My first Ghost Experience

I’m going to tell you about the first ghost experience that I can remember. I’ve mentioned my talents & expertise but I haven’t spoken of them personally yet. But here it comes!

I was nine years old, Living in Greeneville, Tennesse. My mom and & were helping my favorite Aunt move into her new trailer & large land. It took us all day pretty much. The drive way went up a large hill as this was in TN of course, and it seemed a bit isolated but very nice. It was between Summer & Fall. And though my Aunt was excited to live in a nice trailer with her own land–she was very relieved to get out of low income housing–however she knew that when it would snow it was going to suck as she would get snowed in. 

And she did. 

Half way through the day, my Aunt had asked me to pick out a room as the trailer had about four bedrooms & two bathrooms. It had a large for-tier & plenty of storage space. A decent size kitchen. And of course a huge & beautiful front & back yard! The energy of the place, and location was, as I saw it, playful. We were all in a good mood that day.

When came time for me to pick out the room that I could call mine whenever I would spend the weekends with her, as I usually did. I let my feet guide me. I took a left from the inside of the door. And walked all the way towards the back of the hall, until I reached a door, already passing a bathroom, and a bedroom. I began to feel this feeling of enchantment as I neared it. But I didn’t have the proper words or even questions to even wonder what this energy could be.

I just knew I loved it.

giphy (4)

There were two large steps to take in order to move up and into the small room that seemed out of place in relation to the rest of the trailer. though I know many trailers have a similar layout. I took a sharp left & noticed the large double window to the right on the wall. The nightstand (built into the wall) ahead of me. And the bed to the left of me that appeared to be something like a day bed or sorts.

I felt excited to have claimed this room or did this room claim me? I skipped down the steps then hurried to tell my Aunt & Mother of the room that I chose to be mine whenever I would stay over.  

Fast forward to bedtime, and there I was laying comfortably & excited on the bed and beneath the covers. My body ached and I was tired as I worked hard trying to get my disabled Aunty moved into her new cool home! 

Keep in my that I wasn’t allowed to watch scary movies, read ghost stories or hear about them, my mother didn’t lie to me about Santa Clause, or about God, nor was there any talk about spirits or anything of that nature until later in life. 

I believe the only thing that I had managed to see at this point at nine years of age was Psycho. I was rarely allowed to watched TV. My mother was an advocate of me entertaining myself & not relying upon such things to entertain me or influence me to think. I was extremely sensitive to horror films & I didn’t begin watching them religiously until I was around 13 years old.

My eyes drifted into the black velvety darkness that was all that I could see & lost myself into as I laid comfortable in bed without an uneasy feeling at all. However that didn’t last long. 

It didn’t even feel like a whole 20 minutes, maybe not even 10 minutes until my eyes were open again, and suddenly the Sun was just barely up & and it was the Twilight hours. Between Dusk & dawn. I rubbed my eyes and then saw something materialize before me. I wasn’t uncomfortable but I was curious and extremely curious to what was even before me. 0dc3fb926fa53346420782a65626b937_w200

My body got up out of bed without my consent and I began walking towards this apparition that became more and more physical.

I then became aware of what I was looking at the closer I got. I saw the flesh upon this little boys face & it was rotting off of his cheek. I then noticed that he was around my age, nine years old. And he was wearing a baseball uniform. However it wasn’t current style. Not even for 1991. It seemed as if it came from the 60’s.  

Still, I wasn’t freaked out. But that moment was coming closer & closer I could feel it by the beats of my heart. The little boy in the baseball uniform was sitting in the window sill which I thought was an odd place to be sitting particularly dead. Then I turned my head & glanced outside until my focused deadened upon the older man in the distance.

giphy (5)This man was wearing a black suit. A cross between a Victorian style & an Amish style. Very strange styles to go together. And his time period had to have been long  before the little boy in my window. 

This man was wearing a top hat. Immediately when my eyes focused upon him it was as if he felt my gaze on him. He shifted his eyes onto me & began frantically waving at me, taking his top hat off even and waved with both arms.

I then began to feel scared. Because my mind was overwhelmed with confusion. I couldn’t understand the different in time. But more than that I asked myself, can this man see me? Does he feel me looking at him? Why is he waving at me so frantically then? I then looked at the dead boy, and thought, “Maybe he is waving at this dead boy? Does he know he is dead?”.

This is when I freaked out and couldn’t handle this any more! Too many questions that I couldn’t answer for such a small and very influential mind at the time! 

tenorI then hurried, turned around, and ran swiftly back into my bed and covered my head & eyes up with the covers! It wasn’t but 5 or 10 minutes later when I had to check to see if the Dead boy was gone. 

And he was.

Not only that but the sunshine was brightly lit in the sky and it looked as if a couple hours had gone by but it felt like only a few minutes! I still believe I never truly slept that night! If I did it wasn’t very much & it was clearly a vision or I saw it foreal before my eyes! 




I never told anyone of that dream/vision that I had that night! However I did make up an excuse to never sleep in that room again and it was accepted. But my mother had no idea what to think of anything relating to ghosts, spirits, Gods, or otherwise. And I knew I wouldn’t find any answers from her. Not only that but I just couldn’t get myself to speak of it much nor even think of it for many years after that. 

I’ve experienced other things since then but there was time that went by in between experiences. Though once I became interested in the Occult, witchcraft, and alternative religions it all became harder to ignore. 

I will have to share the story of when/how I helped my Mother cross over. And how I never lost my faith or doubted my faith/talents relating the spiritual world again since. That will be for next time. 

But this was the first ghostly memory I’ve ever experienced & can remember. I do have my own theories on it but I’d like to know what you think? What are your thoughts? 


Was it real? Who was the man? Was he trying to get my attention? Or the boys? Was it a message from the Realm of the Dead? Or archangel Azrael? Let me know what you think & and I”ll tell you what I think! 


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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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