The name of God

i am here to propose a question or inspire a new though process! I’m not here to make anyone believe as I have decided to speak out about a problem I do seem to have when it comes to a choice in how language is used for many people who say, “I believe in God”. Or even when they say, “There is only one God, do not be fooled by imposters!” etc. To everyone who says things like this I have a question! Which God is it that you believe in? 

I tend to feel that people need to become more specific when stating things similar to this. Its your choice to be monotheistic, that isn’t my issue. But the word God is a type of spiritual being! Therefore the name of the God that you believe in needs to be said in place of the word God in the above examples! 

As I said you’re free to believe in whatever but–even if your monotheistic you must see that there are the other Gods that other people to believe in. So this means in order to point to the specific God that you believe in, consider that speaking his name is probably more accurate than merely saying you believe in God. 

Its the same as saying, for example, “I am married to human”, instead of stating the humans name! Nobody knows who you’re talking about! Sure some may assume that you are referring to the Christian God, or what you, but the Christian God has a name! And for those that are referring to the God known as source, I have something to say in response to that and with respect! 

I think that people should start getting used to being more specific about things such as this! It causes far too much confusion. If you believe in the christian God, state that. If you believe in some other God, state his or her name. Just as I state I revere to Hecate. Any other person state the name of their God. 

Too many people use the word God as a name when it isn’t a name itself! I think this is confusion itself as well! Even for people who refer to source as God. Even this in my opinion is technically incorrect! 

Source isn’t God. It isn’t a God. Source is source. Its a realm of energy which the energy of our souls & everything else comes out of including many Gods. HOwever I do belive that people should ponder or consider the fact that maybe there is more than one source? More than one origin source of souls? 

The evolution of how we practice religion is greatly needed! This is something that Archangel Michael urges me to share with all of you!

(A full on channel session with Archangel Michael will be coming soon!) 


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