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I’ve already written an essay on what I think Demons aka Daimons to be. And this essay will be similar but I suppose sharing a bit more on the topic as well as my own personal experience when it comes to working with so called “Demons” as apposed to Angels and/or Gods. I will also share what I think about another opinion I’ve heard on Ceremonial magicians whom work with both or all of these types of entities!

Honestly I have a hard time buying into this whole “demon” entity or the two most popular perspectives upon these beings. That is not to say that I do not believe in darker spirits or a rebellious energy. However these attributes aren’t separate nor different from the Gods… not really

Allow me to explain…

The two most popular views of said Demons are this–

The Christian view is that these demons are basically any entity that rebels against a God. That they are somehow a lesser god. On a tiny level this could be said as true–but in the way that what could be seen as these types of said “Demons” are exactly the entities that Christians warn others about which are– Fairies which some could very well be seen as Fallen Angels however they did not fall for the same reason as a Christian would say! Another type of entity of course is the Satan entity. However Satan really just derives from the Pagan horned God, Dionysus or Pan. Of course there is Baphomet, whom I will cover in another essay.

Fairies have been known to scare the shit out of humans, play pranks on them, and mess with them hardcore in the past and I am certain they still do now! However since most people either dont believe in anything, or they are Christian (or something similar), or they believe Fairies to just be spirits whom will do whatever they want within a drop of a hat… humanity doesn’t see the dark energy in their lives as they used to. Which isn’t balanced. Its not good to not recognize it at all. But its worse to recognize it as something it isnt, which is far more common! 

Fairies even resemble what one may think a demon would look like. Some of them are very scary looking and intimidating. Some are beautiful and friendly. It really all depends on what type of Fae it is, and what you have done for them lately? lol..

The Fae can be considered a lesser God, a guiding spirit, and even rebellious. But it isn’t in the way that one would think. It isn’t for the mere joy of being rebellious. They dont get off on rebelling quite like a human would. 

Anyways, another way of seeing a “Demon” is the way that most Satanists or Luciferian’s see them, entities such as Beezelbub, Egyptian God-Set, the Djinn’s in the Islamic traditions, and of course Prometheus, whom rebelled against Zeus in Greek Myth.

And of course there are many many more that one could call a demon or devil or fallen God. 

Many Satanists & Luciferian’s would say that you can gain much wisdom from these entities that you cannot from the Gods. However I tend to disagree! It has nothing to do with the fact that I’m scared of them because I’m not. I will work with any entity, dark, light, scary, loving. I am not afraid of any entity, spirit, soul, God, Goddess, or Fae. 

That is just the thing! 

I’ve been told by a number of spirits, dark, light, God, Devil, whatever you’d like to call them that many humans are living in past stories. Things change, things evolve even in the spiritual world. IN fact things evolve in the spiritual world much larger & faster than they do here because Humans have been so focused on rebelling against their true nature on both sides of the spectrum! 

Humanity tends to belive they need to chose a side. As if for instance, Zues & Prometheus, are different and one is going to teach them more than the other or one is darker than the other. Or one rebels more than the other. 

Not so! Its not like that between any God and Devil! 

I even heard recently that its a “common mistake” among ceremonial magician (I consider myself something of the sort) to summon an Angel & a Demon at once. While I could understand that if the magician is coming from a place of fear. Say its their first time summoning this so called Devil God, and they feel fear so they summon Archangel Michael also for protection or to look out for them during an invocation. I could understand if that is what is being referred to. 

But no sir! This isn’t my purpose. And I summon, invoke, and hail all spirits that I feel a connection with. Both the so called dark and light spirits! Because I dont see a difference. They each have a different lesson. And it provides  a wholeness within the magician if they can open their minds up enough to seal with “divide” within us. 

Which brings me to this! 

c. 1200, from Latin daemon “spirit,” from Greek daimon “deity, divine power; lesser god; guiding spirit, tutelary deity” (sometimes including souls of the dead); “one’s genius, lot, or fortune;” from PIE *dai-mon- “divider, provider” (of fortunes or destinies), from root *da- “to divide.”

“To Divide” this is the root that which Demon came from! It is a split from the Original. The seemingly darker side of the whole. The rebellious side. But this isn’t to misconstrue and assume it hasn’t became one again to its source! This isn’t to assume that there must be a side to chose! This isn’t to assume that this being is even who you think it is anymore! 

I suggest to go into Satanic Demonology with an open mind instead of assuming anything! Yes I do believe there is much to learn from the darker half… darker half of consciousness, darker half of our souls, and of the ancient Gods souls. However.. do not assume that these old stories are still legit! Maybe its time to lay some of this old ancient text to rest and seal that divide! 

Because these other halfs aren’t different from the so called “lighter” halves. They just went against a view. That doesn’t make anyone good or bad. It’s just what it is. So when I hear someone say “Its a common mistake for a magician to summon both angel and devil” and how “its a disrespect to the rebellious spirit & is self destructive”.

I have a problem with that! Because I believe the opposite. 

How is that for division? However I want, the Gods want wholeness. Demon came from the word Daemon also which is also a part of ourselves. The guiding spirit of ourselves that is dark in nature, or can be, but it is that way in order to lead us towards the light! Every spirit here is intelligent. No matter their shade, their behavior, or type. We can learn something from them all!

But the Gods understand that humans can only see fractions of things at a time that is why its taking so bloody long for everything to come back to source and remember who we are. Because we must look at the darkside that is here staring at us in the face. But remember, we are extremely slow. 

We are only seeing ripples of what happened in the ancient past. In order to catch up to the now. 

So I will leave you with this…

What is going on in the spiritual worlds, today?


Not yesterday.



Ps. You will not disrespect any spirit by bringing their seemingly “opposing” spirit into the circle or situation with you. This is an old human belief. Lets try to move beyond this. I would also like to add my main Goddess of choice is Hekate–aka the Mother of Angels & Demons! I also am not saying that its worthless to summon a so called “demon” I’m just saying that I dont see them quite like everyone else does per se. It’s a mere attribute. It doesn’t mean that they dont conform at all. There was simply a moment of disagreement. It doesn’t define the entity as a whole!

click here to instead read about what i call the nameless ones!



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