Earn your Fae Blessings!


Would you like a blessing from the Fae?



You  must knock before you can enter. You must be polite and willing to return the favor. Because there are much more things, people, beings, animals, nature and her spirits that are in need! 
It’s time to wake up. 


Considering that the well know image of the faerie is enchanting and popular–It can be difficult to find reliable sources on the Faerie world. Not to say there aren’t any but that they can be hard to find; few and far between.

While the fantasy version of the pixie may be cute yet mischievous and that may mirror the nature of Fairie nature but only somewhat..if-you-want-your-children-to-be-intelligent-read-them-fairy-tales-quote-1-289147211.jpg


Have you read the legend tales of nature spirits, elemental, Fae, coupled with the God’s relating that were written ages ago?

The reliable sources I have found reside within a path called Feri Tradition. But that’s a topic for when I have more time. 

To the trained eye–

it’s obvious that the ways of Fae have been distorted, rewritten to cover lie, fragmented, corrupted I order to cause fear, etc.



The realm of Fae is extremely important & some are directly interconnected to our own realm. Specific kind of Fae are even so closely interconnected to your very existence— they should be you first set of spirit guides you should become aware of before all.

Though the order of realization doesn’t really matter. But I do believe that nearly all of us do speak with them but becoming aware of that is a whole other topic.


giphy (5)Once upon a time…eae5nta017l

There was a planet named Earth that was sparkling with confidence, truth, and magic by the very essence of the Fae.

Modern times—It may still be true on some level however it is more true to say that the Fae continue to attempt to keep the Earth in that same state.

But the current relationship between much of humanity and nature is in a state of confusion, fear, illusion, distrust, and doubt.


Not to say the realm of Fae requires the faith from humans in order to be healthy and happy but positivity, awareness of truth, and compassion would aid in the health of the entire Earth and her children, spirit or otherwise.

To publically speak ill of the belief in magick, magical creatures such as Fae, particularly those so interconnected and enable our very breath of life & muse toward creation—sets up karmic Dept.

Humanity generally do not like to hear that they’ve done something wrong or want to believe they have a karmic Dept, misunderstand it, or chose to not believe at all.big-13945513ab

But when it comes to spiritual concepts whether you believe in the or not doesn’t really matter.

Spiritual concepts

..exist no matter what or who created them.

For instance the biggest & most important lesson and fact that all spiritual paths share is the idea of Oneness.in-my-next-life-i-want-to-be-the-karma-fairy-quote-1278057027.jpg

Tho because the opposition toward every idea including illusion, like, or fact also has it’s right to exist simply because it’s counterpart does–


This means Individuality also exists.


Putting all of this into consideration equals to– Oneness says we are all connected and that no one is exempt from experiencing the effects of choices done by all of us as a whole.

Individuality says there is responsibility in our choices and a freedom to be unique also long as it’s true to our heart.

Anything that is done out of illusion will respond with a negative effect because it is the opposition to truth.

Truth feels good. It’s clarity. It means you’ve listened to Divine guidance and are following true will. That belongs to you individually but also everyone else because Oneness is the counterpart to Individuality.


This is ultimately the root of how magic works.

Whatever you do. There is an effect.
Because everything in this solar system works together in order to play out the big motion picture.

Serving ourselves or others is the same. So, choice shouldn’t be seen or associated with this.

What we do ripples out beyond and then

always, always returns to us.

That Karma aka responsibility in our actions.

Not punish and reward.

-More on this and the subject of belief will be shown on a future page-


 The Fae are very aware of karma and will offer lessons in the topic if a relationship is formed, as well as others.


It’s been said there are two courts of Fae and there are but the population has grown and there are sub-courtes also.

The Unseelie Court


The Unseelie are mostly made up of Angels that fell to Earth. For different reasons, however. The story is much different from how you were told. 


-More coming soon on this topic- 

Both the Unseelie & Seelie are the types of Fae that are muses, defenders, truth speakers for the wellbeing of Earth and her elemental spirits whom are closely interconnected with the humans. They inspire all on Earth and give them something to believe in, regardless if its positive or negative reasons. 

The Unseelie aren’t evil. They can be seen as “dark” compared to the Spring and Summer Fae but that is only the contrast of the energies that we see in nature. 

All the Fae aren’t exactly crazy about humanity as they are are down here in it with us. They know all of our secrets, motives, and plans. They see what we do, think, and everything in between. They have their favorites and always have that they bless but..

..many humans influence a negative reaction from the Fae with their choices and behavior. 


gaia___angel_tattoo_by_pandabaka-The Unseelie King & Queen-

-Lucifer & Lilith-

(In my view)





snow-winter-fairy-womanThe Winter Ones-

These beings tend to, observe, and animate the energy of death in nature during the Winter season. Their energy is mostly quiet, reserved and watchful because they are in a solemn celebration for what has ended and what will begin. They rarely ever speak and even when they do communicate it is always through telepathy. There are also Fae that can *seem* a bit sinister especially towards particular humans but there is always a reason for it and has been allowed to be. In order to teach a lesson brought to the human by their own higher self coupled with the purpose of the Fae. But there are also Fae in this court that bring gifts and magic to specific humans whom have it coming towards them! As a muse these Fae inspire humanity to think of the past–question their motives and actions. They also inspire to think of peace with the bare minimum and to think of death urging humanity to learn the truth of it and find peace with it. (associated with fallen angels)


siren_colored_by_sammuk1r1-d8iv2twThe Fall Ones-

These beings work on and focus on the energy that needs to be broken down and prepared for change. (winter season) Their energy is still busy but is in transition between very high energy of summer and much lower energy of winter. Fae of Autumn are on the nostalgic side of things; somewhere between excitement and sadness as they are ushers for life in nature crossing from life to death. Very healing, soothing, refreshing, and a reminder that looking into nature and asking for help is ALWAYS the answer when dealing with change, particularly change that is difficult. Autumn Fae can bring an eerie vibration especially as Samhain nears… but if you pay attention, it is done so with fun, passion, and trickery. This is also an attempt to speak to humans–“Do not fear death, it is a trick, and yet another mask you shall wear.” As a muse for humans they inspire creativity on a new level compared to summer and spring. They inspire the energy of harvesting. To pay attention to what you’ve accumulated, and to do so with the desire of self-preservation. But to also be open to the change that is coming. Be open to changing your mask. These beings are the opposition of stagnation. They are always changing from being on the go to be restful… and being whatever nature needs them to be. (associated with Fallen Angels)





-The Seelie KIng & Queen-

-Dionysus and Persephone-

(In my view)


marta-nael-elf-of-the-starsThe Spring Ones-

a lust for the living to bring everything back to life! They are talkative and full of energy. When they speak they do so in many different ways. Telepathically and otherwise. They enjoy being a muse for creative pursuits for humans, plants, and animals. As a muse these Fae inspire many things. Generally new beginnings or projects. A new love, a new home, picking up a new hobby, tuning into nature and listening to the birth of spring. These Fae enjoy calling the humans they favor in a gentle, healing way. They enjoy story telling, from both sides (if you’ve gained their trust). They are hardworking and enjoy seeing a human working towards their goals, or with intense curiosity. They enjoy the rule breakers of humanity, the nonconformists. The ones whom want to learn and grow. If this mirrors you–spend some time in nature and call upon the Spring Fae!


summer_fairy_by_aramisdreamThe Summer Ones-

These Fae are passion on higher level, both positive and negative.  As a muse— they inspire commitment– inspiring living creatures of finishing up projects for the season before Autumn comes and the energy of creativity changes from extroverted to introverted. They communicate loudly– they cover both negative and positive on a more clear level than the others. They are also the most charged with sexual/creation energy.  They are near the need for rest—but still fired up to speak of the lose ends that need to be tied up or they also are here to remind us of what we shouldn’t forget to begin, fix or heal next year. They ask us to plant those seeds in the season of Autumn.


519a83560bf7abf29ac0914e3ed46572Earth Elementals

consist of spirits that reside in trees (roots, trunk, and leaves), any sort of plant, rocks, stones, or any other that grows from the soil or resides near the ground. 

These beings are associated with the energy of survival, structure, building, growing from obstacle. These spirits however carry the heaviest load. As trees they do many things to care for the Earth and her children, human and otherwise. Just google what trees do for us on a physical level. 

On a mental or creative level they also inspire us to create for the home and hearth. However they do not like to be used without permission. And they would appreciate something in return.

Trees enable our very breath. They speak of the laws of Earth and always speak truth–many times blatantly. 

“All types of Fae have very good memories and they will remember your very soul no matter what body you may reside in at different life times. They are also known to hold a grudge for a some time… until the human attempts to mend the problem.” –Violet


Sylphs-1-The Air elementals

also have a load. They accumulate both negative and positive thoughts from humanity. But can also offer inspirational thought if the human is open and willing to offer healing in return. The mental realm as well as any realm has its ups and downs. But there have been too many humans demanding things for help and not enough willing to give back. This is the message from the Air spirits. “Where do you think your positive thoughts so when you ask us to take them?”

Elemental-Sylphs, Birds are included

Associated with inspirational thought, guidance, decision-making, travel, and, experience, expression, poetry, reading.. so on.

Fire –


source (1)Fire elementals

commonly come in the form of salamanders. However–the simple flicker of a flame will do. The domain of a fire elemental is passion, wishes, obsessions, action, the will, and destruction. The fire asks to never take anything for granted. If one wants to understand the nature of the individual soul and/or will–meditate upon the flame. Take care of every being, creature, spirit you come across. There is a flickering flame within us all. Fire can heal, love, and take care of another however—if you mess with fire too much it is likely to burn. 

Elemental-Salamanders or fire pixie (something like it)


9934d6504cf0fd5483c734d341e6aabeWater Elementals..

are called Undines–Mermaids, any spirit that resides in the water to be more specific but we shall stick with Mermaids for now. 😉 The Water elementals domain is that of feeling. They attempt to keep our emotions on track… that is if we listen… if we don’t they must take hold of those emotions until you are able to become better equipped! The water is always calling us to pay attention to our emotions as well as others. There is much more associated–such as the spiritual world, afterlife, sexuality, dreams, crossing over and healing. 

What is Druidry?



My Fairyologist Certification from The Violet Twilight! Soon you will have the same oppurtunity! 


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