Violet’s Resume

Amy Marie Smith

Ordained High Priestess looking for an online job as , Angelic Medium or Angelic & Crystal Healing Practitioner, and/or a coven leadership or in person open job positions that are in need for someone whom has my gifts, experience, & certifications! Contact me for more info!


Mableton, GA 30126

Current Work & Practice

©The Violet Twilight|2018, Personal Business Website — Website Author/Ordained High Priestess

Feb 2018 – PRESENT

Always working hard at writing & adding content to this site in order to share with the world my fresh perspective, practices, path, & services!

Enter The Vortex|Facebook GroupManager

March 2017- – Current

I formed this group about a year ago in order to put my skills to use & begin my journey of guiding others by way of Tarot|Oracle cards using Archangel Michael|Raphael, Goddess Nyx, Shapeshifting Fae, Steampunk Tarot, & Akashic Records Tarot decks. I also teach spiritual concepts that cover a plethora of paths relating to Spirituality, Philosophy, Magick, Self Divinity, Earth Worship, Planetary Magick, Gods|Goddesses, Witchcraft, Angelic realm, Fae Realm, Shamanism, Astrology, Mediumship, Realm of the Dead, Astral Travel, & much more!

Personal Experience

AT 2006 & ever since I began studying Paganism, Neo-paganism, Dark & light, Satanism (atheistic & spiritual), Luciferianism, Numerology, Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Planetary Magick, Nonduality, Buddhism, Christianity, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Hebrew Mythology. Along with Lightworking paths, Shamanic witchcraft, astral travel, Mediumship, Astrology, Tarot & Oracle readings, Full Natal Birth Chart Readings & Reports, Deity, Planet, and self worship. Spirit Contact & communication. Chakra work, Aura cleansing. Earth Angels, Otherkin. Nature Spirits, Angelic Realm knowledge. Crystal healing, communication, and working with the realm of Atlantis. Angel therapy.

Began having spiritual experiences of Angelic Realm & Spirit Guides at age 5. First Angelic Contact with Archangel Azrael. First experience of my higher self at age 5. First experience of a Ghostly Vision at age nine.

Realized lightworker- 2008 & been on a path of full on manifestations of spiritual realizations & awakenings of many levels & ways ever since!


  • -Mediumship
  • -Spirit Communication
  • -Empath
  • -Spell Caster
  • -Altar Magick
  • -Energy Healer
  • -Shamanic Journey
  • -Evolution of Myths
  • -Lightworking
  • -Teaching

Certification|click to view them!

-Certified Angelic Medium

-Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

-Crystal Healing Practitioner

-Oradined High Priestess/Ministry

-Angel Card Reader

-Course Certification Creator

-Hypnotherapy Course Completion

(Currently working on more!)

©Violet Moonshadowz

©The Violet Twilight|2018

Violet’s Resume on Google Docs!

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