The Roseanne Drama

This whole drama concerning what Roseanne tweeted & getting her show cancelled is just ridiculous.

Hear me out before you make assumptions! 

How can you truly believe that Roseanne is truly racist to begin with? Apparently you don’t remember her show exploring issues like racism, and other topics including gay rights (and more) in the past.

The tweet was an unfiltered joke about the targeted woman’s politics & looks. I’ve heard comedians make fun of everything controversial. And I’ve heard worse than what Roseanne said. 

This is a political move…

There are larger issues in the world rather than what bad joke some comedian is saying whom has always had controversial humor & has always had a way of pissing people off.

I am not supporting racism, though I don’t see the racism in what was said. I could give two shits about who is president, nor what politics someone holds, nor if someone truly does look like chick from the planet of the apes or not.

However, I have seen many dark & horrible actions from humans all over!

Every single human being is guilty for something! Whether it’s racism, superiority complex by believing your way is better than the other-from all walks of life, religious or not, or anything from what you do for living, how you think the way you behave is better than how someone else does. How much smarter you are, etc.

I have seen flaw in every single person!

If you think you’re better than someone else I guarantee you they think the same way.

It’s the same.

Nobody truly has the right to judge anyone. But most of us do.

I don’t care if one thinks their flaws or issues aren’t as bad as another. It’s one thing to share your opinion. But to act superior? Especially when you’ve got your own skeletons in your closet! 

That just says that you’re celebrating the darkness in another while ignoring your own & pretending like the person you’re downing is so beneath you. When it seems that’s all you know how to talk about.

Take a look in the mirror.

Human beings are the most hypocritical, unevolved beings on this planet. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I don’t mean that in a critical way. 

If you want to be intelligent and evolved this means you must first recognize the darkness & ignorance within yourself before anyone else.

In order to be smart you gotta be ignorant. In order to evolve you must be unevolved. In order to notice & appreciate light you gotta realize you’re in the dark.

You may not be stupid in the same way as someone else. But you’re still stupid in some way.

No one is exempt.  I’ve seen all of you play the part of the villain at one time or another.

That’s not to say you all don’t have good things about you! Or that you’ve never been the hero! You have.

But again, you gotta be bad in order to be good. One doesn’t exist without the other!

To ignore this is denial in your true nature and a refusal to see yourself as you really are however quick to point out another’s downfalls. I believe the people are quick to get wrapped up in drama like this because it takes away their focus upon their own fucked up lives and somehow it makes them feel better about themselves when a celebrity is in trouble.

So she got her show cancelled. Boo hoo! Her twitter is still up though. And while I dont give a flying hoot I’m just saying it doesn’t change anything that you all are so frightened of! 

People she has known for years has turned their backs on her and apologizing for her behavior when they dont even understand why it was said to begin with. They are all just saving their own ass! 

This is really how we want to treat people? Making a muslim reference and saying someone looks like the chick from Planet of the Apes is extremely tame! Religion is attacked all the time! 

I can’t even pick Pagan nor Wiccan if I’m hospitalized because its not listed but 20 other religions are listed! Thats an outrage! Not this petty bullshit! 

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