Archangel Michael Speaks!

I’ve been aware of the Angelic Realm my entire life however I didn’t understand it nor had full faith in it until a few years ago! My faith in it was on & off and included alot of confusion!

The very first angel I ever saw was Azrael. Then Michael & Lucifer!

However these days of full faith and for the past few years I see all of them! 

And Michael is here to tell all of you that many of you are wrong about some of your perspective on angels.

Let him speak.

“It isn’t any specific type of person whom has misunderstood me and/or the others. But it is all of you. Because of the confusion that has been caused by corruption mixed with truth relating to religion particularly Christianity. 

It is true that Angelic’s are nondenominational in the sense that we do not belong to any sort of religion. Religion isn’t viewed the same way in our spiritual realm as it is on Earth within the mind of humanity! 

However that doesn’t mean that we aren’t or haven’t been effected by the movement of religion that has effected all of you! 

As above, So below. 


My dear beloveds, you all need to realize that you can only understand what your mind is willing to understand when I or any other Angelic, God, or spirit speak to you.

There is much more that needs to be heard! 

Mind needs to continue to open & evolve. 

You all need to realize your power, responsibility, and the reality of your past, present, and future! Archangel Michael Overthrows the Rebel Angel circa 1660-1665 Luca Giordano

The spiritual realms aren’t perfect. The Gods & Goddesses aren’t all knowing. And we are all capable of making mistakes! 

We are all working towards evolution! But in order to evolve we all must see the darkness, ignorance, that is within!

Darkness is the only place where a light can be truly shown! Also seen! 

Love & light is only felt, experienced, and shared if there is the opposite there to support it! 

Evolution cannot be unless we are able to see flaw

Judgement & belief in this Good & Evil story that was written in order to corrupt– needs to be seen through, my beloved! These ideas and believes are false!

Michael & Lucifer are one! Always was. Always will be!

The Cherubim & Seraphim.  

Jesus Christ needs to be (& will be) accepted as a part of God as does Lucifer and this being you know of as Satan

Know that Satan is merely a word! Satan meaning adversary

How can you claim to believe in these age old stories? But then stop listening to what you’ve claimed to believe in?

Things change and evolve in the spiritual world as they do in the physical world. 

Humanity can morph and change the spiritual world on a large level! But you all are effected by those changes as well! 

It is time to see the truth of all things! Lift the blind fold, and see things as they truly are! Allow yourself to evolve! Stop believing in old stories. Open your mind and see that all things have their place. All things are possible but you do not understand them as they are!280px-Paradise_Lost_1

You cannot chose to believe in me, The Archangel Michael, yet not believe in Lucifer, or love me & shun Lucifer, or perhaps the other way around. Things do not work in this fashion! 

Lucifer & I are one but we are also separate when needed. We are brothers, we are friends, and we’ve been enemies. 

Just as you can be friends and/or an enemy to yourself & others! 

Same thing here. 

Know your history! Know where you come from! Know your power to influence! To corrupt & to change things for the better! Know how to correct your mistakes! 

The only war that exists is within oneself. Which exists within every being, spiritual & physical! There is no such thing as only Good nor only Evil! There is both because there must be both!

Without one there cannot be another! There is no choice. 

There is only what is! Which is everything. Everything that can be spoken of has its right to exist.. but the facts surrounding the subject may or may not be as you see it.

In order to evolve one must accept responsibility, self love, the power to create & destroy! If we deny one then we cannot claim to be the other! 

My dear humanity most of you can only see half of the picture and believe that to be the whole!

It is not!”

To be continued…


Published by

Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

5 thoughts on “Archangel Michael Speaks!

  1. I love this. A handfull of years ago. I was blinded. I was nearsighted. But in the last 4 years, i have broadened my horizons and questioned everything. I find more sense in the way the dust has settled. If that makes sense?

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