2018 Equals 11

2018 = Master 11 Year


A reflection of my past with Eleven Eleven Awakening!


It’s humerous, the longer I’m in this amazing cluster fuck of a violet Vortex- the more I see, and that means the more I predict or simply put curtain things to the test…

My path truly started when I was born, like all of us. But my awakening became something I wasn’t expecting in 2007 all because of the number 11, and other numbers. The influence they had on me, the directions I heard, the visions, the dreams.

I was convinced I was going crazy after a certain point. Because when the 11 vibration came into my life–first off my concept of time changed. Things appeared to move faster. I began to awaken to every possibility instead of denying them. However I had to work to find a balance with that.



The 11 Vibration–

As many of  us should already know by now–The number 11 is the Master Number. What that means is its vibration frequency is very powerful & works within the realms of magickal & spritual. It is said that the number 11 carries the potent power of tapping directly into the subconscious. It is very trancendental  and can bring major transformations in life! 

The 11 vibration is also a gateway, a vortex of energy–in my opinion—that holds a potent amount of energy that carries with it the secrets of the Universe, yourself, and how to become One with divinity & all you’ve ever (truly) wanted. Not to be confused with what the ego likes to be obsessed with. But what your soul needs.

The number 11 is the most intuitive number. It is the number of leadership, personal will power & spiritual truths. The last time we experienced a Universal 11 Year was in 2009, and then before that the last Universal 11 year was in 1910. So this is a big deal for Earth & her children!

The energy is self assured, can feel the whole spectrum but on idle it is tranquil. 11 is saying this life is about everything. Becoming flexible is what’s best. Stop making everything about your identity, your ego isn’t meant to work that way.

11 shows us that our ego is a mask. 11 says this world has so many dimensions, magick, and amazing things that you cannot comprehend. So why not stop assuming and watch, listen, and learn.

Mistakes happen. They are what leads us towards correction & back towards the truth. After we have had our fill of the celebrated lie glorified. We the end with the truth being all we really needed, never lost, we just believe it.


Faith is everything.

My path is quite the unique one & I’m very proud of that. Crazy spiritual times in the past make sense to me now.

As someone who has literally, nearly read every “crazy” idea out there, studied all religions to some degree or another. Went through flip flop times of faith then doubt then faith then doubt.

The 11 vibration is very complex and can be hard to fully grasp by alot of humanity. Because we all have things we will hear things we refuse to hear, things we can understand others, not yet.

The biggest set back I believe–is faith in corruption & illusion. Worshiping of your government. Refusing to see the darkness in yourself and therefore staying blind & vulnerable to a large portion of the world that pretends to have your back but could be further than the truth.

The way this society has been designed… It started out being a New World.

We’re caused a major imbalance within ourselves because we became rebellious against nature, the stars, faith in, story-telling. Etc.


Some facts & some of my predictions for the rest of this year or the Theme for this year!

On New Years Day this year; it has been said that an 11:11 gateway was opened. Not to mention that the FULL MOON SuperMoon of January 2018 had the Moon  positioned at 11038 (11:11) Cancer & the sun was positioned at 11038 (11:11) Capricorn.  I still vividly remember the energy that kicked this year off!

Celestial speaking–the planets have been very potent & amazing with their movements & positions thus far this year which has caused me to see some very powerful truths! I felt this creep up on my last year but this year its been very very powerful. My relationship with the planets & what its been doing for me the past two years!

Moon Cloud and Stars Divider

For example Gemini’s Super New Moon..

(My thoughts, experiences, & predictions)





  ..on June 14th 2018 was a powerful one that effected, it seems, mostly communication. It seems this effected mostly people who are sensitive to energy. But this seems to have been a gateway opening to express built up energy that hasn’t been spoke up for itself in some time! This is a time & for the next three months that communication may be at its most potent power which can mean alot of misunderstanding & easily heated or you may end up being the topic of discussion for better & worse. It will start off as being within the Gemini spectrum of energy which had a “twin energy” aka mirrors the energy that belongs to the domain of 11.


  Which means that this energy can be both simultaneous seemingly bad & good. It will have its advantages & disadvantages. But to show us that there is always two sides to every situation. It doesn’t mean that the other is more important but that both sides whether correct or not will have its time in the spot light. 



Gemini is ruled by the planet, Mercury. And we all know what many people think of this poor Planet that seems to be a scapegoat these moderns days where Astrology is being seen a bit more like it used to be in the earlier days. But still that scapegoat mentality no matter what path you walk still attempts to thrive in blaming outside forces when the blame should be shifted. The domain of Mercury is communication, silence, travel (spiritual & physical), agrements, contracts, commitments, connections, numbers, money, language, messages, technology, cell phones, internet, computers, arguments, lying, and more.



Preparation for Transformation!


The New Moon or the Dark Moon & even Black Moon is symbolic for New beginnings. Which the energy is inherently dark as in unknown & can cause anxiety, uneasiness, a feeling of not know what steps to take, feeling like you must tread lighting. etc. If this is what you’re feeling then it is worth taking note of. It means to pay attention & the warning feels that you are receiving are right on some level.


LaLunaMoonGoddessHowever it doesn’t mean its all doom gloom. It simply means to stop being absent minded & pay attention to your surroundings. How you effect others. Etc. And pay attention to your give & take. Are there any contracts you need to bring your end of the deal into manifestation? Or is there something others need to do in order to compromise?

Moon Cloud and Stars Divider

Either way if you feel helpless & unsure simply take the time to become introspective and dont make any decisions at all. For now spend some time with the Moon & Mercury in order to find peace & guidance! 

This energy will work out what is no longer needed & depending upon your willing to understand the smoother it will go.  Let the old out so the new may enter! 



My over all prediction for out Master Year 11

The Crossroads




Yes there will be alot of twists & turns this year! But it will be unlike the prior year where it seemed as though there were more losses than gains. This year year will be much more balanced. As it is the Master Year of 11.

You will see both sides of the coin..the spectrum. You will see the scales, feel them, and learn from them! 

You will gain what you’ve been working hard to manifest! Certain dreams you’ve had for many years will manifest this year! But also there will be more hardships to face & more clearing out! Mainly because many of us are so stubborn when it comes to the so called bad times or our stress.

The more you ignore the stress, the larger & more fearful as well as destructive it will become! This year will teach us this! You will be forced to make a choice that you’ve felt coming in the past, possible for many years! 

Lets just hope we make the right one! 




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