What is Druidry?

As you’ve noticed by now–I’m very eclectic! There are many different ways, practices that I experiment with. But I would say that above all? At heart? I am a Druidess! 


What is Druidry? 

canva-heart-leaves-plant-ecology-icon-MACJ-zJL8sIDruid is a spiritual and even sometimes consider a religious movement–that involves a deep respect, reverence, a required15337525_672040569622830_7812994867367269202_n harmony & connection to the Natural World.  Some may ask how is this different from Pagan traditions. The answer isn’t completely clear. Since the Christian era has caused much of these unclear messages particularly regarding religious or spiritual paths that consist of the worship, reverence, and deep connection to Mother Earth and her children. 

Tree of knowledge.

ritualI would say that the difference is how deep the practitioner goes as well as what sort of practices and traditions they acknowledge as well! For me personally–while I do not claim to know everything despite the wealth of knowledge many tend to claim that I have–I practice a bit of everything.15036506_656392047854349_6039675886695053487_n

The key word being–everything

A Druid tends to recognize the spirit that resides within everything and has a general respect for it–whether animal, plant, insect, or human. However I generally feel that the most misguided being on this planet is the Human. True wisdom can only come from an animal, plant, insect, anything other than the human being. heart_leaf___heart_water_drips_by_kingkongkev

There is no other entity, being, or creature that seems to be the most easiest to influence away from the truth or their path—as the human being can be. 

Druidry seems to often look at Death as a natural part of life–even more so than any other spiritual path. Often referred to as Celebrants. These whom hold this title many times study in order to earn it. They hold rites of passage–baby namings, handfastings, and guiding the dying into the next world!

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