtanism mixed with mysticism for the time being. As you may already experience visions that are nothing more than your subconsciously mind working out its own inner war caused by the christian era versus the natural world aka Satan or witchcraft in general or any other path that contradicts the word of God—so they claim! crows-3

Reclaim your mind! Reclaim your thoughts! Reclaim your experience!  Take responsibility for your fear! 

Do NOT fear these visions or feelings or thoughts!!! When you have these simply face them. That is the point. Ask them–without turning away, “So what? what will happen if I don’t obey the God that was forced upon me?” And wait for something to prove itself to you. Or to show itself to you in order to chastise your actions. If this does happen–simply keep your face towards it. Do not flinch, don’t show any fear nor belief in it! Instead become even more blasphemous! Spit at the entity! Shout out obscenities! Tell it that you’re not a slave towards deceit that you work for the truth within your heart! Then imagine yourself being surrounded by the white light that wasn’t conjured up by Jesus or some God but by the will of your own. Say “I am protected by my own will!” And keep your eyes on the entity, vision, or thoughts until they fade away! I promise you they will leave! Know that these entities aren’t natural spiritual entities. They are thoughtforms created by humans when they lied to d915e8f99a80608ea92cddb0e4efcf20humanity about religion in the past when they demanded that paganism and the natural religions be abandoned! But that is a topic for another day! We don’t want to speak of two different spiritual religions. Instead focus on stripping yourself of all that you want to do away with! Do not replace your own beliefs with new ones… not until you know for sure you’re ready for such a thing! For now–its time to ride the “unknown train” with a being named Satan. Who will tell you that his image is within you and whatever fearful thought, vision, or image that enters your mind–it is your responsibility to see it unfiltered. Watch it arise within your awareness, taunt you, tempt you, whatever it may do, allow it to come but watch it like its apart of a science project! Then watch it leave and return to from where it came from. 


e245f0a98ba1e7fc5374a6228e293217These thoughts, images, concepts, whatever, they are all apart of your dark side, however the darkside was much more accepted because the movement of christianity came into view. Paths like paganism and even buddhism saw the darkside as necessary. In order to accomplish things in life just as the light side of yourself is! Sure the darkside can get you in trouble but you will not be punished for anything unleash you believe you deserve it. And if you believe that–then you’re the one who is punishing yourself! Our perception and our beliefs create what we experience. However it doesn’t create reality. Reality has its own laws. WAnt to know the truth? Time to begin the Black Mass and shed the old you! Write down everything you would like to let go of and say these things out loud as a black candle is burning! 



Steps taken in the Black Mass or Blasphemy Rite!

(make it your own)


  1. Feel every word from the cockles of your heart!
  2. Say these words loudly and proudly! Then lose yourself in becoming blasphemous!
  3. Look at very dark imagery of Jesus and Satan, Make fun of the story you were told. Know that even if it were true on some kind of level—humor is healing! 
  4. Say that you no longer believe in these stories created to control and create a new world order in the past. But now you’re heart is calling for truth. Therefore you are breaking those chains and embracing the unknown or whatever truth is in your heart–after all its what is pumping the blood in your veins! ay whatever is in your heart.giphy (7)
  5. Say that you’re challenging your fear in the face from this day forward & then invite Satan, the entity whom represents indulgence, “evil”, rebellion against God, the master of lies, all of these things you were taught–see him however he means to you! Even if some of it is still under the control of christianity thats okay! Invite this being into your life and into the room you’re in.


devil-33927_640Satan has been invited into your life and home–What now? 

Now is when the fun begins! Now is when you test yourself, test the entity known as Satan-before you-test those former beliefs, and test all you thought you knew. This work between you and Satan should go on for a while. Allow him to speak to you as if he is a spiritual entity. Even as the red demon you once thought he was. Even if he scares you. But if the mental/mystical experience of the entity named Satan becomes too intense or if he commands you to do anything that is harmful to yourself or someone else, and/or if the entity scares you in a way that doesn’t feel like it was for an vector illustration of red Devil hornseducational value—then it is time to let this partnership go. Take a break from this. do not go to church or repent or you will lost the progress you’ve made. But it things become far too strange–then this path may not be for you or maybe you’re simply not ready to change. And that’s okay. If in your heart you feel being a christian is right for you. There is nothing wrong with that! Being a Christian is okay so long as you allow the freedom of choosing their own paths that is different from yours. I’m not going to sit here and tell  you what to believe. But if it doesn’t feel right—it may not be healthy for your state of mind. 

Take a break or decide its not for you then move on. 


If your ready to move forward with Satan invited into your heart and home… 

…then now would be the time to think of writing a pact with him-either right then and there for write it later and then repeat it in a ritualistic manner for next time! I would perform this ritual on a Full Moon! Either way–do this ritual two weeks after you speak with the entity named Satan–getting to know him. This entity should never command you to do anything. He will only ask you to question yourself, him, and others. In order to move forward towards truth. He should never intimidate you or scare you purposefully unless to test you but even then it will not be with a sadistic popular idea of how “Satan” would do such a thing. The entity named Satan is cool, calm, and collected. His energy is smooth, he has a light as in not heavy but can be dark-ish, and very sarcastic sense of humor. His voice is soft spoken. He is very aware of everything and you will feel that. He is very intelligent. He will move as slow or fast as he feels your ready for. He will show you truths and lies about nature, humanity, and nearly everything in this world. He will never lie to you. He will never command you to worship him nor anyone else. He isn’t interested in gossiping about anyone, harming anyone in particular nor speaking of his privacy. He is only interested in revealing truth and showing you the truth of himself–it is your choice to trust him. He will tempt you into thinking of things of a dark nature—but not to commit any crimes or do anything you font want to do. He merely suggests you to face what you fear within the walls and realms of your own mind! 



Satan reveals the truth of the dark but also the light! 
He will also test your definitions of these words and before you know it you will come to redefine them! 



fc4c5b36887700f088bc85c97511848b--nail-clippers-angels-and-demonsHow to form a pact with Satan!

As I said writing this and then performing the ritual on a Full Moon or two weeks later after you have a stronger and more healthy view of the entity, Satan, is whats best! How does one go about writing the pact? Think about your goals that are relating to this. What sort of person are you attempting to become? How do you want to change your mindset or how you view the world? Do you feel called to teach things about this path to others once you become moreBlack-Ink-Trishul-Tattoo-Stencil-Design-Picture enlightened? Do you want to incorporate the magickal aspect into your path? Do you experience Satan, truly, as a spiritual entity? Or as a darker part of yourself? Do you simply want to annihilate everything and have a lack of belief in order to start again and find your truth or would you prefer to become an atheistic Satanist? All of these things are crucial to think about and analyze. Once you become certain of how you would like to go about things–then write down these goals and ask Satan to work with you, however often you would like him to! He is very committed towards your enlightenment so long as you do the work and are committed yourself! Good luck!



lucifer-an-angel-of-musicIn Conclusion–

I do wish you the best in the beginning work you promise to work on with the guidance of our beloved being named, Satan! I will write plenty more on the topic as time goes by! If you any questions, concerns, or anything like that please feel free to contact me! 

As time goes by many things will change for you! The view of SAtan will change once you see more of the truth of yourself, him, and the world before you! He may become more like the being named Lucifer, he may reveal something to you that changes your perception of everything at once! 

The Satanic Cross, the seal of demon Leviathan.

MAny wonderful things will come of this pact! So long as you keep it positive and see it for what it is which is ultimately—evolution of thought, emotion, mental, physical, and spiritual for the human race! 

Human nature & nature around you will reveal itself to be something quite different from what you previously thought before and your mind will begin to find purpose, sense in places it couldn’t before, etc etc! crows-4


Thank you for reading and your interest! Come back to read more!! I congratulate you in your desire to awaken from ignorance and instead find yourself on the path of seeking your truth! 




Click here to learn or read about my views of the angelic-turned God–Lucifer!

Who is Lucifer? 


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