Born to be free (July 4th)

July 4th.

Such a strange holiday. Celebrating an illusion of freedom that shouldn’t have had to have been fought for. Freedom is a birth right. It’s natural. Freedom cannot be given. It can only be realized within.

Its also strange since we still live in a day & age where slavery mentality is very real & still exists. Even within the minds of people whom may not realize it.

The illusion of freedom that Americans have; I feel was bestowed upon us out of guilt for the corruption that was forced on us. The blatant stolen rights, stolen land, etc. These things are real & happened. We should remember it!

I don’t understand those that know the truth of our history but will still go out and shoot fireworks and play along with this fake bullshit. Simply because it’s the trend for now.

Americans, someone cannot give you freedom nor liberation! You must find it within yourself by learning about the history & truth!

Sure we are able to do many things that others in other countries cannot. However this country is as fake as the implants that many spend lots of money on when they could have donated that money to someone who actually needed it!

Stop celebrating these fake & useless holidays! Most of them were stolen from natural & ancient religions that provided much more empowerment, mental & spiritual well being than what’s popular today which is either belief in one religion or a lack of belief altogether.

No disrespect if you’re happy with that said religion or without a religion. Keep doing you if you’re happy! But most people aren’t happy with it. Yet they keep on with the same routine.

This isnt said out of judgement but out of concern for people. I remember what it was like to conform to such tradition’s I felt in my heart aren’t going celebrating truth.

These holidays have much corruption, lie, violence, darkness that lie behind them. Yet nearly everyone gets together with their families and repeats what has been done years and years prior without a thought in their head about…

Recreating the meaning of the day that is celebrating. Or simply taking thw day to truly think about the actual truth behind it.

Its nearly morbid & twisted to light fireworks, watching the lightshow and listening to the sounds that mimic the sound and sight of fire & war. Think about what you’re doing.

I personally meditated on the fourth of july. Spent time with my husband of 12 years, and also had some spiritual work to do with it Hekate.

It was very profound day for me as I saw some future goals and work I need to put into motion concerning my magickal path!

Those that follow me (my blog) will soon see those goals!

Today I celebrate the fact that I chose with awareness to find my own liberation/freedom from the corruption & lie put on me by society & government that started ages ago!

Happy Independence day for all human beings whom have found their liberation within themselves!

For those whom feel they are still in chains–Look within yourself. No matter what the physical world may appear as. In order to to move beyond & change your world you must first change your inner world! In truth, you were & are born to be free!!

2 thoughts on “Born to be free (July 4th)”

  1. Since having my own son, i have really been looking at holidays and what they mean to me and if i want my son to partake. As a parent, there is a lot of pressure to celebrate these holidays, or else im told im a bad parent or a mean mom. But honestly i feel the way you do… we need to understand why we celebrate it or even if we should. We have all been conditioned to keep repeating it without thinking about it.

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    1. I totally understand what you’re saying. I didn’t mean my post as an insult, but a passionate message. I know all about the pressure. Shoot there is pressure even for people whom don’t have children to celebrate. I used to get picked on or pressured when I stopped celebrating & getting together with family during certain holidays. I was/am either called antisocial or a grump or too negative because Im simply doing what I feel in my heart to do what’s right for me. That doesn’t make me any of the things I was and am called! It makes me real. It doesn’t mean i love family any less or that I’m even antisocial. But people, most of them don’t want to acknowledge any truth & when someone does and is passionate about it or chooses to rebel against what’s considered normal it makes other people confused or feel insecure so call us names or throw insults at us. Ignore them.


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