Violet’s Mythology

Yes, I enjoy altering or rewriting mythology. Particularly Greek, some Roman, a bit of Celtic and Christianity. I enjoy mixing one with the other and coming up with a more modern and up to date stories for us to relate to the God’s by reading! Archangel Michael & the God, Zeus are both entities whom often encourage me to update the old stories for myself and others to read in order to better understand our physical reality and how the spiritual mirrors as well as vice versa!
There is a bit of truth in all stories and myths concerning the spiritual world–what matters the most is the intention behind why the story was written that dictates the influential power, how is influences the physical world, etc. The stories, of course, will always be tainted by the authors perspective. But an author can be very pure and can act as a very clear medium when being the bridge to tell these stories as accurately as possible. But there will always be room for freedom to chose whether or not to believe.  I will never ask for faith in what I say. or will I work to prove my legitimacy. Whether or not the reader, seeker, or client believes and/or has faith in me will always be in their own hands to decide upon! 
My work is done for myself–for me to learn about my environment, my own soul, how the spiritual world works, etc. Next comes the Goddess and God that I serve, my work is also for their benefit! To share what they want me to share with the world! And lastly–the realm of the dead, and the spirits of the Earth–being a medium is the most important talent that I have. I am here to deliver their messages. Many would assume that I am here to serve the living–passing their messages, answering their questions. While yes, I enjoy helping the living–but no, I am here to first delivered the messages to the living, from the dead, and/or spirits of the EArth and beyond! 
The spiritual world comes first! I work from the inside out. My inner action then ripples out to the further and beyond. 

From here you’ve come to a crossroads! You may continue on to see what I have to offer OR you may carry onto see where Hecate may want you to see.

The choice is yours!

Here is a myth that I am currently writing–so it isn’t finished yet but here is what I have thus far! Keep mind it is a rough draft so once finished it will be edited! But I invite you to read what I have so far! 
Mercury’s Retrograde! 
Astrology For Today/Planets Today
And More!
High Council 11
Angelic Army of Ares

To follow the direction of our Goddess Hecate–
Carry on and click upon the image below! 
Who is Hecate?

If you are interested in learning how I do this or if you are curious to see what I may come up with when writing your own spiritual history of and about your higher self please contact me–we will talk and negotiate a price! 

Contact me!                                                                                  More to come!


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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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