Meet Karma…Again

It is indeed an unpopular belief for a Satanist… And it is a belief that I never believed until recently. particularly when Hekate came into my life.

This post isn’t a preach fest! It is a sharing. A telling of how I went from not see proof of Karma to seeing & understanding it clearly. I wont repeat the analogy that Hekate stated that helped me understand at this point. 

I am merely going to explain it in basic way. But the main thing I need to get across is this people are either extremely sensitive when told a spiritual law or they obey without question. I understand both. Ive been both. But neither is the answer. Personal experience of what you’ve been told or what you’ve heard is more important than anything. 

You are free to disagree or agree. That is completely up to you!

In order to understand Karma, one must understand many different things. Different ideas, concepts, opinions, actions, etc that has happened in our world history, the present and how it effects the future. One must also understand nature, Earth & other planets.

I had decided that there wasnt karma by the observation that on the surface, physically this world isnt fair.

Karma is ultimately fairness, it’s justice. It is a concept that many understand as “what you do will come back to you”. For better or worse.

There was a time where I was nearly nihilistic. I didn’t believe in any spiritual laws. However these days it is a very large assumption to believe that particularly if one is a witch or magician.

There must be a spiritual or magickal law that gives back what you ask for if you believe that magick works.

Believing you can cast a spell and manifest what you want yet you reject karma?

Thats a bit of a dingleberry thing to actually believe. It doesn’t make any sense at all! No offense!

But I suppose it depends on how one thinks magick & manifestation works.

In my opinion magick works because of one reason, and one reason alone. Cause & effect. It doesn’t even rely on the amount of concentration you give it, nor intention, nor how adept you are even. Magick is simple, practical & natural.

It is as natural as doing anything else in life. In truth, every spell, or magickal deed should not fail to bring results.

However the results can be not what we hoped for or better than we expected. Some times it seems nothing happened at all. But that is to the untrained eye.

1)The training resides in learning what to look for. Many times the results come in forms we aren’t expecting.

2)How to reprogram your mind so that you’re aware of  your true will  & therefore you are manifesting what you need.

The reason why these two things are there are because magick has been hidden from us. It’s been stolen & twisted into falsehoods. Either taught as something to fear (of the devil) or something to laugh at & disbelieve in.

Because of these things our minds are usually very filtered & corrupted with lie about not only our true nature but that magick is included into that very picture of who we are!

Therefore we have forgotten how to spot magick when it happens. Or many see this magick as miracles of the Christian God or other God’s similar to that system of belief.

Without the magick of cause & effect, our spell casting wouldn’t work. In fact nothing in this world would be able to work, make sense or have any logic whatsoever. There would be no steps to take in order to manifest what we need. Whether mundane or spiritual or magickal.

What goes up must come down. What we say there is an effect. What we do there is effect. What we think there is an effect. Same goes for any magickal spell, ritual, etc.

It is the same thing as karma. Karma is common sense. And it’s interesting particularly in left hand paths that so many reject it yet feel strongly about self-responsibility.

Karma & responsibility goes hand in hand. Karma is balance. Karma doesn’t allow any deed to happen without an appropriate response.

That response is not dependent on whether or not a human understands it or not. The response responds outside of the mind of humanity. It is a natural order.

The natural order sees humanity as a whole as one. Each individuality within the society of humanity is effected by each other’s actions, thoughts, words, etc. Including the realm of the unknown within our collective consciousness & subconscious.

So for example if I go out to the store to buy a jug of milk. This action even tho it is not of a moral context has its own cause & effect upon myself & everyone else. It ripples out from my being. It influences everyone, my family at home, the people on the streets, at the store. The way there, the way back.

Same thing with moral actions. Bad, good or indifferent actions influence everything.

How does it come back to me? Simple! Manifestation. I had the intention to attain milk,I took the steps to get it. So I did. Magick is the same. (The idea that solid action to attain your goal isn’t always true. Minimum & simple actions are enough)

In other ways that is comes back:

1)I receive other ideas while I’m out to attain something else i need at the store, or elsewhere. (Abundance being manifested)

2)I receive creative impressions of other goals I may set by interaction with others or with the energy of nature outdoors.

3)I may inspire another to attain something they forgot they needed. This is a reminder of the power of influence.

Many other things could happen as well while in the mindset of attaining abundance.

Some may argue this and ask “What happens if you die on the way there?”  My answer, well we all gotta die at some point yes? But it is true, even that is the effect.

Karma is both impersonal & personal. It’s greatly misunderstood. And many people do not take into account their every action, word, thought, deed both mundane & magickal. Many are only looking at the obvious and are only seeing it from the more personal side to things.

Coupled with that most of us aren’t trained to truly see things as closely to how they really are anyways so how we are looking at it is all wrong before you even attempt to try!

For starters, “Do good & you will receive good. Do bad & you will recieve bad”. It is true. But there is more to it than that. This saying is asking you to simply pay attention.

It isn’t telling you to do one or the other. It’s saying that both bad and good is going to happen to you. But humanity took it a bit personally and like most things we turned it into this sort of competition thing, labeling people good or bad, and using it as a way to be the judge ourselves, feeling better about being hurt because we think it will come out to the person who caused us harm. Yet not taking questioning the situation altogether. Just hoping the other person gets what’s coming.

If you want that person to hurt then you take that matter into your own hands instead of assuming karma to do so from your personal perspective. Because people can deny karma and not learn at all from the pain in their lives.

Pain is a tool. It isn’t a punishment. It is a way to pay a certain amount of energy back into the world but also a way to learn from it. Therefore you transmute a percentage of it & then it turns into a positive instead of negative in time.

Thats the purpose. To find the equilibrium. And that’s exactly what karma is. A natural law that keeps that equilibrium outside of humanity’s grasp until they learn how it works. And even then there is still a percentage of it that we cannot and shouldn’t be able to control anyways. Not yet.

Karma is here to allow all things to be but whatever we’ve put in, taken, destroyed, created, for better, worse or indifferent–we reap what we sow. Individually and Together as a whole equally.

It’s there to show the power we have in everything we do. Even the seemingly meaningless stuff–that has power too. Ultimately it is a gift. A good thing. It’s needed. Regardless if its understood.

Also we need to understand that time is a concept. So time doesn’t have to be taken into account either. Something bad or good could happen early in your life and then later something will happen and it will seem as it that has come full circle. Or it may not seem as nothing was gained or taken from it at all. But that is just our perspective not seeing it correctly.

We MUST always assume there is an effect. It’s the only true way to take responsibility. And the only way we can take a healthy amount of responsibility is to observe this natural law in our corner of the Universe. Allow this power to show you truth.

It is the reason for every good, bad, and in between, thing happens. Sometimes it is true we should take full blame. But other times the action we should take is merely to understand, and accept. Chose to open our minds in order to see OURSELVES correctly.

We destroy without a single thought relating to it many, many times. Think of all the insects that we kill, unknowingly when we walk on the grass or even sidewalk. Is the effect a punishment? No! It’s a simple non personal law.

A life for a life. It isn’t simply “everyone dies”. It’s simply, “whatever you do, knowingly or not, comes back to you”. Because we are all one.
Why would there be different laws for us all when we all live on the same planet? Karma is here to teach awareness and true balance.

What to accept and what to take into your own hands. But it also says tread lightly. Think before you take your action. Because the more you know, the more you’re aware of.

This isn’t fear mongering. It is essential and is supposed to give understanding. Enlightenment. That is practical. But because we’ve been lied to & traumatized by people in power about religion, we’ve become quick to dismiss things.

particularly of a spiritual, magickal, and/or religious context. But if we are going to work with magick we need not be so lost in fanatical concepts about any of what we’ve been taught which is everything and anything EXCEPT truth!

Generally consisting of the fake religions and/or narcissistic concepts of The Self.

Know the history of the people in power lying to us. Know that this has effected everything relating to how we see ourselves, others, and the world! Admit that you know very little. But you feel the truth.

We’ve been taught to deny our feelings, intuition, imagination, (and logic if raised Christian or other like-minded religions), do not chose between logic and imagination.

You need both! People in power do not want to you to know you’re full power!! So of course they will tell you what to believe or disbelieve!

Listen to your heart! Before you assume or make decisions on what is true or false.

Clear everything from your mind & then look at yourself, others, and this world again. Using both imagination, logic. Emotion & thought.

God & Goddess.

Lucifer & Hekate.

Become whole.
Complete & One.

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