Wand Exercise!


On the day of Mercury,Wednesday, would be very appropriate for this exercise!tumblr_ou99bbuPBa1wtzx7ko1_500

If you have the incense, herbs, or even oil, sandalwood, dragons blood, or nag champa will work.

If you do not have a wand you can use an insence stick instead. 

Take your wand into your dominant hand; if you havent charged your wand yet now would be the time.

Charging- Holding the wand in your dominant hand as you focus & send your chosen energy (enchantment) from your dominant hand, through your palms & fingers then into your wand.

The enchantment can be anything associated with the crystals you have decorated upon your wand, or you may chose to visualize green for healing if the wand will be mostlg used for healing spells, purple for spiritual evolution, or visualize a rainbow light of seven colors of your chakras to enchant the wand with. This will enchant it with the power to cut through any sort of heavy, dark, unhealthy, or any unwanted energy you tell it to cut through and disintegrate!Wand-261x300

This way you may also enchant it with other powers you may desire. Give it a multi-purpose sort of enchantment. Your choice!

Once finished, you may dedicats your wand to your chosen God or Goddess.

Or you may want to dedicate to a sort of goal or pathwork you have chosen. All yoh need is one word or one name to speak or write down once you create your dedication “oath”.

You may let your wand sit at the window beneath the lunar light of the moon or the light of fhe sun for 24 hours afterwards.

Now is the time to meditate with your concencrated, blessed, and dedicated wand for the first time!

Hold it in your recieving hand. Allow the power you charged it with clear your mind…

Then sit with it in your recieving hand for 10 mins. Allow it to speak to you.

Did it speak of its name?
Did it give you the energy you charged it with, as charged so?
Did the God or Goddess speak to you?
Did it send you new ideas on how to accomplish your goals?
Any side notes?

Record your experience.

Once you get to know your wand in this way, then it will be time to meditate with it in your dominant hand.

Simply hold int in your dominant hand. Imagining it as an extension of your hand. A part of your body. Envision yourself using thus wand no matter if it may change shape, material, physical or spiritual. This energy will remain the same unless you decide otherwise.

Now is the time to use the wand, example, to cleanse your chakras, to evoke or invoke the guardians of the watchtowers, manipulate the weather, summon a spirit, or speak to the dead.

This object is your way of manifesting all of your needs & desires.




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