Hekatean Satanic (Bible)

Hello! I just wanted to let all of you know that I am working on writing my first book on another blog that I’ve created. For now it is private so you wont beable to view it until I feel that its ready. But you can view how I build it from here as well as see its contents & what its about! 🙂 I will probably attach the Introduction to this page sometime soon! 

A work in progress! This is going to be the first book I ever get published! It is mainly centered around my path as a Hekatean Satanist & how others may become on or relate to as if they are already! (rough draft)

 Seven Hekatean Satanic Suggestions


Chapter One-Book of Persephone

Chapter Two-Book of LIlith

Chapter Three-Book of Tiamet

Chapter Four-Book of Hekate

Chapter Five-Hekate’s Labyrinth

A)Queen of Hell

B)Queen of Heaven

Chapter Six-Book of Akasha

A)Eleven Hekatean Statements



More to come! 


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