Am I the Ultimate Mirror?



Ever since I was a child…

empath-at-homeI always had this way about me that would could cause another to be royally pissed off at me, literally beat my ass, call me names, be accused of all kinds of things that which I wasn’t guilty for, or less extreme solely picked on. 

Now before all of you intellectual & emotional bad-asses begin to speak your arrogance…. . I am fully aware that everyone is picked on when they were a child on some level or another. I understand that also many people who have been picked on were either told to get over it quickly or else they would be quickly labelled as a crazy person with issues, or low self esteem

So I also believe that there are many unhealed people out there that most likelyimportance-of-empathy have experienced very similar things but conformed to the idea that empathetic people don’t exist or for one to get over the past pain by either getting over it or attention therapist sessions run by a water downed version of a shaman.

We do realize that Psychology took over Shaman Psychology, yes? 

Here some science for you!






I get back to the psychology/scientific aspect to all of this in a moment. Back to my childhood. I wasn’t just picked on. I was literally picked on for no apparent reason. I could literally be minding my own business & I was surprised by out of the blue beatings, out of the blue name calling, spontaneous rage coming form even teachers in response to be getting upset about being bullied! 

The reason why? Because they sensed I wasn’t like them. they sensed that I have a natural sense of grounding within myself that didn’t cause me to go out looking for someone to be my punching bag. What many people do not talk about are the bullies and the violence starters. They seem to want to pick on the bullies even more by exploiting their stories or asking them off the wall questions that don’t pertain or why did you get help, etc etc. 

This shows that it is much more acceptable & even understandable to be the one with the stick in their hand–then exploiting their story by being in Bully Recovery. I’m not saying that this is how it is all the time. But generally speaking, it is. 




Open you eyes!  

It is accepted to fight back. Even though you will have to answer to it. It is still more accepted to fight back then it is to allow your emotions to take over & be afraid to fight back. This causes alot of issues. It creates alot of our issues growing up as well. Because as Adults we don’t want to disappoint anyone that means something to us just as much as we didn’t want to disappoint anyone as a child.Empathy-is-about-standing-in-someone-elses-shoes-feeling-with-his-or-her-heart-seeing-with-his-or-her-eyes.-Daniel-H.-Pi-630x315

We are brainwashed either way. We are taught to be a certain way and most of the time it isn’t true for you. Because this society doesn’t respect individuality in its truest form! Only its in form that serves society! 

Why do you think there are more bullies & sadistic people than the opposite? Why do you think there are more narcissistic people than sensitives? And why do these two groups go hand in hand? 

Something to ponder…

I’ve always been able to feel the feelings of another. For better & for worse. I can4efb4494f82b5b5ff776eb246e107443 tell right off the bat if someone is trustworthy, or if we will get along, or if they will attack me in someway, I can always tell. Sometimes when its nearly too late. But still. I usually hear and inner warning. But there are those times when I’ve questioned myself. “Is this feeling genuine or am I used to being hurt?” 

So, to all of you nay-sayers, I’ve put my claims to the test… time and time again its proven right. I am indeed an empath. 




What kind of empath…?


I believe I am something called a Heyoka Empath. I’ve always felt a bit different from the other types especially considering I truly bring out the worst of the bad intention-ed kind of person without trying… and it still happens to me. 

Issues Today…

For instant, many people seem to think I have an attitude when I don’t. Many people think I’m arrogant when I’m far from it. Many seem to be generally uncomfortable with me for no apparent reason. I literally dont have to say anything or I can say one thing and people become greatly offended. By either what they think they saw in my eyes, or heard in my tone of voice. 

It’s quite annoying  especially since these are adults. And they dont know the difference between calm and angry in a tone of voice or expression…





empathic_badassA friend of mine recently told me to do research on the Heyoka Empath & it deinitely sounds like me. However it seems these types may be pushing buttons a bit more on pure or more consciously than I do. But that isn’t say that I dont push buttons on purpose when it comes to metaphysical topics and/or on my blog. But that is a bit different, dont you think? 

Although when people see me, it doesn’t have to be for the first time, it can be for the 14th year, they still dont have a clue to who I am. And they are automatically offended by my very presence. They must seeing something about themselves being mirrored back at through through me. 



What is a Heyoka Empath? 


They Heyoka Empath challenges the world by offering an extreme elective philosophy of seemingly absurd opposites! (much like the philosophy that I have come up with.) They are often called the “Sacred Clown”. They are also refer as “Two-spirited” which is an expression to show off the fact that embrace duality & everything in between. It also can point to being Gender-fluid or Androgynous.b2c102a95b51e2782883650c02ac3abc

These types of Empath’s are known for eating pain or negativity. Because their purpose is to cleanse or eliminate the negativity around them. They are full of compassion, and have many of the well known attributes that any other Empath has except they tend to be blunt & sometimes too honest. Many times they live within a realm that is very uncomfortable for others. Because they’ve worked through many of the rejected concepts by society & it shows in their vibrations; thus this intimates others and makes me uncomfortable or scared.  

It has been said that without proper understand of who & what they are–Heyoka220353d2111ba67f51215a99838c304a--indigo-children-do-you Empath’s have been known to be institutionalized both willing & against their will. They are also prone to suicide & living the rest of their life not able to release the negativity that they have accumulated so they become full of fragmented souls & identities becoming lost in a part of the realm of Hades in which I feel we (these types of empaths natural work with).


As I said being told we are crazy, or just need to get over it, or conform is NOT the answer for many people!! And I dont think it was the answer for the people who did it especially those speaking out against this form of philosophy, spirituality, or empathetic people in general. It doesn’t get them nowhere. They are denying something because they were taught to or they are scare of it. 




IT is said that if an Heyoka Empath makes you feel like he/she is being arrogant, its time to look into your own arrogance. If they are making you feel as if he/she is Love, it may be time to connect with your self love! 



Many times it is as if its Opposite day when you are in the presence of a Heyoka Empath! Heyoka is movement & transformation itself. 

This isn’t something that you can just claim to be, you either are or you aren’t. And most of the time in order to be officially stated as one you must have a Native American Ceremony to give you the said title. However I think we all know how I feel about titles! lol No everyone has that opportunity. 

But whether or not this is the type of Empath that I am. I do deeply resonate as it does originate from the Native American Mythology which I strongly resonate. Shamanism has always been where my roots lay…




I urge everyone to question what they’ve been taught in this day & age! I am not saying that evolution in Science is wrong & should be distrusted! Do NOT twist my words around! But pick up  history book, put two & two together and we will all see that something…

isn’t quite right nor adding up! How come the old religions were wiped out? Many would say evolution or many would be smart & say because of the Judaism movement (and other similar organizations.) 

But why? I am not criticizing Christianity, I’m criticizing the way its been used. Lets think about this. Why would all of the other religions that weren’t doing anything wrong, had no real reason to be eradicated. They were simply tree huggers, dreamers, universe channels, artists, dreamers, etc. Why were they targets suddenly? 

33540621_10156556401404524_7567781552927539200_nPerhaps it was because there was a New World Order in view? Maybe these people weren’t Christians at all? But created Christians themselves? I do believe in the existence of Jesus–but perhaps his story was corrupted, twisted, and used in order to serve the people who wanted to create a new world order & have all the power themselves?? 

Perhaps this all happened because humans or a type of energy wanted to intervene & build a world on top of another world that already existed? However they didn’t realize or maybe they did… that the old wouldn’t be pushed away. Only hidden, demonized, made out to be crazy.

The new world created whole new ways of seeing things and eradicated every last trace of the old. So they could own everything. However they got a bit sloppy at times. But they didnt see the meaning in the old anymore. But their mistake was to keep some of that old still alive. That is how it lives on. 

Their mistakes was to keep some of it around still. But I think they just thought that nobody would buy into it. So they didn’t see the harm. Or maybe… they left some of it out to keep a war going… so that they could continue to burn or chastise those who believed in the old ways! 

Sure they say in many areas that there is freedom of Religion & freedom of speech particularly in America. 

But they don’t really mean that. Not if I can chose paganism, wiccan, luciferianism on the list at the hospital when I’m sick or deathly ill! 

There is reason for that! So question what you are told even by your government, not only your president but NASA too! Why do you think that any of them will tell you the truth when its been known that they have been corrupted ages ago? 


Note to all you magickal people, witches, shamans, metaphysical Dr.’s, etc: You keep doing you by making this world a better place and sparking the memory in people that helps them to remember what they were brainwashed to forget! 

All of you people who are offended by this—look into the mirror, the reason matters, and the reason is your answer. That reason cannot be found anywhere else except inside of you! 

Society owns your soul, your individually! Take it back! 

-Violet Moonshadow


What type of Empath are you? 






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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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