The Truth of Fallen Angels

sg2-q5-Lucifer-FallingWhat are fallen angels? 

Let’s see, Fallen Angels are widely misunderstood! Not that there aren’t fallen angels out there that were detailed within the pages of the bible! But there are many different reasons for fallen angels! The term needs to be mediated upon and understood as more of a natural occurrence! 

I have memories of falling from the Sun as an angelic being of sorts–I remember the feelings and emotions involved, as well as well as the transformations that occurred–and how it felt when I finally hit the hard ground! But I will share this story at another time! 

I’m sure there are other entities that have fallen from other Planets and onto Earth or onto another Planet that I am simply not aware of yet! Just open your mind to the possibilities! a000ce5227b4239b159b16e768248e20--angel-s-fallen-angels

But the fallen angels that I have encountered–are simply angels from the Sun–that chose to fall to Earth and in doing so they changed–their angelic nature died along with that change however the magick and nature of that angelic still dwells within their heart as it also leaves traces in the blood! But these angels whom fell to Earth, sometimes it happened out of dispute over domain, sometimes it was an argument that responded overly emotional–sometimes it was an accident, sometimes it was done on purpose so that the angel could live upon Earth as one of the Fae folk or Sylph or one of the Fae folk! Even many angelics fall to Earth to experience life as one of the Fae, then incarnate as an animal then to Human! As there are stages to this–it seems! 

ob_26b67a_ange03Would a human see this fall? No–not as it truly is however they would see a ray of sunlight beaming down upon Earth–a particular part of the ground, or within their cracked open blinds of their window. This sunray has the potential to inspire their creativity and cause a growth–or a feeling of cleansing–or it may inspire the blade of grass it embraced to grow more direct towards the light of the sun! 

There are many reasons for falls! And it happens all the time—as a sunray falls upon the Earth–that is a being of the Sun choosing to live here and aid us in our existence and wakening of the spiritual realm! 904aa9a94ae003bb8e6851ffb73dba8d--angels-and-fairies-angels-and-demons

Fallen angels aren’t evil nor are they damned! There are some that may have quit serving a Deity they once did—but that doesn’t make anyone evil! It merely causes a change–a transformation of sorts and can cause a fall. But in order to set the transformation for the being into motion! 

Open your mind! Listen to the planets and spiritual guides! It is time to stop believing in ancient stories and allow them to evolve these stories for us! 


Earn your Fae Blessings


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