My 5 favorite Archangels





You have found yourself all sitting pretty in the Angelic Realm!


Have you ever felt yourself come face to face with an angel? Did you see the being physically? What did you see? Colors? Flashes of light? Or a physical beautiful winged creature?

I have always been on the empathetic side of my senses when it comes to “seeing” spiritual entities. I can sense who they are, what they are sending me on a vibration level, I also receive inner visions.


The main angelics I work with are as follows;

  1. Archangel Michael- (Seraphim) the leader of the angels and the archangel of the Sun. Of the Fire element. Michael is a warrior, a defender & protector of humanity. Michael is also the easiest to hear. He offers clarity in thought & purpose. He is a guide for all lightworkers and will do anything he can to help aid & guide us towards focus on what we are here to do!


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divider_6502. Archangel Lucifer- (cherubim) Lucifer is the Archangel made God whom dwells upon the planet Venus. He is not whom the Christians have made you believe. In fact he is quite diffferent however his role is to inspire you to question everything including yourself. He puts an imporance upon personal experience. So as to insure that we know of that which we speak of in this world in order to influence for the betterment & evolution of mankind. He inspires inspirational thought, evolution, and inquisitive nature. There is much more about this Angelic that I know and believe. In fact I revere to him as my masculine patron God along side with Goddess Hecate on my path. If you wish to know more of how I see Lucifer– Click his picture below to follow the link to his own page!

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divider_6503. Archangel Metatron- Metatron, the angel of life, is definitely a personal favorite of mine. His name means, “one who guards” or “one serves behind [God’s] throne.” He guards the Tree of Life. He also writes down the deeds into the Book of Life aka the Akashic Records. It is said that Metatron was once human but God transformed him into a Seraphim. His colors are pink, green, and stripes of blue. Many times I see the full color spectrum of the chakras. When I call on Metatron he seems to arrive the quickest out of every angel or otherwise. He stands by very close and watches over and even does a sort of spiritual surgery done to your energy centers. He is the Guardian of the Center. His domain is of sacred geometry, directions, the corners, the watchers or guardians of the elements and beyond.


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4. Archangel Azrael- This angel is special because he was the very first angel I ever worked with, years ago. Known as the Angel of Transition. His domain is death in all of its forms, it doesn’t only relate to physical death but also change in all of its forms! The story of Azrael is an interesting one indeed. As he was the only known angel in hebrew myth that could do as he did. Aiding the dead as they crossed the in between of life and death. He also is known as an angel whom changed his views of what “God” was. Since he was able to “minister” to souls in the Underworld , helping them to ascend, when no other angel could. His views changed to a more stoicism school of thought. His energy is very quite. Introverted instead of extroverted like many angels. It needs to be so, so that he is able to usher the souls of the dead, ensuring that their transition is experienced as smoothly as possible. He is also a guide for those whom feel called to work closely with the Underworld & realm of the dead as well as counsel the living. He offers a quiet compassion.




5. Archangel Raphael- Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. Raphael means “God heals” or “He who heals” in Hebrew. He is Saint Raphael, the patron of healing, physicals, travlers, and matchmakers. Whenever you call on him he arrives with an enormous and beautiful emerald healing light that he showers upon you, healing you in whatever way that you’ve requested!


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