My thoughts–JD’s solo Black Labyrinth

The solo album of Jonathan Davis, Korn’s vocalist, aka the first rockstar I ever took a true & deep liking to when I was but 16 years old. (36 years old now) lol

It was released May 25th, 2018. And I’m going to post the tracks here to share with all of you as well as some pictures of his solo tour & some album artwork! 

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1.) Underneath My Skin 

2.) Final Days

3.) Everyone

4.) Happiness

5.) Your God

6.) Walk On By



7.) The Secret

8.) Basic Needs

9.) Medicate

10.) Please Tell Me

11.) What you believe

12.) Gender

13.) What it is


jdblacklab copy



040618vrtx-006I would like to say that our Mr. JD has outdone himself with this one! This is a pure masterpiece! It truly shows off his talents as sophisticated, intelligent, & worldly! This man is seriously on top of his game even though this album was written & done almost 10 years ago. It wasn’t mixed until now. But most of it was all done nearly 11 years ago. There was an issue with a record label. Nothing negative but merely the right time didn’t present itself until this year! There was only two songs that he re-recorded but the rest was waiting to be mixed. 

The concept of the album is based on an experience (or two) that he had with the Ganzfeld Experiments. But lyrically, (mostly), this album is based on issues (negative/positive) & realizations that he went through between 2007-2008 that were relating to religion & finding his “place” in this universe! 040618vrtx-008

JD has always had some hostility towards the Christian movement particuarly after having to deal with it from his father whom burned his music when he was a child, telling him they were the devils music. And not only being accused of being gay by children at school but being told he would burn in hell for being gay though he wasn’t and isn’t gay! 

Needless to say JD was beyond pissed & probably a bit confused with Brian “Head” Welch left the band proclaiming himself a christian and being baptized on television being the near confrontation of communicating his divorce from the band, Korn. 

040618vrtx-019So all of this is what lead our lovely Jonathan Davis into writing the lyrical content for Black Labyrinth. And I must say that it has done me many wonders already listening to it. As I have my own issues concerning similar issues regarding the Christian era! 

Not to say I hate Christians. But history needs to be taught to people. People need to remember where they come from. Christianity was forced upon people as the old ways, religion, Gods, and the natural magick of nature was shunned, rejected, and lied about!! 

So, many of the songs regarding that movement really speak to me! But so does many of the others! 

I still remember to this day when JD had his live cam up back in 2008 when he let us hear some of the demo’s from this album! It is amazing to finally hear the official studio releases of these epic and unforgettable songs!! 

Jonathan Davis has always had this “magickal ability” to synch himself unknowingly (of course) perfectly to my own thoughts, feelings, and struggles that I am having so much so that it can be eerie but so fucking comforting to hear him sing about my life as if he is living it himself! It just shows that he feels what he writes & performs! (regardless of its origin!)

He is truly an amazing artist and I will forever love him no matter what!

JD is genuine & real–more so than any other artist out there! (in my opinion) And as Ross Robinson put it once… (producer of korn’s first album & more) that to me is the truest, most purest form of an artist.. which is God. (not quoting him)

What are your favorites? And I’ll tell you mine! 




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