Now is the time to truly reconsider! Things will build & move slowly so do not feel pressured once you to join my online Coven! But I am very excited to get this started! And I hope you are as well! If you still need time to think it over please feel free but do let me know that you have the interest! I need all the support I can get. It isn’t always easy speaking out about such things. I dont only do it for myself but I also do it for like-minded people. 

There will come a time when I will create online courses & charge for them as well as the Certifications. However I will never be that person who will charge $3,000 for certifications in areas! That is a rip off and it isn’t cool at all. I understand charging something. But like a hundred or two hundred is plenty! 

But do not worry it will take time for me to even to get that level! lol 

Check out the Brochure of services that I am providing within the coven–here! More will come!




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