Sun & Moon

19612d472e8692598f41607f969ce5e5--hippie-sun-tattoo-sun-drawingThe Sun–

The sun is symbolic for our ego. The mask that we wear the most often-during the day-the person within us that we show others. It isn’t necessarily a fake aspect of ourselves. But it should rather be the driving energy that motivates us during waking hours. The one whom strives to accomplish all that is needed to do to fulfil the core self. images (5)

The sun is the “first planet” though technically its a star. It is the center–and as the center it is symbolic for our primal fire. More technically–who we are learning to be! The sun corresponds with the solar plexus–the yellow-orange vortex of energy at our midsection. This is the place where we illuminate and/or heal fears. However I am not one who believes we should be completely healed in order to be happy or even healthy. Awareness is enough in many cases in order to move beyond. 842067jcakchkadr

The Sun rules Leo. The sign of the Lion. The main spirit that Iarchangel_michael-1 work with that is associated with the sun would be Archangel Michael.

However many do not see him as a God–it is true he is a self made-God. Not to be mistaken by a fallen angel–however fallen angels have many different reasons to why they fell to Earth. I will explain this on another post!

Michael and I go wayyy back and I doubt I will ever bond with the Sun as another entity as I have with Michael. However other deities/spirits I do associate with the Sun are as follows–                                   

Celtic Goddess Brigid



The Sun is associated with logic, action, the Father, the known, theArchangel Michael1 physical, the ego, clarity, judgement, and more. However just because you have a light shining upon your path and all is revealed–seemingly–that doesn’t mean there aren’t blind spots! Illusions are everywhere truth is—and vice versa! This world is here to know more than anything else! Humble yourself and ask the Sun–what is it that its trying to tell you! 



To invoke the power of success, health, high energy, etc–meditate or astral travel towards the Sun in your meditations! I also highly suggest speaking to–Archangel Michael as he is the easiest to hear and work with if you’re a beginner! 



The Moon–

il_fullxfull.981459692_ggm7The moon is symbolic for the Goddess, as well as our hidden selves. Mainly our emotional realm that ties into everything that we do. What we love, hate, fear, etc. The moon is also symbolic for the divine Mother as well as our real Mother. 

The moon has no light of its own so when we see it bright in the velvety black sky–it is the Suns light reflecting off of the Moon that gives it its lunar glow!Albert_Aublet_-_Selene

This is the Suns promise that a new beginning will ALWAYS follow the end! We are eternal. The moon teaches that there are illusions everywhere there is truth–just as the Sun hints to this–the moon is much more blatant about this message. 

3591535usf2lm1n4yThe Moon inspires reflection & introspection. Quiet time. Restful time. Slumber. Dreams. Nightmares. ETC.

The Moon rules the sign Cancer. Water sign and element. The moon controls the tides.. the menstrual cycle as well as the blood pumping through your veins! 

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The chakra of the moon is the second–sacral chakra. This chakra is associated with pure creation energy particularly feminine & sexual energy! It is connected to the emotional realm as well as intimacy issues.archangel-gabriel-invoking

The archangel of the moon is Gabriel–the only angel that appears as male or female instead of androgynous.

Gabriel is an angel of communication, music, care-taking, inner child, raising children, showing emotion, being a messenger, medium, teacher, and/or writer. 


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