Grey Witchcraft

959b921e3867023428a57e9baa864dd5I’m here to speak of Black Magick, White Magick, & Grey Magick as well as my thoughts on it! It is true that in Satanic Communities & other Left Hand Paths they do not fear black magick. However they do seem to distrust white magick or see something about it as not what it seems to be. They are generally drawn to darker magick. The magick that everyone tells them not to move towards. We have a general curiosity towards that! 

However I will say this–while I had & have a curiosity towards darker paths & magick  I have been equally pulled by the white magick and right hand paths as well! Why is that? Because I have never been able to deny one path and embrace completely the other. Though I can say that I agree & disagree with “this” or “that” by many different authors within both the silly termed Right & Left Hand Paths. 

Both sides are greatly needed & both sides are there for the individual to figure out what is best for them, both for the higher aspect of ourselves & the lower aspects of ourselves! 

7bc7bdbb7e498af65368581b4ea5b80cBoth paths leaves things out that truly shouldn’t be left out. I haven’t met anyone at least not anyone whom includes as much as I do into my path because my drive is to understand. My drive isn’t to gain as much power as possible. Nor is it to become as darkety darkly as possible. Nor is it to become as pure white light as possible! I’m here to experience, to make mistakes, to learn, to spend more time doing this type of magick for a little while and then come on back to this other type for a while… that way when I’m not exploring both sides of said magick I will feel whole. As if now I can go and practice or accomplish whatever spell, rite, or invocation it is that I need in order to achieve what it is that I need to achieve. 

My Goals include learning, evolving, discovery, to become more than I was yesterday. To yes gain more control but not from the egocentric way of thinking. Its from a totally different part of me other than the Ego. It is quite hard to explain. But I can feel imbalanced if I go too far other to the dark & too far over to the light. At least when it comes to making an identity out of my practice. I stopped doing that over a year ago. 

IMG_3720Many people believe there isn’t a natural law. However I do believe there is a natural law. But that doesn’t mean that its a natural law that abides by anything that a religion has come up with. The laws are very natural & most ego’s these days can’t see these natural laws very clearly or they will see them as purely personal. And I agree with that to an extent, however we mustn’t become too fanatical about our individuality just as we shouldn’t because too fanatical about everything else. There IS natural balance. And one can feel it but one must be open enough & have the drive to learn and not be concerned with being right. One must come from a balanced view of knowing that we need to be guided & taught. But from the natural powers that are here. 

As I call them the old, ancient Gods. The planets! 

I dabble in a bit of everything because I see everything has valid to an extent. I don’t believe in owning anything as an identity or one will get far too caught up! Magick is a practice, it always was a practice and always will be. I do believe there was a time where we were much better. Before the corruption began & things changed. 

But I don’t believe there will ever be a time wehre we will reach an all knowing, an all powerful state! Or else we, the planets, the Gods, and surrounding spirits wouldn’t be here! 

It is why my altar is filled with dark imagery but also light imagery. It is why I appreciate the hot, humid Summer air, but I also love & appreciate the magickal potency of the Air of the Fall! 

Many people would like to believe one wont be punished or be required to learn acc7e9cf3eebf549ae389ab2a059933b4--candle-spells-black-candles lesson if one performs black magick. That isn’t reason enough to NOT do it however. It just means to sit down & think about all the reasons why you’re doing it and if its necessary. To be open to what you’re sending out. 

Energy always comes back to us. This isn’t an opinion. Particularly if you are attached. Look at the movie Maleficent. She meant it! She wanted that little baby cursed! She meant it so much so she followed that baby around. However things got all twisted and turned. 

For one the magick of the pixies. She wasn’t aware of those spells cast or she didn’t think there would be a difference. Either way that is the mistake in not taken magick in general black & white not seriously. It all will work. But how it works we wont beable to control until we learn how the energy moves depending upon the situation, our emotions, and our surroundings. It is a science! 

And I feel its ludicrous to treat magick as something to be underestimated particularly by people who practice it! 

In the end Maleficent was indeed hurt by her own curse however she was also able to turn it all around. And I believe this is very true. I believe that its possible for it to come back to us in a not so mysterious way so that we know eactly the energy that we are facing. And then we try to fix it but then realize we can’t fix it–this causes us to face what we’ve caused, to learn a lesson, and if we’re lucky there may be a happy conclusion after all! 

candle-magic-spells-candles-candle-magic-white-candle-magic-spells-for-protectionMany people either way to believe there aren’t any repercussions at all even though there are repercussions when it comes to our physical actions. Or there are those that are completely paranoid and afraid to take any sort of risk. Just because we may have to take a U-turn and learn something we didn’t think would happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it!

This is what I mean by attempting to be balanced by the need for control and ultimate success because that isn’t the purpose of magick. It’s not the purpose of the physical world either. The purpose is learning! Surprises. Sadness. Mistakes. But also joy and creation as well as destruction! 

The point is to learn how to see each thing in our lives as equal and balanced. Therefore we begin to see things from our soul instead of our eyes or ego! 

There is a power outside of us & inside of us that does indeed hold the secrets and the truth that most of us are too blind to see but in order to see it you must work at it. Dedicate yourself to it! To truth! And you will uncover it! 

Magick is neither black nor white… it is our minds that make it that way… either way there is a cause & effect. Whether you want to believe it or not. There is. Or else nothing would make sense or work mechanically in this world. Same goes for magick. 

So, don’t let it scare you. But let it guide you!

And if you absolutely must curse, hex, or cause positive energy– or rise above your issues—then do it and dont let fear get in your way! We must experience everything there is. But allow the experience to take you where it needs to, drop you off, and then accept the lesson, whether negative or positive

In reality a positive spell could lead to something you didn’t really want to happen & a negative spell could lead to something you didn’t know you wanted… so experiment just dont throw all of your brains out the window! 



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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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