Planetary Gods


842067jcakchkadrThe way that I was thoroughly introduced to them was with Hecate when she took me on her full on journey. She is the one whom holds the keys to the upper & lower planes. Soon I shall tell you about the lower planes but for now… it is time to meet the Gods of the Heavens! 



The largest & oldest planet. On a spiritual level this planet is all about expansion. The most benevolent & loved planet. Even back in the day when people saw things in a stricter sense–it was called the Greater Benefic. It is said that this planet brings boundless of good luck and prosperity when working with it in ritual magick. I’ve heard that in Eastern traditions of astrology that this planet is associated with the guru–the teacher and even the  “higher self”. 




And I would have to agree. However I not only experience Jupiter as the planet but also a God–I believe there are several Gods that are assigned to each planet however I may only revere to a few  but I do have my favorites above all others each planet. 

Jupiter is called the light of a thousand suns. It radiates not physical light, but the spiritual light of illumination.  Jupiter is a gas giant. Potentially it is a Sun, but a Sun that has never ignited. If it had, we would have a binary solar system, rather than one single Sun. 


The main God that I speak to or better yet whom speaks to me from this wonderful planet is no other than Zeus. God of the sky & heavens.  Believe you me, I never would have personally chosen him but when I went on my journey with Hecate she introduced me… and then he remained in touch with me. The first time I formerly met him, he said to me, “You don’t even like me, but I’m here!” And then gave a big belly laugh! 

Seriously–he isn’t what one would think.

LightningStrike If interested open up to Jupiter as Zeus–he will show you a world that has evolved. A world with humor and hope. He will show patience and kindness. He will bless 5692541-3841784-8429261776-zeusyou with good luck and anything you need and show you much unspoken affection through feeling of how much he appreciates your openness. 

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by appearance or by what the past authors have said about him… he shows you that change is possible–but you need faith. 

Faith in crucial in this world when it comes to making anything work.



I enjoy learning by the example Zeus sets for me. I know that sounds weird given how he was betrayed in the past.. but again.. everyone evolves. Even the Gods! He has a wonderful sense of humor, he teaches me to keep that and I shall always have a sense of good luck. He also encourages to remain connected to our higher selves, our future goals, Work on expanding our inner world.. then our outer world will match that. 

lead_960Jupiter is the co-ruler of pisces and Sagittarius. He is the planet whom guides you on your journey. Whether you’re on land or in water. He is a light without light. He is proof that you don’t need to be the sun in order to have the flame burning brightly!

Colors associated with Jupiter are blue and purple. The Brow chakra is the one which he works with. Many relate the power of Jupiter to the power spiritual sight and spiritual light. 


co-ruler of pisces


1 (1)



In the words of Christopher Penczak-

“The planet is the last of the inner planets, the last traditionally visible planet known to the ancient astrologers. The remaining planets are the modern, outer planets. So Saturn represents the limit, the end of the known realm and the last thing we can see clearly.”842067jcakchkadr

hqdefaultLike Jupiter–Saturn has his own rings–his own beautiful moons. His rings beautifully made up of ice and rock. His gravity maintains it all in perfect place. This represents boundaries, limits, strong structure. The rings represent a lock ongoing way of being. Infinite. Saturn is also a spiritual teacher. Jupiter is about expansion however Saturn is constricted. Saturn is about karma, law, working through obstacle. 87037cf5331b4416ac9a1586ca3ddee5 (1)

Saturn works with the root and crown chakras. Saturn is of the Earth element and rules Capricorn. Responsibility for ones choices is strong from this planet.. he deals out what is owed so to speak. Power of manifestation. 

Saturn334Saturn can be called upon for a clear look at how our choices are effecting us, protection, and binding. Chronus also lends very strong work ethic energy and will push you with his small still voice that he speaks to you within. 

He will help you in banishing whatever is negative in your life. He can bring order and structure. 

originalSaturn is only concerned about the realm of the physical–the laws that the physical has and he brought those laws to human-kind in general. However he is very rigid in his ideas and doesn’t want to evolve or add the mental laws to it. He sticks with time itself as the ultimate law of man-kind. 

“The physical will end–take shape of a new. Time is the law of all physical and living things. Except for us–the Gods aren’t limited by time–however we are effected by it when awaiting a change within the realm of humanity or on Earth.”
co-ruler of aquarius












This planet is quite special to me as she/he does speak to me in a various amount of faces. Aphrodite, Hecate, Lucifer, and Freya. However my rulers of my sun sign is jupiter & Neptune, my rising sign is Aries–which means Mars is another ruler… but the God & Goddess–my mains—are Hecate & Lucifer. 

           The Evening & Morning Star…

The planet of love has always caught our attention even when we didn’t want her to. How could we resist?


She is the divine feminine…or masculine? 

The point is that she is whom supports the feminine energy in… All of us. Whether male or female, everyone has both within. 

Depending on what form he/she takes. Either way I’ve learned so much from this God/Goddess. I love the entities upon this beautiful shining one!



satanic-clipart-cute-17The domain of this light bearer is that of love–particularly self love! 

 Contact the energy of this planet if you are in need of some convincing that you need time for you! Take an hour or two out of your day and simply pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath, shave, put on your favorite lotion, then lock yourself away from everyone for the evening and do some spiritual work. img_002


 Venus is also perfect to work with if you are in need of some aid in improving your friendships or relationships or if you  need help in deciding if they aren’t serving your highest good and well being. 

She is also lovely to call upon if you’re in need of some sex magick tips! 🙂 Or in need of healing of a broken heart. 5f39dda6549c54f6e21c53ac878866d1--magick-spells-wicca

And of course she is perfect if you simply want to relax and have a sensual or artistic time such as listen to music, dance or tell stories. 

Venus/Aphrodite is the type of lady who does what she wants when she wants it. She doesn’t answer to anyone. However she is guided and influenced by other Gods/Planets such as Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter as well as Neptune from time to time. But it seems she listens mostly to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. I particularly feel that Venus & Venus are very close. They even tend to mimic one another. Or they fill in what the other is missing for a certain mission. 

giphy (8)Venus isn’t the most physical entity however she is very busy mentally. She cares very much about her evolution of the mind–because she knows that her physical body will not last forever. However it will be remembered…. by Pluto as he is the Underworld & Memory of all. Many misunderstand Venus and may refer to her as lazy—-however that cant be further from the truth! 

Venus simply listens to her own spirit and does as she is encouraged to do. Directly said from Jupiter and delivered by Mercury! 

Love & Pleasure conquer all! AW379197_00

Freya is a bit different from Venus however–in the fact that she is VERY physical. She fights and does just as much if not more than her consort Odin. She takes things very seriously however she also has her other side that resembles that of Venus or Aphrodite. Free love–polyamory–allowing herself to experience luxury and test her own free will. AW375216_00

Building her relationships are very important to her as well as her talents in battle–perfecting her moves and fighting techniques just as a man would! 


mars-dream-meaningHere we are on the other side of the spectrum of things. A big difference from his sister/lover planet. Mars is about the personal will.

The God of War, Ares-the Divine Masculine;

…is very misunderstood. Many believe that he is angry & defensive even when in idle. Which can seem true but most times Ares has a reason for his temper. The only difference is that  sometimes he doesn’t think things through when he reacts. Therefore he appears to be much more intense. ares-dribbble_1x

Ares is the do-er, the go getter. He sacrifices himself in order to defend everyone’s right to be individual. To exercise their will. He isn’t biased nor does he hold judgement.


Everything that we put into action is supported by the God of War.

531e4d35-0964-4711-acfa-6bf5c0331820His energy is simply  “on fire”.  He is always ready to act–defend–bring into physical.. whatever ideas are driven by his energy. He can be easily annoyed but only because he is a quick mover. He follows hs logic  and common sense when he acts. He doesn’t spend too long in the emotion like Venus.il_570xN.368859389_qlo1

Mars/Ares is a good planet/God to call upon when in need to recognize personal will, to learn to manifest quickly and to gain energy to accomplish daily tasks or goals.

Be careful when working with the energy I one isn’t used to passionate and fiery energy. It may be overwhelming & over take you before you know it!

co-ruler of scorpio

co-ruler of scorpio

ruler of Aries




Another favorite planet of mine and one I love to channel. Mercury aka Hermes, Thoth. Raphael is many times associated with the planet of Mercury or its Archangel. Some believe that Mercury is the consort to giphy (6)Hecate. I do believe in this to some extent. However I think that Hecate truly walks alone. She simply has lovers or counterparts that help a common cause.  

Mercury (as the messenger) is responsible for the invention of expression, communication, and mediumship. It is believed that others such as he like Thoth brought about the invention of many Hermes_art
things. Such as the ego and its definition–words from all languages in which we are able to speak to each other. He brought to humanity the need for Numbers in order to measure things in many different ways!




He also brought even magick itself to humanity!


He is the medium between humanity & the Gods. 

JStykaHermesSoulsHe also ushers the dead into the Underworld..or perhaps to Saturn or Pluto..? However you’d like to see it. He is the fastest of the planets. Mercury may be the smallest of the planets but that doesn’t touch the fact of its speed! Mercury is symbolic for the mind, magick, communication.


thoth_by_sans_art-d834ndmMercury has much in common with the Moon–however the moon is a satellite to Earth. The moon is symbolic for our emotional states with everything in our lives. Mercury is on the opposite end of that spectrum–being on the mental side of things. Mercury shows how fast we can change our graphics-flies-254732thoughts if we put will into action–as well as how quickly our thoughts can be sent out into the cosmos in order to bring about true change! 


Metaphysically speaking–Mercury represents the magician & the messenger. Hermes, with his cute little winged hat & shoes he is able to connect 220px-Mercury_symbol.svgall separate parts together to assure true communication. The lower self, middle, and higher. For without Hermes we wouldn’t be able to understand… anything. There would be nothing to understand nor see or experience.

We would be already at our state of perfection. 



Which brings me to the Healer side of Mercury whom is expressed through-more so known-

the Archangel Raphael!


This angel is one of the first angels that I ever worked with. He is non judgemental–it doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, what you’ve done, if your pain is of your own doing. His job has nothing to do with teaching you a lesson or scolding you. He simply heals what you have asked 6f9eb31252982191386eb584b133e3a2him to heal!

Many believe that when Mercury goes retrograde..

it is a negative time. Or it is a time for negative things to occur. While your plans may be cancelled or delayed and perhaps your communication skills seem out of touch. All of these things that occur during the retrograde of Mercury are simply a question from Mercury… 

he_who_balances_by_hbruton“Are you paying attention?”

“What must I do to get your attention?” 

“These plans aren’t as important as you claim them to be”

“There are other factors you have forgotten to include”Caduceus-7

large (1)

Mercury is simply a planet that inspires many different things but they all are associated with what we think about, focus on, and believe ourselves or other things to be. It is healthy to question ourselves in the way that he inspires! Instead of fearing his retrograde–take it as a sign to physically take a break and pay attention with your mind. Allow his words to enter your consciousness instead of conjuring up your own hypothesis! 


oyRbik8iris-vaseIt is said that the female version of Hermes is the Rainbow Goddess by the name of Iris! Iris is the personal messenger of Zeus, himself, not to say Mercury doesn’t help our Father thou art in heaven… but our father does deserve his very own messenger in case Hermes isn’t available to him! If humanity or the other Gods need to receive the message then its imperativecca29b1db026d97b07ccec2bf9fbfefawwb_img51

It is said that Iris is the first image that was considered angelic however very brightly colored. All of the angelic art that was created was all inspired by her own beautiful & heavenly style! 



ruler of gemini
ruler of virgo







Or known as Poseidon (Or Cthulhu), the King of the Ocean, or better yet Atlantis?3594808ys1fgbkae4

No matter. This God is the God of all things that are imaginative, or irrational, there is a very thin line between logical and imagination according to the energy of this planet/God. 97b39c916ba66dc1372ddacf971f07beThere is a hope even at the sign of a terrifying death according to Neptune! 

imagesIf it weren’t for this planet all things that are seemingly foolish or the sight of positivity isn’t seen–would all be true every time we were to see the hints of thesePoseidon_Creating_Horses things. This planet tells all of us even the Gods that he/she works with that all things are possible. As well as the fact that….



Even logic comes from a deep and dark place of imagination! 



However be careful! There is a price for this seeing! 

This planet enables clarity of the inner knowing that we all have deep within the crimson water that pumps in our veins. Neptune says–


“Look at your veins! They appear to be



But when oxygen hits the blood that is seeping from the wound…


the blood changes its color to red! Which one is truth?” 


poseidon_by_rodolfoguerreiro-d55pxf4Neptune is a riddler. If not careful one can go mad attempting to logicallytumblr_onpe0wCWSY1qb5qxmo2_500 understand the God of the Sea! THe God of the Sea rules a truth that is rarely understood and much less not feared by humanity! However is moved subconsciously by the power of his trident! 




is also associated with this planet as she too has domain in illusion versus truth. As the Sea Goddess–Hecate also urges one to see the emotional health & turmoil we have within that is leading our lives unaware many times. She also shows you how your emotional realm is connected to the Sea and how it influences the tides and vice versa. She urges us to take care of our emotions. Do not ignore them.. There is a better way to take care of this realm without neglect and/or control!


But even still another very important factor to see clearly is that in the end.. many of us do return to the water. As I’ve seen in many visions that there is a society that lives deep within the ocean that humanity will never get to see in physical form as it is much too deep and intimidating for man-kind to go towards in this life and physically. 




But our fears of the water–many of us have subconsciously…



Neptune says–


“Go towards your fears! Meet

them at the deep end of the ocean! 


Give yourself to them! 


See your transformation begin! 




 Then only will you truly live!” 



Cthulhu says–

Recognize that we are much more powerful than you! Keeps that human ego in check! The ocean is deeper than you could ever allow yourself to imagine! There is much more to this existence than what meets the eyes! It is time to ‘check yo’self!’



The impossible happens by the very fact that Neptune exists! He brings your dreams into reality! He can also help calm the inner storm–but only if you believe! 





source (1)

Most of the Gods…

tumblr_oqpzsrRg131vkcgjbo1_500 not demand belief however will encourage it if one wants to accomplish many different things–however Neptune–demands Faith in order to have full understanding! Faith encompasses the world! It isn’t that these water Gods depend on the faith however they feel it is beneficial for you–if you chose to have faith. Your life & death will be experienced on a much more richer and complete level compared to having zero faith! They want you to consider that you do not know enough to NOT have faith. Its rather presumptuous especially when pretending to be on top of the food chain. 

Its all illusion! 


co-ruler of pisces





God of the Sky.

Planet or God of rebellion! The humanitarian. The thinker & a balancer of opposition. Discovered in 1781; moving rather slowly in the zodiac. Because of this–the effect felt more generational than individually. I believe this is proof that this planet is the humanitarian! It effects all of us as a whole from generation to generation. We also probably most likely do not notice the changes until we look43723f59d6d90f136c114b95aa321ffa--julie-bell-boris-vallejo back into the past. Then its influence is felt in our awareness as we experience those “aha!” moments or larger realizations or revelations! starsmulti

Uranus–FAther of the Sky, much like Zeus–and seemingly in opposition with Saturn–Uranus is the husband and son of Gaia; some believe Nyx–and others believe that Uranus had no father.  Aside from Aether.  It is said that Saturn castrated Uranus throwing his genitals into the Sea of Gaia therefore birthing Aphrodite. 


With that said–this means that Uranus is an old planet that challenges the minds of humanity as well as the Gods! Uranus pushes us to realize new thought, new movement, new ways, new solutions, a birth! Birth of self, and a birth of love to express inwardly as well as outwardly!

Uranus is extremely dedicated to his causes–rather his or her cause as the planet is known for being androgynous..


This planet seems very much, to me, as if it is a mixture of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury!

Its domain is technology–evolution of many things. It is benevolent and wants to see the best for man-kind. However it too has a hunger for power but it doesn’t provoke for that power. It lays low ever watchful. And more mental rather than physical about its magick.starsmulti

There is a sense of spiritual path to this planet–however it is much more within the mental or even emotional realm of things. Uranus is an empath. And it automatically knows that…The+Lord+of+the+Heavens,+URANUS

..balance is key to everything. 


There is a sense of study to this planet. It knows that he/she must work for the knowledge that she/he wishes to attain. Therefore she/he does so! She has seen a dark future and a dark past–therefore he wishes to know more so that he may have more power in influence! 

The domains of this planet also includes–Free will, dictators, rulers, new world order, science, technology, electricity, and so on. 55faaa96a9fbeb949e9fc690e9f08bb1

However it does seem as though this planet learns from the others. Uranus also exercises her/his own free will in picking and choosing which subject matters are important. There is also a quiet competition between her/him, Saturn, and Jupiter. However Jupiter goes on untouchable

Ever-watchful;yes. But still very– erratic and bizarre behavior. A utopian society is more in tune with the  energy of Uranus. A place where everyone is on a mental understanding of the important pictures of the larger one. Humanitarian ideals come first– as do Freedom and creativity!



astrology is also within its realm. 


Sudden, and from time to time– violent — unexpected manner, Uranus can respond with earthquakes and other natural disasters in order to get everyone’s attention and focused on one thing—

-Rebuilding the world together!






Uranus is simply awaiting for his/her time to shine… as she knows its inevitable. An ending must equal to a new beginning!











Pluto aka Hades!

Pluto represents our most hidden aspects of our subconscious mind. Those beliefs, thoughts, habits, things that we do that we don’t realize that we do or we are in denial about? That–at the least complex level is what Pluto represents. It can be negative traits and/or positive traits. It doesn’t solely belong to either or. It is often both. 

Hades is the name of the Underworld–particularly speaking of the afterlife. And its ruler–the “giver of wealth” this given to him because and I quote 

 “the boundless riches of the earth, both the crops on its surface—he was originally a god of the land—and the mines hidden within it.”Hades_small_by_jasonengle-dattd4i

I feel that Hades is also referred to the “giver of wealth” because by his mere existence and claim over that level of the Underworld; this enables us to enter a state of limbo before we see the light or feel a chance to regenerate in whatever means… Hades is whom we enter and/or see first just after… crossing over.  This is his place when it refers to the Afterlife.

This is an enriched additional towards human life!

When it comes to the subconscious mind. He also is interconnected with the realm of the living. Because his ‘place’ is neither dead nor alive.

It is… 



In between….

The old myth says that Hades kidnapped Persephone–the Goddess of Spring–permitted by her father, Zeus.

The reason being is because Hades was easily brought down by the seemingly negativity that dwelled within his domain of the Underworld. Yes, there is much negativity however it mostly consists of confusion, madness, many things at once, lack of clarity in who these souls are, and where they need to go next.


HADES-PLUTOThe question is “Am I alive? Or have I died?”  

Many souls assume it is Hell when they arrive–whether Norse version or Christian version.

Because of the lack of light and encouragement felt or heard.  Hades isn’t good at these things. It took much of his will  power to not always be lost with these souls. But to keep his focus and to remember who he was.pluto

He needed a consort, a companion to help with the truth of light that seemed to only be a memory–perhaps a mist of hope that he did fear it would end up being. 


But Persephone–Spring of Goddess–only a nymphet at the time showed Hades that his hope is true. Materialized before him in the body of a beautiful soon to be–aspect of a fully grown triple Goddess of Spring–turn the coin over—Queen of the Underworld! 

persephone (1)

Persephone–DAughter of Zeus & Demeter was/is an unusual girl. She was the most carefree of all of the young maidens. Her attitude was very aligned with, and still is in this form of Spring–gifs-animados-hadas-587802

“Come what may…for I am curious to see what I know approach me with new forms & faces!”persephone3

Persephone doesn’t fear. She never did. For 3o72F9u7DXW9aPBVFCshe was too wise to be fooled by that trick. As the Goddess of Spring she only knows birth & life. However when being pulled into Hades she then knew of the fate of all of us–Death.

4 T

The end of the beginning.

This lesson & teaching from Persephone is filled with much paradoxical wisdom! As the spring Goddess did know from her birth that nothing new could ever approach her–only the old posing as something new. She didn’t fully understand it but she felt the truth of it deep within her golden heart! big-divider



She didn’t know of death–only a mysterious shape shifting. 

However once Hades took her deep into his own realm–Persephone then did find 3o72F9u7DXW9aPBVFCdeath! She found the unchanging. The in-between. The places that she felt could NOT have existed she was now apart of! She mourned for her life, her optimism, her light. It was then when her inner flame went out! 


Once Persephone safely landed deep within Hades pits of insanity; Persephone fell into her own madness–experiencing her own sort of “hell” or “karma”. Whatever you shall call it—that is what it is. She lost herself however momentarily. It felt like an eternity however to get back to whom she was. But it all taught her an important lesson!

Which is–

Hades-and-Persephone-dark-fantasy“Everything exists! There isn’t a place that does not exist. Anything you can think of–you have an opportunity to experience–whether its physical or spiritual or mental matters not! Because all is mind–all matter is experience!”

Persephone urges us to never close our minds to anything. Because close-mindedness equals to ignorance or fear. Whatever the case is… the moment we shut our minds to it–it has the ability to haunt us. Whether mildly or drastically. Everything in this universe, whether human, god, entity, energy, less or more—wants acceptance! 901b5e6fa3638e880efba172eb8926a1

Everything needs awareness. 

Once I awoke to the truth that surrounded me after the Fall–the EArths cycles began–from Spring to Fall then my Mother turned it towards Winter in order to communicate her feelings from the Earth that is also connected to all the other Gods! I felt that change from the pits of Earth, herself. Hades is merely a mirror–a place to go between life & death. If it were not for me entering this realm then no human would have the chance to evolve from this confused state of madness. It only would survive spiritually experiencing its worst fear, confusion, or even a memory of good vibrations–however again & again. There Persephone-01wouldn’t be birth. There would be no cycle or recycle! 

I am meant to be here for half of the year! There is always an effect from our choices—even if we feel we had no choice—there is still an effect we must face in order to keep moving forward. To look at whats in front of us without blinking or flinching away. 

This only causes more pain and confusion. Know the truth without a doubt. 


                            This place is of love!”


IF it wasn’t for the certainty gained from the lesson from Persephone’s “fall” then we wouldn’t have hope. We wouldn’t see the flickering light at the end of the tunnel. We wouldn’t beable to move beyond and chose light

Frederic-Leighton-The-Return-of-Perspephone-1891“When Demeter came to ‘save me’ from the dark golden domain of Hades I was already attuned & aligned with the truth! However Demeter’s strange yet very powerful Crone–Hecate–made a deal with my new consort. I was to dwell on Earth for a spell and then move into the Underworld for the rest of the year and continue these cycles. I was overwhelmed with joy. I couldn’t believe my own ears as my dreams had come true. I love both–Mother-Demeter, Hades–my King–my own death versus life. I was to experience these for all eternity and I never thought this could be achieved! 

This is the gift I bring to all of humanity! Yes there will be times of confusion, pain, anger, and feeling as though you are lost but I assure you–you are not! 

Keep looking, The light will be found again. As it always will–again & again!”




It is of course worthy of mentioning Hecate–the old crone who heard the screams of Persephone when she was taken by Hades. She was just waiting for this to develop so that she may become apart of Hades.

This aspect of the triple goddess–whom I believe is Persephone but in another form. Hecate is the embodiment of the wisdom that Persephone will and has gained from experiencing what she has time after time. She is many different things at once–she is committed to reacting to those things in a still manner however but filled with love. 

(There are many different reasons for why Hecate waited to help until Demeter asked her–Just know it was apart of her plan–more on this later. )

This can only be seen & felt by those whom are ready to see the truth. file_27040_column_hecate-three-dogs

Hecate became a part of hades, a companion for Persephone and a boost to the light that Persephone shown without fail. She also taught and kept Hades mind as clear as one could. However Hades is meant to become lost within the insanity of his dwelling because he is both himself as a God & individual as well as the realm. 

f442e877His existence teaches that its okay that you got lost and forgot who you were! If that were not to happen then the bliss and beauty couldn’t be experienced when you make your way back home–whether mentally, spiritually or physically. 

Its all the same! 3o72F9u7DXW9aPBVFCthe-moon-planet

Hecate adds to the realm by offering regeneration–however when she feels its time. A soul cannot decide for it indefinitely. It can only chose it as the goal. When its time for the regeneration–Hecate gives what is due. Which means the soul moves beyond this phase of the Underworld and onto what is next for it to experience. This is driven by the most hidden part of the soul—which is the domain of our dwarf planet—Pluto. 


Co-ruler of Scorpio!







click here for the Sun & Moon!


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