The Nameless Ones


The Nameless Ones–

is what I think that the list of 72 Demons of Goetia should be called! Because the names of these so called “demons” or more appropriately termed as Daemons & even more so—GODS/GODDESSES–they aren’t truly names at all. They are nouns, verbs, etc. Not truly their names. So there for I prefer to call them “The Nameless Ones”. It is said that if you know a “demon’s” name then you have power over that said demon. Which I believe that is precisely why their names aren’t known! 

I had written a post called Satanic Demonology but it was a bit rushed so consider this one its second part! Before my path was updated from being a Luciferian to a Hekatean Satanist—I had trouble seeing the “demons” as they were portrayed by most people no matter what path they were on. I couldn’t get passed what the word Demon means & how it was twisted into something evil. I also had a hard time seeing these entities as any sort of entity that could be contained by a mere human nor were the names that were given their actual names. 

So I was, admittedly, somewhat stumped on how to go about the Goetia & any sort of Occult listing of ‘demons”. I just don’t take the word seriously what-so-ever! 


But then something shifted, recently, and I can’t really put my finger on it. But something in my mundane life happened to where I felt the need to invoke the four satanic elements. Leviathan, Belial, Satan, and Lucifer. And there was a resonance between Belial & I. And he told me to look past the names & words. And to see him for who he really is. 

So I did… 

And here we are… 


I wont go into detail because I truly think that this sort of thing needs to be experienced, seen, and understood by ones own personal experience! I could explain it til I”m blue in the face & in the best way that I know how and it still wont come across correctly! 

But I will say, proceed with respect….

These entities, in my opinion, are very very old. They are as old or older than the Pagan (among others) Gods/Goddesses. These Daemons comes from the void in my opinion. And one day soon I will speak of my own personal experience of Belial. But for right now, I must update everyone on my newest discover when it comes to these list of so called demons!


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