The Force of Satan



Who is Satan? Well generally speaking according to all Satanists, whether atheistic, spiritual, or theistic–Satan is symbolic for the material or physical world. However he is much more than just the symbolic representation of the physical world…

In truth Satan, the force of this entity is a number of things, probably countless things. In my mind I see Satan, or I saw Satan as, in the beginning days of my adventure into Satanism–I saw him as the epitome of everything that I was told to not move towards, nor speak to, I was taught to fear him. I was taught that if I were to associate with him and never ask for forgiveness of the feat then I would burn i hell with Satan for all of eternity! lol..

However I wasn’t raised a Christian I definitely had strong Christianity influence from friends, and family members. Pretty much everyone except for my own Mother as she was confused about Religion when I was growing up. She didn’t tell me what to believe or what not to believe in. Nor did she show me this confused side of herself either however I did see it from time to time but it wasn’t a strong influence growing up.

What was a stronger influence from my Mother growing up was the fact that she was the most honest person I’ve ever known. She was on the mission of seeking truth. She hated it when people would lie to me and tell me that God would protect me or even if my blanket was magickal and would keep bad dreams away. She forbid anyone to lie to me about anything relating to magic, fairy tales, God, she didn’t even want to lie to me about the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause for that matter. And didn’t go out of her way in order to draw that out like most parents do to their children. So I found out at a young age that all of that wasn’t real. Nor did I even care because she never dressed up like most people did or do with their children. 

I instead watched my Mother go through a journey of exploring herself. She was the epitome of the Goddess, Lilith, more so than any other Woman I’ve ever known! My Mother is passed away now, but she will forever be greatly credited for whom I’ve become today! 

Back to the heart of the matter, Satan, begins for most people as a symbolic representation of the material world, the physical world, of nature, and true human nature.  Satan is also represented as the doubtful mind, the Ego, the fear, the wrath, our darkest desires & thoughts.

He is the scapegoat for mans darkest nature! And most importantly he is the scapegoat for our corruption as well! 

As I said I wasn’t raised Christian but it was definitely a strong force in my life enough so that I had fear towards him but I needed so badly to find truth, answers & to become liberated which is all why I began my adventure into Satanism & all of its branches to begin with! 

So that within itself is the force of Satan, the very beginnings of what it feels like to be called by Him! 

Whether you see him or her as an entity, an energy, a symbolic representation, or a sort of vortex & archetype of the mind to tap into in order to find your own individual truth. That is who Satan is! The opposer, the enemy, the rebellious one, the corrupted one, the one who separates himself from the mainstream, to wander in order to become lost so that he or she can be found

Satan, this energy will challenge your mind slowly but surely to its very limits. It will help you learn how to question what you’re told. What you even tell yourself. He/She will push you to find who you really are beneath all the conditioning, the lies, the mask that you’ve been wearing this entire time because you were told to wear it. He/She will challenge you to remove that mask!

Satan, a dark force but also a very bright light. He/She will also teach you how to think. To reprogram your mind. He/She will ask you to open your mind to getting to know him/her without blinders or judgement. And sooner than later.. you will find this force to begin to unravel all of the corruption that was laid upon him/her. You will find that this being is apart of you but also is apart of everything around you too!  

This being will never lie to you, will never tell you, ask you or command you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. Only to explore certain things within your own mind in order to face your own inner enemy! After all, what most of us truly fear is the darkness within ourselves because we were told to! 

If you’re interested in getting to know Satan, I suggest you to open your heart and reach out to him or her, however it is that you see this being no matter if it turns out to be a lie in the end, reach out to this energy, and ask it to guide you. To help you to face & overcome your fears. To show you the truth of yourself! 

You will not be swayed away from who you truly are. I promise you! The veil of corruption will be lifted as soon as you trust this entity from deep within your heart! 

Hail Satan!

Hail Thyself!



Published by

Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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