Shamanic Witchcraft

What is a Shaman? 


The word Shaman is Tungus in origin, according to one of my favorite Occult Authors Christopher Penczak, it comes from the Ural-Altaic tribal people of Siberia. It translate as “to know” these people use the word ‘saman’ to refer to men and women who see themselves as spiritual healers, and wise ones of their tribe. It is usually used to refer to the healers of the North and South American tribes. 


In my opinion the true difference between a shaman and witch or magician is the way that the magick is seen & used by the practitioner. A shaman is not necessarily a spell-caster. Nor is he/she concerned with gaining anything other than knowledge of the self, the soul (of themselves & others), in order to heal & transform their way of being. To cause change within themselves instead of attempting to change what is outside of them. Shaman’s generally see that the universe is within instead of without. As both within & without are one. There is no separation or true difference between the two.

There is a universal connectedness that they (as well as I) feel. Therefore we believe that everything is connected. And that any answer can be found so long as you seek into the other realms with the correct intentions therefore true healing & transformation can be done. 

Shaman’s generally work through any sort of fear, inner darkness, ignorance, etc in order to move in & out of different realms, worlds, and dimensions in order to gain knowledge in hopes to promote to wholeness of the soul. 

The core concepts of Shamanism are as follows. (Source is from Christopher Penczak)

  1. The ability to enter an altered state of consciousness through the use of sound, rhythm, movement, and plants.

  2. The experience of one or more nonphysical realities that are just as real to the practitioner as the physical world, and of actions in the nonphysical worlds that directly affect the physical world. 

  3. The use of an altered state, a trance sometimes defined as an ecstasy, to project self-awareness from the physical world to the nonphysical worlds.

  4. Dealings with nonphysical beings, or spirits, who enter into a relationship with the practitioner. They offer guidance, healing or power used to create change in the physical world.


maxresdefault-5-1Shaman’s generally work with the dark & unknown places much more than any other practitioner. As they feel that these are the places where the answers lie. Dreamwork, journeying into the Underworld, shadow work, collecting soul pieces, and shapeshifting are all very common practices within Shamanism.  

Shamanism definitely speaks to and appeals to the native american blood that is in my veins! As I perform magick like this more often than any other type! 

I will be speaking more of this type of magick also. Such as Psychic surgery, Animal, plant, and stone medicine, learning how to travel in & out of the spiritual & physical realms with ease in order to learn, heal, and transform your very soul is what I would like to enlighten you on and guide you through! 

Learning how to become a Deathwalker, learning about the inner world tree, all of the cities, land guardians, power animals, and three levels of realms that are apart of this physical world & your very soul is what you will learn as I post more on this genre of magick! 


The physical world is made up of three spiritual realms known as the lower world, middle, and upper world. Just as we have a lower soul, middle, and upper! 

This is known as Shamanic Psychology!

My Views!

  1. Middle Self corresponds to the middle world. This is your physical self, but it is much more than just your body. The middle self is your Middle world ID. It is your personality & ego. It is all your past memories & your potential future. It also includes your energy blueprint of your physical body, your etheric body. The middle self is your ID in this time line. It isn’t necessary to destroy the Ego, it is only necessary to learn how to see through it. To move beyond its limitations! To learn to see the Ego as a tool that you’ve chosen to take on in order to interact with the physical world as whom you are today! 

  2. Higher Self-The higher self is your divine, immortal self. However I do believe we have a choice in being immortal or not. But that is my personal belief. Ceremonial magicians would call this your holy Guardian angel.  It isn’t necessarily a protective spirit however it is the part of you that is in essence detached and is working from “above”. The stars. The upper worlds. The part of you whom could be seen as the futuristic part of your soul. Whom your soul could & wants to become within the timeline of your middle self. This self is a possibility. It is a matter of faith. It requires a large dose of faith in this part of yourself in order to move beyond the limitations of the middle self! But once seen, felt, understood, complete trust & faith will become more than you could ever imagine! This self is your true magickal will. The will of your soul rather than ego. The most purest, largest, and most innocent part of you. 

  3. Lower Self-The lower self corresponds to the lower world which is the part of you whom is learning-in-motion. It is the most darkest part of you. The most primal. Which doesn’t equal to scary or evil or ill intention-ed. It simply means that this self lacks experience however it is full of wisdom when it comes to intuition, symbolism, animal connections, sexual energy, bliss, attachment, desire, hunger for growth! Without this part of us we could never grow or move through and beyond our obstacles in order to reach for the stars which is where our higher self is connected! In order to find the light we must first see that we are in the dark. Which requires our intuition & faith in the unknown that everything is going as it should no matter how dark it may appear! 




In future essays I will speak more in depth about making contact with these three parts of your soul, as well as meditations & exercises on how to journey and dream work! I have much planned so please stay tuned!! 




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