Who is Baphomet?



Alot has been said about the Baphomet figure. I will touch on some information that speak of some of the first known sources & origins of the figure. But I do have some things to add as well as my own personal experience of the entity him and herself!




DdsowRdU0AEQVwNThis is much like the Statue of Baphomet that I have on my altar!

If we take a look at this mysterious figure we will see first the Goat face which is symbolic for the masculine, the horned God.

The feminine energy within this figure are the breasts–which is symbolic for the Goddess, the Moon. (Black Moon & Full Moon) Rebirth. 

The Goat symbolized Wealth for man back many many years ago. If one had many Goats you were considered very wealthy. As you could use its milk, its skin, and many other things. The represented life & sustenance for humans.

The horned animals were best known for our protein requirements. 

I will say that when Baphomet approaches you it is indeed an initiatory of sorts ahead of you. Baphomet is the collection of separation. Which you will learn as you read. He is the Animal, but he is the Intelligence…. He is the Void. But it is the Void from which all things spawn.


It is worthy of mentioning that it was first the Jewish who used the symbolism of the goat. The goat was named Azazel, and it was used in a ceremony to represent the sins of the people. The name, Azazel, it’s been said– came from the jewish “ez azel” the “goat” (ez) which “escapes” (azel). The goat became symbolic for the word “scapegoat”, one who is placed with the blame of the wrong-doings or the influence upon others that is seen as evil or bad in the eyes of others. satanic-clipart-cute-17

According to Miss Venus Satanas, her website can be found and followed at the bottom of this page, it is said that–

“Later on in history, it was the occult author Eliphas Levi who created the famous Satanist symbol with the image of Baphomet. From his book “Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic”, he drew comparisons between the Baphomet of the Templars and of Satan.”






Symbolism of Baphomet!

All the creatures that we know of can be represented within the Baphomet. The creatures whom walk, the creatures who fly, whom swim. The four elements as we know it is also seen within the Baphomet as are the upper worlds, the middle, and lower. 

The Baphomet is a hermaphrodite, as is symbolic for male & female attributes, as stated above. 

“Aka As Above, So below”


The left arm is directing upward (towards the upper worlds or heavens) while the left is directing to the lowers worlds (or Hades/Hell).  The hand upward is also represented of the waxing Moon & the downward hand is of the waning moon! 

The ball he is sitting upon I always see as Earth, herself. However the body language isn’t in an assuming, arrogant, or “I created this world” sort of aura, it is more of a “This is where I am now & I am content” sense of being.  And According to Eastern traditions it is the lotus position which is symbolic for Physical stability to the Earth. The cloven hooves show the skeletal structure of the body. Earth Element. 


The wings are angelic & are representative for the upper worlds. The ability to fly above all obstacles. But also representative of the element of Air! The scales upon the stomach symbolic the element of water. Represents our digestive power that breaks down the food that we eat… in order to be absorbed by our bodies. 

The torch upon its head is symbolic for enlightenment & for fire. Connected to our Brains, the electrical impulses that are generated within our brains!


The Alchemical reference! 


The saying “Sove Et Coagula”, in its true meaning is to say that the spiritual will gather & dissolve in order to form into dense material & vice versa. The material will then also gather & dissolve into the spiritual. 

IN my opinion this is a very large & important spiritual truth that will always be connected to the physical truth as well! 

The spiritual is a reflection of the material world. But also the other way around! 

I believe that “Sove Et Caogula” also is pointing to the individuality of everything but also the togetherness of everything as well which this can be seen in many things and in many ways! 

It is also said that the upward hand is ruled by Jupiter and the downward arm is ruled by Mars. 




A name for God. 

The absolute in symbolic form.

Totality of the universe.

Baphomet is not worshiped; it is God who is worshiped, this faceless God behind this formless form, this image which resembles no created being.  Baphomet is not a God; He is the sign of initiation.” – Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic





Source Material:

Venus Satanas–

“The Origin of Baphomet, or why Goats are Satanic”




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