Uranus in Taurus 2018


Uranus moved into Taurus on May 15th, 2018 and will be there until April 26, 20126. Aside from the time it moves retrograde back into Aries, November 6, 2018 until March 7, 2019, after that it will not visit Aries again until 2094. The last time Uranus was in Taurus the year was 1942. 


fullmoon.bullUranus left the fiery, impulsive, and temperamental Aries on May 15th as it moved into the more (comparatively speaking) grounded Taurus. The energies of these two are very different. Night & Day nearly. As Aries is upfront, passionate, temperamental, putting action before thinking, a war-like energy, opposition, and masculine energy. Taurus is more feminine in nature, much less active, more about pleasure & reaping what we sow, luxury is grounded into being. The finer things in life are need as much as stability, money, ownership of homes, material possessions are important but so are the more practical accessories in life, such as food, and other things. Art, music, & beauty are very important to this energy as well. 

Sounds very balanced, yes? It does, I agree. The only problem is try to imagine the most mentally driven & rebellious energy,-a planet known for technology being its domain, internet, evolution of thought, the humanitarian of the planets, the futuristic energy–this celestial body has made its way into Taurus, the Bull. The most stubborn when it comes to change and evolution. 

When Uranus was in Aries many things occurred, lets go over the past to see just what occurred while this energy was influencing the world around us & within us! 

During this era we saw many activism movements! Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, Arab Spring,Occupy Wall Street, and Marriage Equality, We saw personal expression increase particularly on the internet. Apps for Beauty& selfies increased. Attempting to attract onlookers is a part of sexual energy that belongs to Aries. While nothing is wrong with this. Each energy has its shadow side.1f1f3e45ffa31c62b74facb4bdef113d

Uranus rules TV, which has now transitioned into no more family time but more one with their laptop time or limited to two for netflix using their tablets or what not. Aries is seemingly a very self centered energy. However it only appears that way because the energy is so hot, temperamental that the energy can push away others without meaning to. 

Aries is individual & ego driven. Taurus is ego-driven but enjoys being social able and having people around them. 

With all of this said, I foresee many changes. It isn’t all bad but it isn’t all good. It many ways the energy does seem to ground itself within its new attained wisdom. This means whatever we’ve learned while Uranus being in Aries it becomes grounded and a part of our being. It is accepted as a way of life. 

However I also foresee changes in the economy. I see that intensely driven action that was working ever so hard without a thought for anything else in order to achieve, that energy will rest, relax and enjoy the benefits from working so hard. Though this could also mean that there will be even more of a collapse when it comes to job opportunities. And what we’ve learned prior will be forced upon us as well, we will have to look into the past to find the experiences we had prior that remind us of the situation we are in.. and learn how to finally, and ultimately move forward!

This is a big movement that I receive from this transit! The past will need to be looked at as more than a way to make ourselves suffer like usual, but instead it will force us to learn from it like the past is actually here to do for us instead of dream of a better prior time, or a better future. Time is here to truly show us what its to be used for. Which will come from Saturn in Capricorn & Pluto in Capricorn as well! 

We will learn how to take the lesson from the past then integrate it even further into our present in order to truly experience the pleasure & luxury we may yearn for. 


How we attain our necessities has an opportunity to change. We may find ourselves moving back to how things used to be. Technology has a risk in falling as it has been said that “Uranus is in its ‘fall’ in Taurus”. This isn’t to cause fear in the hearts of anyone. Merely something to consider and to explore within your own mind. Imagine what life could be like if this fall were to happen. 

Know that if this does happen there is a reason for it and you are being called by the Planets themselves to answer. The more you resist. The harder it will be. This message is to realize that there is more to this life than you realize and you can already feel that. Once you face up to this fact you will never fear something like this. If anything it will bring a sense of relief. Because it will mean it is time to Ground Your Wisdom. Walk Your Divine Feet. And lastly, a change in values is coming.

Taurus says–it can be as beautiful as you want it to be. But if you react like the Bull—It will only become more and more insane. 








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