Helping My Passing Mother Cross Over.

It was the year 2011.. of course..


when my Mother fell ill with pneumonia while living three states away from me. I actually didn’t know she was sick, nor in the hospital, let alone in a coma until my sister found the courage to contact me. I only spoke to her once though, & then it was left between me & my Mother’s significant other to make the final decisions.

My Mother had been sick in the hospital with pneumonia for about three weeks by the time I found out. I didn’t have time to do anything other than tell her significant other that I feel that it would be best to pull the plug because it was being said that if she even comes out of the coma, which was doubtful, then she wouldn’t be the same & would most likely live on a breathing machine for the rest of her days. 

I knew without a doubt my mom would have chosen death before she would have chosen that life.  

786bb4df4bac10feede505e4abfd3448There were people around me begging me to keep the hope but the thing about was that, yes I felt sad, I felt shocked, I was speechless, but I knew she was gone. I knew the moment that I heard my sister, Elora’s, voice.

I knew this was it. 

I just didn’t know when. I did think that perhaps I little a bit more time than I actually did. 

However it was literally the next day when she passed away. So I mean it when I say that my life between that early morning, through out the day, then through out the night & early morning–was extremely bittersweet & unbelievable. 

I want to begin this part of the story by saying first, that at this point I was going through a very dark night of the soul. Even before I found out about Mom. Spiritually, & magickally speaking I was very confused. It was 2011. And I knew something was going to happen at some point during that year because I had begun to see 11:11 and the numbers 11, and 7 alot in my life in 2007. 

Seeing those numbers guided me through a sort of Labyrinth. I felt like I was going insane half way through the intense part of it. Which was From the beginning & about 5 years into it. I had no idea what was going on in my life at this point. Because those numbers seemed to be guiding me to experience very passionate moments & times in my life. They took me inside of myself to see the truths of things. Negative & Positive. These numbers weren’t only surrounding my loves & passions in my life but they were also surrounding things that I feared. Things that I was uncertain about.

So a few years into this journey I had learned alot. But I learned alot of things that seemed, at the time, didn’t make sense. I was finding myself in the middle of opposition that I had with myself, and I was being forced to see my human limits that I had set for myself. And now I know that the angels & the others were urging me to break those chains of limits and to realize how free I really was. 


So, as I said I was at a loss in this period. Experiencing many things, seeing the validity in things I was uncertain of. I wasn’t sure where my faith was, and where I should put it. I felt out of control over my destiny. And I had no words nor reason or rhyme to why I was experiencing things I couldn’t truly explain or understand by mere logic. I thought I was losing it! 

As sad as I was that my Mothers life was coming to an end. The last time I had visited with her didnt go well however we had made up since. So she passed away with us on good terms unlike the terms between me and my father at the time when he passed away in 2004. 

Even so, for whatever reason I felt as if I could focus more than I could for the past couple of years & it was so strange given the circumstance. I felt strong somehow but I couldn’t understand why. My Mother was going to die. 

Not to say I wasn’t upset, I was. Later that night, the night that came just after the dawn that I had found out everything that my Mom had been going through for the past nearly a Month. I was laying in bed, my husband–asleep as was my in laws in other parts of the house. 



Suddenly I began to meditate. I sort of fell into it. Unlike I had been able to for the past year or so. I let go, and relaxed. Suddenly I felt my Mothers energy literally move into my room. There was no doubt about it. It was her. I felt her. I couldn’t see her clearly but I knew she was there. 



I had no t asked her to come. I didn’t even entertain the thought of her showing up. I literally just fell into meditative mode & shit went down! 

I refocused after a moment of question & doubt. I wondered for a moment if I was brought this experience upon myself through simply being afraid. I wondered if it really was her soul. But then I quickly turned those thoughts away and gave her the focus she & I needed. 

She then spoke up quickly once I focused on her. Her first words were, “Amy, I”m sorry. I’m sorry that you’re just now finding out about this. But I’m also sorry for not believing you when you came to me and told me that Steph hurt you.” (Steph is/was a childhood friend whom molested me and used me for many many years. I tried to tell my Mom when we were kids but she didn’t believe me or take me seriously. I hadn’t thought of this in many years. As I was still this girls friend at the time. And there were so many times where I was confused about the truth. Because she is/was a classic narcissistic. She loved keeping me confused so she could continue to get what she wanted out of me.

It was then that I believed what I experiencing in the middle of the night here in meditation with my Mothers spirit. Because things had a movement of their own. Sure, I take some responsibility in the fact that perhaps a part of my mind was trying to work things out and bring itself closure. That is true. We all do that. But.. it still doesn’t debunk the truth of spirits of the dead nor the afterlife. If youre experiencing this realm & its spirits. Its real. The only thing to question is your perception of it. Perhaps sometimes we misunderstand its truth. Just as we do the physical world and more obvious facts of life. 

8b45f66ce4bde7174c764b417c21a719These thoughts that I just typed above were flowing through the back of my mind as my conversation with the spirit of my Mother continued. I knew that I was having a very intense revelation of many truths at once. And I would always remember this as the most miraculous yet bittersweet moment for the rest of my life!

My Mother told me to forgive my sister for not telling me sooner, she told me that she blames herself for my Mom falling ill. She then proceeded to tell me that one of the main reasons why her body is still alive is because shes been waiting for me to know–but for a reason that maybe I hadn’t thought of yet. 

That reason was because she was nervous about where she would be going next, in the afterlife. And she asked me if I were still a Witch. As I told her I was back in 2007. Yet, my Mother was never the religious type. She never knew what to believe so she stayed clear of things that she didn’t personally understand unless she were to experience them for herself one day. She knew for sure that Christianity was corrupted & the last time I saw her which was in 2006 she said that she believed in Evolution more than anything else. 

So I was laying there shocked yet again that My mom, the tough, intelligent, Lilith type of woman was nervous about something she couldn’t get herself to believe years prior. However she told me that obviously there must be something to it or else why an how could she be here in my room right now speaking to me. She told me she had already gone to many places out of body as her body has been sick and on the brink of dying. 

So I responded, I said that I was still a witch, yes. And if she wants my help then I would be more than happy to help her. Suddenly I felt that strength again. That confidence that I had been lacking for years before since being so confused. I suddenly felt like I had found the truth of something I have been denying my entire life. And I did have very potent personal experiences of the spiritual world since I was a child. 

My Mom then said, “First I want to take you somewhere before we begin.” So I left my body and began to astral travel with my Mom. She led me into the upper worlds. Which I found to be very interesting. We made jokes, and spoke to eachother as if we were physically together and it made me miss & love her even more than before. 

Then suddenly she led me to this large golden throne & said to me, “If youre ever confused, lost or lacking self knowledge, self love, and confidence? Come to this throne that I made for myself that I’ve been sitting in while my body has been sick. And it will empower you.” She then told me to sit in it then. 

So I did…

Once I did I felt this golden energy enter my root chakra and work its way towards the rest of my chakras as it rushed up and out of each chakra as if it was cleansing me with the momst purifying and self assured Queen energy that I had ever felt before. Suddenly I then knew for a fact that I could help my Mom cross over for sure now! 


So once I was done with that, I walked her through the entire process. I had spoken with other lost souls before but I always had some doubt if I truly was or not. But I never truly helped anyone consciously cross over until this moment. Tho I had many dreams of it. 

I first told her to focus on how the energy of her spirit feels within her body at the hospital. I told her to direct the energy of her soul/spirit upwards towards her crown chakra. Slowly but with a strong focus. I said, “No matter what thoughts, images, voices, or anything you experience do not let it distract you or cuase you to feel any fear. Because this, some of it will be painful, but to let it wash over you until it begins to feel good. Like a release of what is no longer needed to serve this current live anymore.” A tear or two fell from my eye as I said this to her. But I wasn’t selfish. I was helping my Mother leave this world just as she brought me into this world. 

I couldn’t disrespect this moment by being selfish, or by doubting this powerful moment between us! 


Anyways, so she followed my directions, and she left her body by the crown of her chakras as gracefully as possible & I must say that it felt and was visually one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had in my whole life. She hardly felt any pain when she left her body and she effortlessly continued to move upwards, towards the stars, the upper worlds, the heavens, to do what was next in line for her. 

I assured her there would be no hellish afterlife. Only a time spent in the lowers in order to work through anything left over from this current life that needed to be recycled. That is how the realm of Hades works. And the amount that a soul suffers depends on its own journey & will. 

It isn’t out of being punished or rewarded. It’s merely about what it is that you need to work through and many souls take a very long time in simply accepted that truth before they can even work on anything else. Because of the corruption of spirituality & religion and the lies we have told ourselves. 

This stuff needs to be straightened out or many souls will not make it because they’ve been recycled far too many times due to their own will to forget truth.

But maybe I will be proved wrong! I hope I will! 

So anyways, after this was done with I didn’t hear from her in some time. But I came back into my body and I did shed some tears but quiet and grateful tears! Grateful for the entire experience. I felt truly blessed. How many people get to experience that when they Mother dies?  

But there was still a tiny part of me that wondered if this was accurate. But I didn’t entertain the thought for long before I fell asleep for about two hours. Then my phone rang and it was my Mothers significant other calling me, to tell me that my Mom had passed away. She gave me the time of when it happened & it was the same exact time that I had that experience! 

Kim, My Mom’s significant other also told me that she was trying to pass away by herself. That she hadn’t told the Dr.s to pull the plug yet. My Mother was trying to leave. And the Dr.s kept bringing her back. Until Kim made her way back to the hospital, she told them to let her go. 

And so they did…

hqdefault (2)


It was then that I found my faith, 100%. It wasn’t flawed, not in this area of my spirituality. And it hasn’t been flawed since then. I remained confused about some other things but in this area I knew without a doubt the truth (mostly) that there is an afterlife. That we all have a soul. And I felt as if I was picking up some truths of how to pass on in the most gentle way & I learned some truths of  the realm of Hades. 

Ever since I’ve been helping to connect people with their passed on relatives. Because Ive always heard, felt, and have seen the spirits of the Dead. I just tried to ignore it for many years. But after this I began to see, feel, and hear them even more. 

Connecting the living with the dead is my main & biggest purpose in this life! And I do it more so for the dead. Because the living has a very hard time with this. But they to remember that even in Death you can deny the truth. We all can deny & only see what is inside of us if we are really commited to not seeing the truth for whatever personal reasons. 

The truth can be staring you in the face & if we arent ready to see it , we wont. This is why its important to challenge people in a gentle way of these truths. They need to hear it even if they dont believe right way. It will stay with them. 

With that said, if anyone is interested in connecting with their passed on loved ones. I am a certified Angelic Medium so its legit! I can & will help you with this. 

Contact me for details! 



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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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