Mediumship Service



…can mean many things. It ultimately is referring to someone whom can allow another spirit to come through and speak to them as they translate or deliver the message for the passed on spirit,spirit guide, nature spirit, or any other spiritual entity.


Ive been able to contact the realm of the dead since I was nine years old however it wasn’t always consciously. But it has been consciously & regularly for the past 8 years.

I can deliver messages and/or allow a spirit, whether its a nature spirit or a soul of the dead and/or a deity speak through me if I give permission. This is something I’ve been doing since I was a child. 

0c1fa16b986c5bf03453fc3ba4bd364d-d8vtq9nI consider my “necromancy” to be my main “talent” and one of my main purposes in this life. If not necromancy, it’s my mediumship as a whole. As I’ve stated before within the pages of this tome–this is my primary duty as Priestess of Hecate!! azrael_by_majentta-d984c7n

Some would say this doesn’t count as a duty of the Priestess but I beg to differ and will go as far as to say that it is the most important talent a priestess can have! A medium can translate messages from spirit guides, the deities, the realm of the dead, they can translate messages from the akashic records and more! 

Men and women whom serve the Goddess Hecate whom do what I do—we do the most confusing work! But once we get a hang of it—its the most rewarding! 



I am open to channeling and/or connecting with anyone. Passed on loved one, spirit guides, nature spirits, and/or deities!


The Rocking Dead

This section is under construction!

More to come with this and will be posted on another page!


Miss you Peter Steele! Jan 4th, 1962-April 14, 2010


tumblr_oter54wMDW1rjwh1mo1_400.gifChester Bennington, I miss you much but am always looking out for you in the other worlds!

More to come!

I need my readers to know that particularly spirit communication with the realm of quote_a-death-is-not21.pngthe dead is very special to me. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was 5 years old. Both subconsciously and consciously. It’s the one talent I have that I wasn’t taught. I was born with. Spirit communication as a whole has always come natural for me but speaking with the Dead & working closely with Hades aka the Underworld is something that’s dear tome, the most important thing.tumblr_onlbzkdsfF1v0acqco1_500

I’m very understanding and sympathetic towards both the dead & living relative. I know what it’s like to deal with relatives passing, as my Mother Father, two aunt’s, one uncle’s, and my fav grandparents all passed away between 2004-2013.

We aren’t alone.

To view my services including this one please click the following for a free download of my brochure PDF file! Violet’s Vortex Brochure



Click the image below to follow the link to read about my first Ghostly experience!


More relating topics will come! 


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