High council 11–First Meeting & Message


You are free to have faith or to reject this. The author is indifferent. As this is one of her many myths rewritten. Many paths have a High Council but not quite like this one. Stay tuned for more as this is more of a “getting to know” message! If nothing at all, I hope it entertained you.  

Welcome to the first official meeting..

..I am having since the Zeus’s high council was reconstructed! Many people communicate with some type of council from the stars. So this isn’t much different however I will not speak of any alien civilizations or species that you aren’t familiar with nor will I ever expect blind belief! The first time where I was aware of this High Council was when I wrote of it in this post…

High Council 11-Introdution

To have a quick recap please look over the following to understand who and what this council is made up of & why. Including benefits & a warning towards channeling out of the most known planets!

  1. Zeus-King of the Heavens. Domain on both Jupiter & Sun. Representing the Higher Self. Evolution. Good Luck. Benevolent Energy. Sense of humor. Fiercely protective. Control over the weather. Influencing the Government. Motto- “If I can change anyone can.” 
  2. Hekate-Queen of the Heavens. Moon. Representing the emotional realm. The Mother, Maiden, & Crone. Mother of Witches. controlling the tides, highlighting the emotion in humanity. Queen of the Fae. Mother of Angels & Daemons. Necormancer. Creator of the human/fae hybrids.
  3. Saturn-Aka Chronus. God of Time. (Domain is of the soil on Earth. The realm just above the Underworld. But within the dirt. Domain of time that rules Earth) Owner of man made ideas. Grounded. Rigid. Stable. Stubborn for change but is opening up for the New World.
  4. Asteria- Goddess of the Stars & wishes  made upon them. Sleep, death, fear, change, memory, law, and dreaming are her realm. Mother of the Gods. Divination.
  5. Aphrodite- (Venus) Divine Feminine. Goddess of Beauty, art, corruption, lust, relationships, creation, new beginnings, self love, and wealth. 
  6. Akasha-Former Egyptian Queen fell from grace, then reborn as an Atlantean, she then presided the fall there as well. Now something more than human–something Vampire & God alike. After her destruction she created a new breed of hybrids–Atlantean souls with a vampiric twist. Because of this she was recruited into the council as the hybrids she created evolved and surpassed their darkside & instead looking for redemption found a connection with the old Gods.
  7. Ares–God of War. Mars. Becoming balanced between his intellect & war. He has a new angelic army that is fighting for him & is representing the actions influenced by him & the humanity that moves full circle but also now including the movement of angels to get things back on track. 
  8. Kali–Goddess of Destruction & creation. Here to remind us of the corruption of the Ego, and to show humanity that for every destruction there is indeed a dept that must be paid! She will not be shy about teaching this lesson.
  9. Poseidon-God of all bodies of water. (Neptune) The only God that requires faith in him. As he dwells beyond humanities reach deep within the waters. He is also the most feared. As water is symbolic for both death & life. Another God of Karma. Such as Kali & Asteria. 
  10. Dionysus–God of wine,mind altering substances, dancing, ecstasy, invention of music, acting, shapeshifting, and more. “I have returned”.
  11. Mercury- (Or Hermes) The first winged messenger. Created by Hekate. Invented of numbers, language, magick, the ego, intellect. I’m here to remind you of whom came first… 

Zeus welcomes you into his council where his long table is situation. There sits his reconstructed new High Council. A mix match of Gods & Goddesses from different Pantheons. The point of this is to show those that believe if you listen to the gods anything can happen & you can be a part of anything they trust you to be a part of! 

Zeus states that everyone whom has an open mind and is already speaking to another council whom hails from a palce further than he. He appreciates the open mind and the openness to channel. But it would be of a greater benefit to stay within the planets that you are already very familar with. As well as the Gods & Goddesses you’ve already heard of. 

As they did not go anywhere as soon as you all put the texts down! And the myths need to be caught up on, evolved & shared with all of humanity! 

“WE are the old Gods, and we still play a very important role in the lives of humanity! Much more than some blue alien from Bum Fucked Egypt!” -laughs-

Yes, Dear Zeus has a sense of humor! 

Zeus, of course is the leader of said Gods/Goddesses. And he would like for all of you to keep an openness. To tune into your past and connect to that familiarity that you all have deep down with the Old Gods & the planets! 

As there is reason for all of this & you all will need some Deities that you have known for some time even if you didn’t ever worship us! 


Zeus adds–

I am here to help bring out the higher self within you! I am here to move aside the ego so that space can be found. Found to tolerate what is coming! Hekate is here to help guide you all to see what is needed for change or an embrace within your emotional realm. She is here to lend a Motherly hand to all of you whom belong to her as the daughters of the Witch! Chronus is here to provide support & a strong stability in order to plant the seeds of a new beginning that you truly want to see come to fruition! Asteria is here to remind you that the law that you know of is nothing but a human concept. There is the Law of One. And we all must answer to it! She insists on working through your fears, because the time has come regardless of your preparation. You’ve already been given many warnings & alot of time. Now is the time to wake up. Aphrodite is here to remind you of all that you’ve rejected. The feminine within yourself, within nature, the universe, etc. She is also here to show you what lies hidden beneath that corruption! Akasha is symbolism for the human whom has fallen twice by her own greed, even when reincarnated as something more than human & given a life that a human should appreciate. But she fell once again. the only thing that saved her was the hybrid souls she created and is apart of many of you! Ares is here to tell you all that he has quit fighting the war himself but instead is balancing the need for intellectual reaction with violence. However all war & action that is connection to you humans are of his angelic army now. Kali is here to show you that she can destroy on a much larger scale than you. If you destroy she will match it but it will be much larger since she is larger in size, mind, & domain. Think twice. Poseidon says he requires your faith. Use your imagination. If you dont think when you die & reincarnate you will have to live the same life again! You need to begin to look beyond your senses. Imagination is a kind of logic. Dionysus–will be here to greet you especially when the beginning is here once again. It will be like spring time and nearly the beginning days once again! He says that you will want to connect to your heart chakra if you intent to move beyond your current limitations & find joy in what is coming! Mercury is here to teach you all again once more how to think, and use your mind to navigate the new world to come. His presence during this time will awakening you to the earlier times when he did this once before. Then you will feel it in your heart that the doom & gloom that many of you made him out to be was your attempt to scape-goat. Humans are very well known for this. It is time to take full responsibility for your individual actions. No more excuses. The time is here! We, the planets, & guiding spirits are here for you, rooting for you, and you can succeed but you must have faith.. Faith is needed. 

 More details to come! 

Ares Angelic Army



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