What is a Maenad?

“What is a Maenad?”

–Some ask!


A maenad is a female follower of Dionysus and/or Bacchus!

According to ancient Greek mythology Maenad’s were (and quoted) were the nymphs who had nursed the infant Dionysus. These are referenced at Homer Iliad, 6.130:

“Nay, for even the son of Dryas, mighty Lycurgus, lived not long, seeing that he strove with heavenly gods—he that on a time drave down over the sacred mount of Nysa the nursing mothers of mad Dionysus; and they all let fall to the ground their wands, smitten with an ox-goad by man-slaying Lycurgus. But Dionysus fled, and plunged beneath the wave of the sea, and Thetis received him in her bosom, filled with dread, for mighty terror gat hold of him at the man’s threatenings. Then against Lycurgus did the gods that live at ease wax wroth, and the son of Cronos made him blind; and he lived not for long, seeing that he was hated of all the immortal gods.”

(c) Southwark Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Though there are many women–even men–who consider themselves something of a Maenad! I am here to explain my more modern version of what a Maenad is–I can only explain my own version, what it means to me, what I practise when it relates to the God of Wine, Dionysus! What he means to me and what he signifies as well as speaks into my ear!

Still from the Maenad that appears in Season two of True Blood! Their version of course a bit altered but still kept true to the heart of who and what a Maenad is only—villainized! 

Greek God Dionysus and Maenads

According to Greek Myth–When Dionysus grew to be older he did impart these women with a divine madness that increased during intoxication. They saw wild & primal behavior–particularly within the constraints of the woodsy areas–as a higher state of consciousness aka  saw behavior such as :Dancing, Singing, Playing their flute and tambourines, they engaged in Orgy-like behavior–as Pan often bragged of having sex with all of the Maenads–however the Maenads denied this! The Maenads wandered around in this drunken state picking up any humans that wanted to join them in this frenzy state! Female and Male followers! These orgies were done for a specific purpose which was to stimulate the fertility of the Earth and also to achieve divine ecstasy! 

Greek God Dionysus and Maenads

They sometimes would achieve a frenzied state that was quite dangerous. In this state if they caught a wild animal or even a human they would tear it to pieces and then devour it.

It is also said that the Maenads became vicious in response to anyone disrespecting their God Of Wine–Dionysus–whom, to them was a revolution! A means to remember their true nature! 


Modern Day Maenad!


What is it like to hold attributes similar or the same as the ancient Greek Maenad but merely modernized? I’ll tell you! 


The God–Dionysus has not changed much since those days! However he is fully aware of the so-called evolution of civilization since his own day! Dionysus states that even though things are much different nowadays–this is only the surface! Beneath this civilized mask that humanity tends to wear things are the same–and have not changed at all! 

This means that Dionysus recognizes the so-called dark side deep down within us! 

In my eyes Dionysus is truly no different from the “rock star” role or even the role of Jesus! But these can only be seen if you share the same vision as I when it comes to these two roles! Yes it may be seen in a darker light! A less puritanical mindset! 

But truly if we look at the ancient myths–you will see the parallels! Dionysus was a rock star in these days! Playing his flutes made from his best friends which consisted of Trees & plant life! Dionysus wanted the beings that were around him as well as the humans that were being birthed yet much more knowledgeable than we are now to remember these times! As truth! 

True Nature of humanity! 

I personally celebrate these times by listening to music! Music that stimulates me to dance as well as that inspires me to feel the most truest of my own form! The bands that make me feel more—ME

{{Speaking of which–now would be the time to mention my project in progress named The Holy Trinity–It is focused upon Music as a spirituality but also spends alot of time speaking of three bands whom have influenced me over the years since I was a teen and still do even to this day! Hence the title—The Holy Trinity. Take a look!}}

Dionysus urges the humans that he inspires to become liberated! But also learn how to walk both worlds without performing those deeds that may get us in trouble in the minds of the puritans! He wants us to have no fear in our surroundings, in the war that is around us, in the fear that others feel and then directing that fear right towards us! 

He teaches that these things are all apart of his domain–but only to rise above these things. A bit of a paradox. But it’s no different–at heart–what any other religion truly teaches us! 

To never fear but to understand! 

To understand what?

That ignorance is innocence! 

The only way to know this with your heart is to allow yourself to think about, feel, and embrace the dark side that is within all of us! You will see that it all spawns from a few things! true-blood-marianne-maenad

Having Curiosity

Needing Revenge

Needing Liberation

These things are causes that are just! However without these things there would be no destruction! No one wants to destroy for no good reason! There are always reasons and the most feared reason is this:


Civilization tells us we shouldn’t feel pleasure from causing pain! However it seems to me this happens anyways and since it is prohibited it happens out of blindly believing it to be of some other reason! Therefore a true understanding nor conscious action can be if this persists! This causes much more harm than it would 16625888have if it wasn’t prohibited in the first place! 

Am I saying to throw out prohibition and let’s go out destroying anything and everything that we can? No! I am saying to use ART in order to experience and release these feelings! To see how the art we’ve created affects the masses! This is good enough! 

Many people already do this! When they create a horror movie or something  controversial.

Art is feelings of anything and everything in imaginative motion! It is a “what if” scenerio being played out in safe mode—however isn’t safe but is—simulataneously! 

Its a test! 

Doing things in this form allows us to see the effects of our choices in a conscious manner! It also brings joy no matter the outcome! It brings us in touch with our divine nature which are artists! Musicians, film directors, authors, etc! People like this are usually the most at peace because they learn from everything! They have a deep sub conscious knowing of what they are here to do! And they change lives and nature as well as hooks everyone up to some sort of divine truth all at the same time! 

Dionysus says–we are the co-creators of this universe! It is our job to both create & destroy! But with an unwavering knowing and unshakable joy within our heart! 

This also is done with a compassion for all of life! 

What am I saying exactly? 

Satyr and Maenad
Satyr and Maenad

Everything that causes fear is a challenge! A challenge against what we’ve created with out own minds as to what it means to be civilized or what is right and wrong. Our minds don’t truly know what is right or wrong! We make these notions up as we go along! This is why it is important to have artistic people around! 

These people in a sense, are the Earth-shakers! They remind us of ancient knowledge! 

It is more harmful to make up what is right versus wrong compared to what people believe some art is to be! Why? Because its made up by a mind that wont look at the natural! Whatever it is that is a lie—can and is the only thing that will feel challenged and as if its lost its peace and will need a retribution! 

Natural law does work the same. 

The natural isn’t in denial! The natural is open to all ideas. In order to comprehend it–aka; teach the mind of what is already right versus wrong!

In conclusion do not speak of what you do not understand! Instead imagine it! See how it effects you and others! See this life as a stage! And if you are harmed attempt to understand the other perspective! Its quite easy if you allow yourself! Many of us have become fanatical about our individuality, so much so–that it disables us to understand another. 

We are in this together! 


And we are all a bit filled with divine Madness! 

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