Archangel Lucifer


Before you read further I need you all to know that this is simply what I’ve been told by Lucifer himself, but this is a mere concept for me to spread to those that resonate with this as well. If you do not see any truth in the following–there is absolutely no pressure for you to believe it! The following is something to think about. 

The basic truth of Lucifer is the Light bringer. The bringer of wisdom. The outline of what your own individual spiritual truth should look like or makes sense to you! 


Lucifer commonly known as the Fallen Angel, is actually some one very different and doesn’t see himself as such.

However understands the misplaced judgement.

I wasn’t raised Christian, however I had Christian influence, tho I believe we all have. The movement is a strong part of our history whether you’re a believer or not.

Christianity, whatever your views, is a strong energy that made changes in our physical world; therefore the shift began in the spiritual world.

Yes, it’s true, Christianity was used in many ways in order to influence be influenced as well as used by Humanity.

Christianity was brought to the people originally as a corrupted tale in order to bring change to the current world– which would have been fine, the God’s, watchers, and nature spirits do not mind change in fact they enjoy it.

Even inspire it many times themselves.


However no matter who,the Gods, humanity or otherwise, infuence the change, there will always be a level of unknown and mystery to how it may turn out.

Though if the muse for change is from the God’s, they understand that the results will take time. Because humanity is ruled by time, and must answer to their choices.

Not to say that the Gods do not answer for their own choices for good or bad. They do. Though they understand the inner workings of the Universe and purpose much more than Humanity.

The God’s have a sense of control over their own domains that concern to human experience and the experience of everything on Earth including themselves (and whatever planet they reside on) and each other.

However they must respect free will. They can only mirror back to us our own subconscious.

Lucifer is an Angelic whom brought the ability to chose to us.

He wasn’t the first, Dionysus did something similar, however Lucifer’s movement was or is much more intellectual. And much more extreme. It has caused alot of conflict-but also in a good way.

I believe that when Christianity was born; it was an agreement on a subconscious level that Humanity needed a change in evolution.

Humanity needed to leave home so to speak.

There had already been many divorces & opposition between humanity and particularly nature spirits of Earth and there was a decision to move further away even more.

Azrael—Angel of Death

This caused alot of stress, argument, and more as many of the spirits of Earth & humans whom didn’t understand. But it was a mixture opinions and feelings.

Of course, humanity did go about this on an even more extreme,. ignorant and even unfair level as they conjured up a new religion for the people to follow. As I said a separation was in motion but for humanity to forget their spiritual nature with nature and to go on the other side of the spectrum in the name of God or claiming themselves only as God–This has caused alot of negativity but Lucifer says we are only seeing one half of the picture.

It is a test or… an experiment.

However humanity reactions to the picture in front of them or whatever choices they make that are given to them by the God’s or their guides… aids in how their lives are shaped.

Lucifer is the reincarnion of Dionysus. In truth Jesus in the reincarnion of Dionysus. Jesus came to humanity to speak of a new way… however still closely similar to a path of nature worship and sage magick.

It was slightly divorced from what was familiar. The word of Jesus scared many and influenced his crucification.


Yes, parts of Judiasm is based on truth. Yes known spirit guides or Deities of nature were reincarnated and sacrificed to cause change.

However there was a corruption and decisions were made out fearhy humanity. And it explains much of the darkness and confusion today.

The experience of Lucifer that I have is a mixture of all truth combined with personal experience.

Lucifer, Archangel Michael, Jesus, are all aspects of the same individual soul of Dionysus.

Lucifer aka Satan is known for revealing the Christian God as not the true God. Or a God he no longer served.

This is symbolic for the separation but also symbolic for the good and bad in humanity’s ego.

“Pagan Jesus”

Freedom of Choice.

But Lucifer also says this tale is inspired by the day he realized his existence was inspired by humanity.

Not the God that was a corrupted idea born from humanity’s subconscious mind that which ultimately was and is a part of themselves.

Once Lucifer realized who the voice of this so called new God, he did reject him/us. But didn’t reject the power humanity held over the spirit world.

He taught us freedom of choice and a recognition of our magical and even spiritual power.

But he also taught that there are repercussions to our choices.

Archangel Michael

This lesson seems hardest for humanity to learn.

Most do not mind to see themselves as powerful. But less are open to see their own destruction. Lucifer says destruction is neutral in truth but humanity are too attached to rebellion, and duality of light & dark in order to use destruction so that it is shown as nuetral or accepted.

Lucifer is and can be complex to understand. But will aid anyone in understanding & balance towards anyone whom is open to him.

First, if you have any, you must face your fears or illusions of him, and/or religion as a whole incuding lack of religion.

Lucifer isn’t pro nor anti religious. He is simply about personal experience. Beieving in ones heart, and all you’ve experienced to be true.

He is a cherubim, six wings, and four heads. This heads change whenever needed. Whomever he shifts into he becomes them as a whole… then changes head to become the other.

The Bull-Dionysus
The Lion-Archangel Michael & Jesus
The Raven-Archangel Azrael
His angelic face-Lucifer


Lucifer says that the hate towards any God, and/or disbelief, as well as killing in the name of a God–all of this isn’t the answer. Thought he understands the place for all of those actions. He says none of it is the point.

Whether one beliefs or not matters not. What matters is personal experience, and becoming aware of ones power to do good and bad.

Evolution was/is the point of the change… in order to become Fuller/wiser than we were once before.

The ones whom are making dark choices… they will have to work it out, learn from their choices no matter how many times they make them, they will receive the repercussions until they awaken from pain or repetition or extreme curiosity in why what they believe they will into being isn’t doing as they thought it would.

Humanity are in essence like children.

They are merely attempting to understand what they’ve done. And how the influence from others work and why do they feel am emptiness when they are chasing what they’ve taught themselves they need…

What they need is an acknowledgement of truth. To shine a light on themselves. Honestly.

6dfff7d7f66ee75c9ce7f1ec48d0a7f6“That is what I do.

I reveal them, I reveal everything.”

The Universe is much more layered, complex and full of Powers that humanity has always been influenced by, learned from, was once aware of, but now it’s a distant memory as they attempt to learn as if they are alone.

In essenceany of them asked for it. The ones who are controlled by their greed and rebellion.

Lucifer doesn’t demand anything. He doesn’t demand worship. He doesn’t tell you what to do, he insires you to question. Fully & yourself as much as everyone else and the physical as a whole.

I started out by speaking to him as Satan when I explored satanism. However I felt the path to to be too empty for me. Until I branched out and learned about Luciferianism & other types of Satanism. I now identify with Hekatean Satanism. 

I will be posting much more about the this angelic-self made God.

stay tuned!

Read about Archangel Michael–click the image below!


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