Fuck Fanatical Feminism! *Warning*

Warning! This topic is very controversial & I did not write with a filter and spoke very blatant truths of my views, as well as I was also very playful! So beware! You may become insulted by this post! Or perhaps you might just enjoy it! Or find it invigorating! You never know how the ladies are going to react to such topics! And I’m very blatant with my language and views! So….

You’ve been warned! 


So, here I am at this dear topic that I’ve been speaking of for many years. It all started when I was a child when my Mother would speak of it. Needless to say she is whom I was influenced by the most as a child and whom helped me come to this very opinion. 

However I do believe we would probably differ on core views but we would see eye to eye on other things also!

Personally I am not for Feminism. And its taken me a long time to actually say that without any sort of faint trail of fear of being judged by my “sisters” for it. But allow me to explain! 

Do I hate women? No. Do I hate men? No. However as a (mostly) straight women I do prefer men! And I mean it when I say the following! 

It seems that I am one of the few women who actually mean it when she says she truly does love men! Through out my life I have watched & heard women literally make fun of men on many different levels. Speak of how most of them do not know how to please a women, or how most of them lie & cheat, or they are controlling, or they are all afraid of women, or and this is my favorite one to hate on “Men! They are all the same!” followed by an eye roll. 83e515d01842df3b3c3cb1a211a1ab11--poster-design-equality

Now, sure, all of these statements aside from the last one can be said about some men, but allow me to repeat that! SOME. Alot of these statements can be said about women also! But I’ve also noticed that guess what ladies??? 

You girls surely give men a very hard time to even allow them to begin to prove you wrong at all, because of a few bad apples or because you have resentment towards how women have been treated in the past. Which hey, I totally get the latter! But! Don’t you all think that perhaps that women treat women the worst? That maybe many of our issues in the past weren’t because of men.. but because of women.. and their words that they expressed full of rage, & resentment. 

I am not saying no one has the right to not be upset about being controlled. But dearies, this isn’t about gender. Men didn’t have it easy then either! Do you think they always enjoyed the fact that they were the only ones whom had to work & not only that but required to work! They were also required to act a certain way just as women were! 

Things weren’t great for either gender!! 

I am of course not speaking for all men nor all women here. Only myself and what I feel and think of such things as well as my report to all of you from what I”ve seen from both genders! 

I personally am what I refer to as “gender fluid” this is basically like Androgyny but not quite. It is basically saying that I identify with both male & female as sometimes I feel more male (within my mind or my energy that emanates from my body) & other times I feel more female. And other times I feel more like an Incarnated Angelic Merperson from Atlantis! lol 

But that is neither here nor there! 

Back to the point! 

I do understand a general “battle of the sexes” sort of attitude from both genders from time to time. As its healthy to feel some competition between the two, fighting to prove to eachother that they are both equal in truth! 

It provides healthy sexual energy for both genders to compete with each other and tease each other of their perceived weaknesses & strengths! So long as this is coming from a place of playfulness & truth! As the things that a man & woman are both good at that may differ from one another isn’t set in stone nor should it be. A girl can be a baseball player so long as she plays baseball or she can be a mechanic so long as she continues working on cars! 

A man can wear women’s clothing even if he is straight and feel even more manly than he did before. Because, and I understand this, wearing the cloths of the opposite sex heightens your libido in the moment.. and for me personally I feel closer or more intimate with “him” whomever he may be.. even if no one in particular… the chemistry that I feel when I feel my male energy colliding with the feminine energy of my physical body… is electric! And if I could I would stop whatever and sit right down and have some solo naughty time for doing such a deed! 

I am sure it is the same for those men who cross dress, not because they want to be a female, however if they did, there is nothing wrong with that! But because to feel the clothing of a female against his skin… i am sure makes him feel just as erotic! 

Anyways! lol My point is that I really don’t give a shit what a man or a woman wants to beable to do, they should beable to do it! Whatever makes one happy is what I say! 

Back to the heart of the matter! Yes, I’ve been deeply hurt by men but I’ve been hurt worse by a female. Which was actually a platonic friendship on my end. But I loved her deeply. The friendship lasted for 20 years and about two years ago ended on a very bitter and freezing cold note! 

I do not mean to disrespect all of you ladies, but you cannot walk around with blinders on! I am not saying that one gender hurts more or less than the other but your weapons of causing pain when you feel its needed are (most of the time) completely different weapons! 

The male generally isn’t as vindictive as the female though, of course there are exceptions! But generally the male hurts (in a relationship) in a more physical way. 

Allow me to explain

The male generally has the desire to cause physical damage. Even if he doesn’t or wont hit a woman– he will want to or want to punch the walls! ha! Not attempting to make fun of you guys. But generally a male will not want to hurt you emotionally, particularly a woman. Because the emotional realm is generally conceived of as the womans domain. 

Along with, of course, the very fact that men are taught to rarely show emotion. However passion, sexual energy, and violence has always been accepted & even encouraged! 😛 

But from what I’ve experienced and have seen from others, however I am not saying this is a good or bad thing simply stating the different weapons that the two use when in a fight with eachother. 

A man even in a fight with another man he will generally leave the guys sense of self in tact, but may go the extra mile to kill him and throw him in the lake! 😉 But a man rarely ever uses words to hurt you. 

A women when she is in a fight with a man, generally, she will pull literally many different things with the man in order to manipulate the situation because she is paranoid of losing control over the situation, it comes from feeling repressed, as well as criticized for being emotional or called crazy when upset by not only men but also other women as well! equality

First act of the argument a woman will respond with a “Oh? Is that so? oh okay.. go ahead…. you know all so therefore I wont even say anything…” Basically a way of pretending she isn’t even going to contribute to the argument as she speaks as if the man whether he is acting arrogant or not she will act as if he is! 

This act wouldn’t last long however, she would immediately follow up with retorts that were expressed with a tone that was sharp in her pitch in order to pull on his nerves to receive an immediate reaction particularly violent so that she has a reason to blame him for violence & immediately jump to the conclusion that he doesn’t have respect for women. NOr even his Mother, she would most likely even add!

Just so you know, before anyone gets upset I am NOT speaking of all women! Please stop expecting people to state the obvious! And take responsibility for your own emotions here! I am not attempting to be disrespectful! I am speaking from my own experience! 

I am going to finish this up by saying that the male did not respond violently but then decided to ignore her because the male now knows that anything he says or does in his own defense will be seen with stereotypical tinted glasses! 

The female has an attitude of the “know it all” though within herself she despises her own attitude as well and doesn’t like to see it within other women. This is the attitude that men do not enjoy either. Because the female only acts this way because of feeling insecure in the past towards the male because the men were always attempting to do everything better than the woman, particularly things that were seen as masculine. 

My question? Who truly started this battle between the sexes? 

I’m going to change this subject towards one, while staying within the related topic of course, but begin to say that I personally feel that feminism needs to get the fuck out of here. But also does any male ego that truly believes he is in any shape or form better than the average woman in any way other than the traits that he has worked hard to become good at that are on relating… but he should be able to be a bit egoism about what he is proud of.. and gender shouldn’t make a difference… particularly if in a situation that competition is part of the game! 

Many people just look too deeply into things, nor do they try to understand why things could be the way that they are, and know that no one is perfect! 

Females & Males are always going to battle with each other! It’s apart of their chemistry! It also makes them have better sex if they are allowed to be open with eachother, by being playful, teasing one another for those things we tend to make fun of eachother for, but then also to never forget the very things that we love eachother for, the things that we need within eachother in order to bring the creation of life into the world! But even if you’re not into reproducing–Sex is the number One pleasure that there is. Whether straight or gay or bi! 

Whether you’re a male or a female–we all have one of the energies relating within us or both, or neither, or one day is female and the other is male–these energies many would claim do not have anything to do with our actual gender. And while in a sense, I agree but on a larger note? I don’t agree! They have everything to do with gender! But it just simply may not have anything to do with your specific gender or mine. 

For example, I”m female… but maybe I feel male on the inside. On this level… no it has nothing to do with my gender per se. But the energy of masculine is connected to the gender of the male. Perhaps not all traits but a big chunk of it is indeed! 

Masculine energy, is usually seen as extroverted which is associated with the erection. Masculine energy is seen active–which is associated with on a general level–men enjoy being the penetrator–if they are territorial about those they fuck. Masculine energy is associated with violence. Merely because and I believe it is because only men, in the past, were allowed to join the military and go to war. But also because men are usually more physically violent. But these are generalizations! 

It doesn’t mean that a female who feels she is more so feminine cannot have all of these traits and totally disagree with me! That is because we all vary in our opinions on what we associate with each gender. But some things really shouldn’t be denied! 😉 

Feminine energy is associated with the dark while male is associate with the light. Because of their gender. The vagina is mysterious and inside of it is indeed dark. While the erection is not mysterious and speaks for itself. Which is associated with clarity and in turn light! Feminine energy is associated with emotional realm, moods, mood swings, emotional realms that can mirror in intense crazy that you will lose your mind over many times if you attempt to understand it. 

Women, stop denying it, but we are able to reach a depth within the emotional realm that is seen as very much psycho in a way that most men do not understand and will never truly understand and also can frighten them but only because when we do this–depending on the situation–we can end up being very destructive, and therefore men, modern men, feel out of sea. They want to take a hold of the reigns but because of the past and feelings of being controlled by men—they are sometimes too afraid of truly allow themselves to take control. Not because they are men and we are women. But because they are human beings… and if anyone, man or woman is being crazy and uncontrollable… then they need to be dealt with! 

These days, women nearly celebrate this line of crazy and will scream like a banshee if a man or anyone attempts to get them into control. And then they will feel as though they have a right to lose their minds! 

Ladies. NO! This isn’t true. It’s illusion! Many women these days feel empowered and just to not see themselves with clarity because they feel that its pay back time for being repressed… therefore men need to be the ones whom are seen and not heard and the women are the loud, more masculine acting ones, whom feel they should explain their behavior. 


Whatever floats your boat but this is out of control feminism! This is resentment and nearly abuse! And it shows your hatred towards what you think other people did to you or did to women. 

My solution? Stop looking at humans as men versus women. We are all humans. And we all suffer, we’ve all suffered, made mistakes, go crazy (in different ways, we all hurt others, etc! 

But it seems as though many would claim that to be the truth of all truth but then still talk shit about men, as I mentioned earlier in this post. And complain about men. particularly saying that only men think of sex as much as they do, that they are disgusting, and pigs, etc. And women will get all out of sorts if a man watches porn or expresses his sexuality towards her too aggressively, and I don’t mean rape or whatever. I just mean between a married couple for example, usually the female will treat the male as if he has nothing to offer her, or say, “cocks are ugly” or “Im not turned on visually” Therefore the man needs to start acting like Don Juan in order to get her, his own wife, excited, in order to enjoy himself as well as her??? 

This isn’t right. Women, make up your mind. Saying that men are pigs, or the only ones whom think of sex, but then demanding your freedom of thought and emotional outbursts, etc, is truly hypocritical. Its saying, I’m allowed to be whatever I wanna be. But don’t see me as a sexual being, only you, men are this way. You just perpetuated an outdated idea… where as in the past men were afraid of women’s sexuality so they made up this lie that women are all sweetness and light, or should be, and should never seen as the one whom initiates the sex. ONly the man can do that since he has the penis. 

So yea, backwards much? 

Women, its time to analyze yourself! Especially the ones whom refer to themselves particularly as radical feminists! 

Stop being angry. Stop the hate. 

I’ve been around women only & men only. And women do talk much more bullshit about men than men tend to talk about their women. Men actually attempt to speak nicely about the women they are with. They may tease about their women. And maybe brag from time to time. But they rarely say anything negative unless a woman has literally done them extremely dirty. And even then many of them will attempt to explain it with more words that are speaking of the actual incident with a few words such as bitch & cunt! But the words aren’t ever assumptions nor are they rarely wrong… unless the guy is just an idiotic person! 

Women on the other hand… talk shit about men nearly anything they feel the need to. For entertainment, for a sense of justice, as if they must do it in order to take advantage of how free as a woman they are, or they just have to continuously speak of how much more intelligent, or they have better judgement than men, and if women ran it completely the world would be a better place, etc. Now, I personally feel that a world ran by a human that doesn’t believe in a power greater than him or herself? They will be making many mistakes until they find their humility! 

But that’s just me! Women & men both are flawed and wouldn’t run the world better or worse than one another. Both worlds would suck but for different fucking reasons!  

Get off your soap box ladies! 

Look to understand yourself, men, society and why things have happened as they have! There are reasons! 

As I said before I am more or less a straight women whom is gender fluid however I do have bi tendencies. I could be with a female if she were a specific type. But I prefer men. I understand them, even though I understand women also, but I don’t have the time to play these games that women tend to play and have men play… as I do it also… it’s called the seduction of the imagination. Women enjoy a story of romance or the art of seduction between she and her mate. I do not have th time for this with a female. However again, if she were a certain way, I definitely could. But would much prefer to play this game with my man. 

As I am into BDSM, I am submissive with men and dominant with women. And I know many dominant females whom see themselves as feminists will hate this. But hey, bring it! Debate me. You will get nowhere. 

I do not hate any sex! I simply prefer one more than the other. And sure that colors my perspective but in truth? It doesn’t color it that much! Both men and women have their flaws… but in general? 

A man is much less rebellious than the female is. The man enjoys routine generally speaking more so than the female. These things mean something to me. And also, I typically enjoy being the main princess whom Daddy is owning tonight with his big fat & hard cock! 

Although, if you’re a sweet girl, I might let you join us, and I will show you just exactly how to be the perfect woman, the perfect woman for a man & for a woman. Whom will cherish you until the sun sets if you surrender your very will to me, and allow us to take your mind towards your limitations in the dark corners of your mind…. 

and make you come back, searching endless for us, so that we may give you more & more! 


Caution! Ahead is steamy content! 
If you wanna be seen as women whom are equal to men? Talk to Lilith! Lilith did not over power Adam, she suggested something new to try, Lilith doesn’t make any woman do or be anything other than whom she really wants to be! 
Lilith is the actual true & real feminist out there! She empowers the man by speaking to him with respect, with equality, showing him how much he is appreciated, and how its okay for him to feel primal, and sexual towards his woman, Lilith also empowers the woman by telling Eve (for example) that she is allowed to be whatever lady she wants to be. However if she wants to be with a man, and she wants her man to feel secure within his manhood then she needs to be secure with in her womanhood.
Know her own weaknesses, her strengths, and understand him also. Know that women are very mysterious, and can be very difficult to interact with. Aphrodite admits this herself. Know the dark side within yourself, ladies. But by knowing that darkside, owning, you can then allow ‘him’ to be who he is. 
Never allow your man to feel ashamed for wanting to be primal about how he wants to fuck you. Allow your man to fuck you without you having an orgasm every single time. We, woman can be hard to satisfy, they are much easier, allow them to be as they were back during the times of Dionysus, and allow them to fuck you spontaneously and for their own enjoyment. 
But then say next time is all yours, and tell him he needs to show you how he truly wants you to feel by his tongue, and mouth doing their tricks against your soft fleshy center between your legs! 
Remember we are ANIMALS! Realize that we all behave as such anyways, but if you’re conscious of it, you can truly enjoy yourself instead of walking around with blinders on everyday! 
Thanks for reading! 

Ps. After writing this and enjoying it immensely I will probably begin writing about my knowledge of BDSM on this website for those whom are interested! 


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