Updated Path!

Hello my friends! This update is going to be short & sweet but stay tuned as I will post again but in depth explanation.

I want you all to know that something has happened & has altared my path a bit. It isn’t a huge huge change at least not as I see it at the moment but what I will be renaming my path will be changed.

Especially since I am facing the reworking of the Satanic Bible itself that was written by Anton Lavey in 1966.

For not I am calling this book in progress Hekatean Satanism but is subject to change!

I want to add that I am fully working with demonology & daemonology and I do not plan to chose a side.

I don’t do that.

I will still be working with the Angels, and the God’s I’ve already spoken of.

There are reasons for this shift & I will properly explain it once the words are flowing freely & when I have time.