Angelic Army of Ares

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Welcome! This post is technically part two of “High Council Eleven”. This post will be focused around the Angelic Army that Ares puts together–as there was one prior but it wasn’t doing so bda4f3e08174b4edf8945d802150db4d--hecate-goddess-goddess-artwell.

Here I will be speaking of the different types of Angelics that are within his Army, whom will be fighting when at war and what they specialize in fighting against in the Universe. 1287621533438

These Angelics will serve Ares in War however ultimately they serve the Goddess Hecate as she were the one who created them! This post will also speak of other Angelics that serve the HIgh Council and how!

Ares, our beloved Divine Masculine, whom is the hard working God of War–he is the one whom enables us to be at war, whether it be to defend or attack, whether for better or worse! Ares is also the raw energy of action!signes-zodiac-astrologie-signe-belier For without Ares, we wouldn’t be able to put any of our thoughts or dreams into reality! Ares is rather misunderstood and accused of being angry, defensive, and action without thought or planning. While some of this may be true–he is probably the least selfish God of the Planets! Everything he does is about self sacrifice and allowing the freedom of the other Gods, Angelics, other beings, as well as humanity and their actions! Ares will fight til the death of his opponent in order for any of us to exercise our freedom of choice and recognize our will!  



However some things have changed–altered for our God of War since he went on his journey of self exploration earlier this year—he has decided to slow down a little–putting more thought into his actions–he enjoys the idea of him planning and putting together a much better army. He wants to command instead of fight! This coupled with this gift from Saturn–Time. He is ready to begin a new way of being! He wants to learn a bit of patience and authority instead of being the one who always defends and fights–he had burned himself out! So with the help of Hecate–and volunteers of the beautiful Warrior Angels—he is able to do just that! 



Here you will find the different races of Angels however we will only be focusing on a few of these for this post! 



The Seraphim are the highest ranking & strongest Angelic. They are of course included within the Army of Ares! Here are several of them now!



 Here are the Cherubim of the High Council Eleven! 

The Cherubim are also apart of the army and will fight when they are needed but mostly they are the angels whom offer healing to the wounded whom are hurt while in battle whether angel or human that were wounded by an entity in the astral world during battle. These angels are the watchers, defense, they do not fight unless they have to! They heal and offer consolement to the ones whom were wounded. They also inspire creative energy to bring positivity and growth where needed! 

The Thrones of the high Council


source (1)The Throne Angels are the ones whom are Tzaphkielliving symbols of the God’s (more than one God) justice and authority!  They have a multi-purpose! As they are the wheels that drive the chariot of the God or Goddess that chooses the be seated within that specific chariot being taken wherever they desire! It is said that these angels are moved by other spirits of the other realms.  By the Gods? Or otherwise? 

They are moved by the power of Ares! 

4-dominionsDominions or Lordships.

The Dominions regulate the duties of lower angels. These angels can be any one of the species but were put forth in order to watch and be sure that everyone else is doing their duty! 


These angels can be a lordship over a planet–such as an archangel of a specific planet however a step below the archangel would be more precise to say. The lordship is the one whom watches and keeps order while the archangel cannot for whatever reason!

It isn’t true that an angel can be everywhere at once! Yes its true the beings can be at many places at once–but the number is limited!

Virtues or Strongholdsdominon

These angels are those through which signs and miracles are made in the world.

“The name of the holy Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakable ob_26b67a_ange03virility welling forth into all their Godlike energies; not being weak and feeble for any reception of the divine Illuminations granted to it; mounting upwards in fullness of power to an assimilation with God; never falling away from the Divine Life through its own weakness, but ascending unwaveringly to the superessential Virtue which is the Source of virtue: fashioning itself, as far as it may, in virtue; perfectly turned towards the Source of virtue, and flowing forth providentially to those below it, abundantly filling them with virtue”

These angels are a type of messenger. They bring visual signs, miraculous concepts, and new ideas that are highlighted by a light the human cannot ignore! However the human can take the credit for bringing the idea into the physical realm. 

 Powers or Authorities


fwtWP6dThe primary duty of the “Powers” is to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order.

Being warrior angels, they also oppose evil spirits, especially those that make use of the matter in the universe, and often cast evil nemesis-alfred-rethelspirits to detention places. These angels are usually represented as soldiers wearing full armor and helmet, and also having defensive and offensive weapons such as shields and spears or chains respectively.

The Powers are the bearers of conscience and the keepers of history. They are also the warrior angels created to be completely loyal to the Gods or chosen God. 

These angels will carry out retribution towards any being human or otherwise if arrogance or disobeying behavior is done towards the Gods that they have chosen to serve. 

Take Nemesis for example! Instead of a Goddess she is technically a Power or Authority! 

Principalities or Rulers


The “Principalities” (Latinprincipatus) also translated as “Princedoms” and “Rulers”, from the Greek archaipl. of archē (see Greek root in Eph 3:10), are the angels that guide and protect nations, or groups of peoples, and institutions such as the Church. The Principalities preside over the bands of angels and charge them with fulfilling the divine ministry. There are some who administer and some who assist.[9]


These angels are those that bring evolution of Science, and mathematics to the human race! However the ones they chose to give this information to will be changing! As the humans scientists cannot be trusted! 



warrior-angel-13270-2560x1600The word “archangel” comes from the Greek ἀρχάγγελος (archangelos), meaning chief angel, a translation of the Hebrew רב־מלאך (rav-mal’ákh)[14] It derives from the Greek archein, meaning to be first in rank or power; and angelos which means messenger or envoy.


These angels are the ones whom are most involved with the matters of humanity. They are also the ones whom have messenger as their main job description. Above all else they are here to pass on the messages from the Gods to humanity and vice versa! They are the glue that brings all of the pieces together! 


There have been more types of angels as well as beings referred to as fallen angels as well as vampires and others added to this list! However the only types of Angels that fight in the spiritual wars and are under command of Ares are the Seraphim & Cherubim! 

The Thrones however are moved by the manipulation of Ares! God of War! 


There are countless Angels in this Universe no human could ever say how many! There are many different types also! However there isn’t such a defined separation between the fallen and holy angels! As the reason for a fall can vary from one to another! Yes some angels will have a fallen out with a deity they serve and then receive the label as fallen for a short while until they begin serving another one unless they begin serving themselves or only humanity! 

More on the nature of fallen angels soon! 

The main warrior angels are Seraphim, Cherubim, and the Powers however they each will fight different and own their own specific style of being a warrior angelic!


Point being this army is being redefined and re put together by Ares–God of War and I am to share it with the public. As I’ve said many times, it is your choice to believe or disbelieve. I don’t care either way! But my own brand of planetary magick will be born out of this! Which will come together soon enough! 


I will be using very simple sigils, but a whole new defined way of contacting the planets energy, building a relationship with said planet–etc etc! So keep a look out! 

Rewriting the myths is also a part of this! But you need to attain trust from the Gods–and prove yourself capable of being a clean filter! Do not write it based on your personal will! You are doing this to better things as a whole—not based on your egoic desires! doreenakasha

Also you do not do this without permission of the Gods! This path isn’t for those whom believe the Gods have their own will and intelligence! In order to accomplish anything–I believe in surrender to its will—to its own current. Leave the comfort of your own will–and learn about others! And do this for the benefit of others more so than your own! 

The rewards for this are beyond your imagination! ascendedmasterarchangelmichael

For example–the reason for a new angelic army for Ares? He received the gift of time from Saturn–in order to learn something new about himself or to enjoy something of himself he hadn’t before. So therefore he is learning to appreciate time–seeing it as a gift instead of rushing to either defend or fight–he can relax and enjoy himself as SAturn gave im that gift! He is also now able to put together this new angelic army in order to only command more, plan more, direct more….fight less. This means exerting more mental power and stamina—and less physical power. 

In turn this will effect humanity in the same way! 

This will began either now or soon—as the planets are positioned where they are now! 

This angelic army will influence alot of different things—as it is a mixed pot of holy and fallen—prejudices should begin to be seen through and loss of its power should begin to occur. More challenges towards the mental realm should begin. Less importance will be on the physical realm. As Mercury is in retrograde this will help the pace of everyone slow down. HOwever the fire of the sign–Aries will be felt as if everyone is pmsing. Or steaming with information yet—keeping it to themselves as a way to reserve their fuel! 


The sacred vibration of the holy angels will be felt more so than before. Humanity will feel as though they are being watched and maybe even feel what is being done in service to them and for them—as well as even against them. To keep balance! 

Humanity will feel a whole cosmic shift this year as we move deeper within the planets in this solar system! 84dc6577326dc9693457eed5ef0a1c1f

I have many plans! And I will not stop unless the Gods tell me otherwise! 

Its time for Humanity to feel the power of the Gods and to take that leap of faith! 

Stop thinking about faith—and exercise it! 


But steps are to be taken before we arrive at that! 


Angels involved-

Archangel Michael

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Gabriel 

Archangel Azrael

Lucifer (Cherubim)

Lilith (cherubim)

And alot others un-named!

These entities will be brought into the story/myths as soon as possible! 

Melisandre-Priestess of Hecate

Eric Northman-Priest of Akasha

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