The Art of Witchcraft



I would like to speak about the Art of Witchcraft and all the magical & wonderful things that I feel it consists of! 
I would like to first start this with a quote by Aleister Crowley–I feel he said it well with this! 
It takes practice however, and focus in order to understand what you’re doing, depending on your methods! Much of  how I perform my magick is by way of working with the Underworld–if I am looking to change something about the way that I think or perceive reality then I go straight towards my subconscious mind in the Underworld. If I”m looking to change things in the physical realm I go to the uppers–I work with the planets, themselves! 71bb3728c0cbdb50fefe94e28f79b6bd
However these aren’t my only ways but they are my ways if I’m looking to cause change with depth or long lasting! But I shall start by explaining something much more practical. 
When I first began witchcraft back in 2006–I simply began by lighting an incense with the appropriate scent–for example I wanted to purify the energies of my home and/or my aura–So I chose Dragons Blood. They say that the herbs have magickal properties. This is true but whats even more magickal than simply believing that the herbal incense is purifying you–is
the fact that you have set your intention, then you release that intention by lighting the incense. You brought your wish into the physical by performing a sort of  small “ritual”.
Yes, simply lighting an incense can be seen as ritual! 
What this does is programs your subconscious mind into carrying out your will as it is sent out into the cosmos by the smoke of your incense. But on a more practical level—it also trains your mind to switch its own experience from whatever at the current moment into whatever feeling it connects to feeling purified. Or the process of becoming purified. Some would ask does this make the magick real? 



tumblr_ojibenVIRN1vw7puuo1_500My answers? Yes. 
Magick, in essence is all about experiencing what it is that  you wish to experience! Simple as that! Don’t over think it. Its not meant to be over thought–not this sort of magick!12ae1a04605f0e2516c7ac023028e2fd
The whole point is to cause change. No matter if its physically or mentally–it all equals the same–an experience! If you struggle with faith within yourself as well as the success of a spell–particularly a simple one–you will more than likely cancel it out or merely talk yourself out of belief!
magic_wandBelief is not something to sneeze at! Belief has its place in every thing upon this Earth! Many people ridicule others for having faith–faith in magick, spirits, the Gods, and/or afterlife! But what they don’t realize is that everything you do–requires faith within either yourself, the experience you’re looking for, the change you wish to see, or whatever else it may be! Faith is needed in order to make ANYTHING happen! 0e31b2fbc847262a00ec762fb6682675
There are many ideas, concepts, methods, and ways that one can perform their magick! As I said above my favorite is the kind of magick that starts in the astral world, either the lower realms or uppers! I enjoy working with spirit guides, or any deities, planets, or human friends in these other realms also in order to help with the magickal boost! 
You can also use a wand. staff, athame in order to direct the energy you have created then sending it out of your hand then through the ritual tool and towards the direction that is associated with the outcome you need. This needs to be performed, of course, after the calling of the elements/directions! 7faaefcfa4380ad2802fa06c40fdd5bd--white-witch-healing-stones
Truly magick, in my opinion is an art! It also helps you to focus, sharpen your mind, creative energy, it helps you to better dde9ff8e89663e47997eb5460f2ce0b6--stardust-quotes-stardust-soulunderstand the inner workings of it, how the spell was successful or how it wasn’t. The entire performance speaks to the subconscious mind regardless of how one does it! 
But it also teaches you to become more aware, you become more aware of fine detail. How to go about certain steps in order to attain. How this whole reality is magick, itself! You become much more teen_witch_by_l0ll3-d6bsa0rattuned to subtle energies. If you begin writing your own spells and/or invocations to the Gods, Goddesses–these things will help a great deal! The Gods are always happy to see us revert back to the old ways as well as include them within our rite! 
AFterall they are here to guide us in learning magick and becoming better and more than what we are currently! Allow them! 

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