Archangel Michael

Who is Archangel Michael?


We’ve all heard the story! But I’m here to propose an idea to all of you. Both left & right hand paths alike! Michael & Lucifer both are the very reason why I do not chose between left or right hand. Because in reality there is no such thing! There is only what it is. Simply. Practical. We all share the same planets, feelings, thoughts, we simply chose differently based on conditioning. Whether false or true. 

That is not to say that individuality doesn’t exist, it does. But simply there is also Oneness. Because Oneness is individuality. There is no separation between the two. Individuality is able to be because of Oneness. Because of the illusion of choice. 

The fact there are rules that we must abide by. We must accept certain things in our lives to be destroy including our very own flesh. We must accept the endings of things we may not have wanted to ever see the ending of. We must accept many things in our lives. Both our roles in creating & destroying the things we even loved or thought we loved. 

The world is full of horrors but also much beauty! But my point is this… in order for us to see ourselves as separate within the Oneness that we all are we must have the Ego. But in order to transcend that & experience that Oneness for personal experience—language is so tricky!–we must see “through” the ego. channeling-009

See that its a tool! 

Archangel Michael has told me that he is merely the other side of the coin as Archangel Lucifer is on the other side as well. They are one & the same. But one side is labelled the “hero” & the other “villain”. 

The real story of them both should be considered. Once its released I have written about it in my upcoming novel. And I believe I have mentioned this in the post called Lucifer. 

This entity is large & has many heads. Many roles, faces, and forces that make up this part of the Universe & is inside each of us! So the separation & gloomy faces when it comes to both Archangel Michael and/or Archangel Lucifer—needs to come to a halt

As  Archangel Michael has said to me many times–

“The greatest enemy you will ever have to face is yourself.”

Take that for what you will. But it must be considered!