War on Religion

Disclaimer! This is a mere rant! I am simply expressing how important it is for everyone (including myself) to find balance! To point the blame where it belongs instead of blaming religion itself. The blame needs to be put on humanity as a whole, particularly those that are in power & the forefathers whom created “a new world” ages ago! They are to blame when it comes to the war on religion! Look inside of your heart if you want to find truth, peace, wholeness, and most importantly equilibrium! This isn’t to chastise anyone in particular, this isn’t to start a fight, this isn’t an insult, this is my mere views, honestly, and a rant. Please do not take it personally.

Is it possible for us to coexist?


Attention Everyone! All paths! All religions! Witch, Shaman, light workers, light warrior, darkworker, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, atheist, Satanist (of any kind), agnostic, Wiccan, pagan, Buddhism, and every other religion, spiritual, or otherwise philosophical belief! (Including the science preachers!! Lol)

Stop fighting! Stop the moaning and groaning! Stop the competition! Stop the nanny nanny boo boos! Stop the insults! Stop hating! Stop the I’m better than you!

Stop it!


First point, I’m sorry Christian’s, Catholics, Muslims, etc– But you are always going to have your opposition! Regardless of how you see Satan or whatever name you call the enemy of your God. Stop the hate and let your God take care of things. Everyone knows the story. The people who don’t follow it understand it better than you do, regardless of its authenticity. That isn’t an insult it’s true, for the most part. However I am not dismissing all of you intelligent Christians out there, now am I directing any attitude to the Christian’s whom do not hate nor do they fights others whom walk other paths! That should go without saying.

If anyone of all of these paths anyone at all doesn’t fight others over religion instead you defend… Or you may stay silent… i am not speaking to you here. Instead I congratulate you! No matter what path you walk! Defense is good & should be. But to attack, belittle, hate, or do anything over the top negative over this isn’t the answer!

Atheists! Defense instead of attack! Defense with sophistication! Defense with intelligence & compassion! Know your enemy! The enemy cannot comprehend what you comprehend. Whether out of choice or otherwise. This isn’t an invitation to insult or belittle. But to respond with intelligence. That is all. Know that not all religions are the same. Understand religions, fine details, know your reasons for rejecting them. Know that it isn’t because of something else you heard, know that its because you put them all to the test and personally experienced your reason! Do not reject religion simply because Science tells you there is no evidence relating to God, Magick, Spirits, Astrology, and so on. Know that if you reject these things because Science inspired you to do so, it isn’t authentic! Learn from Science, but questioning Science should also be part of your routine.

How do you know it’s NASA telling you the facts? How do you know it’s a scientist telling you of experiments? Are you a scientist? Have you experienced the facts that have told to you?

I am not saying that science is fake. But not all of it is truth and not all of it are we being told.

Know your history. Question your history. It’s not the first time Government lies to its people, creating our obstacles, our bad & good.

Wake up. Everyone. All paths!


Christian’s! I am not going to sit here and tell you that you’re believing in lie, you’ve heard it all again & again. But i will tell you that your Jesus is more than you think! Jesus isnt small minded, Jesus was also NOT perfect, Jesus had a problem with his temper, but he knew he had a piece of divinity within himself and he knew everyone else did too! The best friend’s of Jesus were drug addicts, hookers, thieves, the so-called “bottom feeders” of the world. The people whom were the most judged, rejected, and demonized people.

Why? Because he understood the darkness in this world. Jesus didn’t fear darkness. He didn’t look down at it. He looked down upon those whom wouldn’t allow him & his people to celebrate their divinity in the way that they wanted! Jesus was slaughtered the government because I believe Jesus came into the world at a very dark transition.

The people had come to a crossroads in the world souls evolution. Jesus, being a reincarnated soul of an ancient God (imo), was born to attempt ti remind the people of their true nature & connection to the Earth & planets, healing & magick. Because the people were about to go through the darkest time of their evolution that they can remember at the time.

Jesus was indeed sent to Earth to teach a truth. And that truth is true. But it wasn’t as it’s been told.

Jesus was slaughtered & his story was corrupted & used to give the people who were fighting for power and an independent world separated from the freedom they grew bored of– even more power as they fought to WIN!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in Jesus but there will come a time for everyone at some point in some life that we will all need to accept him as someone whom did exist and we will all need to hear his true story from our very hearts.

But on the flip side….

This doesn’t mean what Satan is bad. Satan is not whom you Christian’s or other people whom fear him to be either. Satan isn’t a name. It is a word meaning adversary, enemy. Satan refers to all whom rebels against this God in this belief system.

Which by the way doesn’t exist. And I believe that many spiritual entity’s, God’s, and goddesses, nature spirits, ghosts, etc, most of them exist! I’ve spoken and have a trusted partnership with many.

But this great God in Christianity, Catholicism, Muslim, and the like… DOES NOT EXIST!! I’ve never heard him. I prayed to him as a child… I did feel someone listening but it wasn’t this God whom is written about. I assure you. I just KNOW.

Do not have so much doubt within yourselves, humans. Its your major downfall and causes so much destruction. So many people believe that doubt isnt harmful. It is.

A certain amount of doubt is healthy. But too much of it is detrimental.

Same with everything else.

Humans every one of you are very imbalanced. Either too much this or too much that. And you’re plagued with conflict. The problem is looking at the world with the “this or that” glasses on.

Yes, have pride in your ability to choose. But that’s just it. Instead of acknowledging that you have a great gift, the ability to chose… Or not—you spend far too much time on the conflict itself instead of making peace with your choice you’ve made.

If there is peace with your choice there is nothing to fight about. Only defense or share wisdom to those whom seek it.

If you go around attacking people with words or physically, or you hate people because they are different from you but generally did nothing? Youre scared and not at peace with your choice. It means something is wrong. You’re belief isn’t coming from your heart.

This goes for all people. If you’re downing another no matter what path you walk upon you’re not at peace and you’re not looking for solution. You’re not genuine with yourself and you’re hiding from something.

Yes sometimes it’s appropriate to fight, sometimes we need negativity, sometimes we are going to be stupid, and it’s okay, it’s even okay that these religious wars are happening.

But we must balance that with the opposite. It’s not okay. Make the choice to always evolve.

There is a choice to evolve. And we cannot evolve if we do not take into consideration–everything that is occurring on Earth.

Truly look at it out any lens at all. Let it speak to you. All views, points, stages, spirits, God’s, goddesses, energies, spiritualities, everything.

Satanists! If you all believe yourselves to already be God or Goddess then…. Know this–

In order to be God or Goddess, one must know the paradox in life, the opposites, chaos & order, truth & like, night and day, male and female, logic & imagination. Your mind must beable to hold all opposition. Your mind must beable to consider ALL things without feeling threatened, scared, arrogance, etc. Consideration is openness. Being open is strong. Not to say that you can never reject. But being open is neither accepting nor rejecting. There isn’t an opposition to openness. Openness is always here, within everyone, all the time, eternally. Openness is love, impersonal love. And it is a law.

Love is the law.

Openness allows us to consider everything. It allows us to watch everything. It allows us to detach from all that isn’t apart of us & let it go. If we can learn to set our intention, and find the open sacred space within us, we can rest there and watch the flower within bloom into the shape, color it’s supposed to become.

We are Individuals within One being. Molecules within/atop the body of a God & Goddess. Either symbolically, metaphorically, jokingly, or spiritually. Lol

Wiccans, Light workers (Earth angels), pagans! Stop reinforcing the division between Wiccans & Satanists!! Stop it. Youre no better than a Christian if you go on and on criticising or making fun of Satanists of dark magick users! You’re doing that because you are afraid of the dark side and have the mentality that spirituality is supposed to be about positivity only, or that the Earth spirits owe you some kind of energy, or the fairies are going to light up your life without a second thought, and other similar thoughts. Lightworkers who work with angels!! Stop hating on Lucifer! I thought you were evolved and not Christian!! First point Lucifer exists, yes!! Fallen angels aren’t exactly what you think, and Lucifer actually is much more intellectually useful than the others. Not saying Michael or gabriel or the others are useless!! No no! I’m simply saying that Lucifer is a true teacher. And he will show you how to take matters into your own hands therefore you have more of a chance in causing change in your life instead of running and expecting the other angels to do something about your situation.

I’ve learned alot from many angels! Don’t get me wrong! The other angels teach alot of different things!! But like every God and goddess they have different domains. And the domains you fear or misunderstand the most are the most beneficial!!

And most of us fear both love and hate, dark and light. Shoot many of us even fear both logic and lie in different ways!!

Again, humans are extremely focused on the conflict and on top of it they don’t even understand the conflict,so how can you even make the choice without first doing extensive research and putting it to the test??

To everyone, Government lies!!! Stop believing in them about anything or else… Truly? That makes them you’re God no matter what path you claim to follow!!

Put every single thing to the test. If you don’t care? Great! Then don’t fight over it and don’t defense anything other than you’re right to not care. Live youre live for whatever you’re living it for. Stay out of it.

Many people speak out on things they think they understand. Or they are passionate, or pushing buttons because they like the way it sounds or feels to be rebellious but they don’t get it. They think they are cool, thinking outside the box, and being true to themselves, but really they are being disrespectful towards humanity whom do deserve a basic level of respect because guess what? Youre not better than them and they aren’t better than you.

If you begin to think you’re better than others even if you may be a rare find or have a unique ability that does more good than most….

Stay humble oe else you’ll become corrupted like most people and your gifts will become useless.

Only a genuine heart can cause true change that will make a difference even if you don’t see it. Thats you’re perspective.

Know that we don’t see the world exactly as it is.

Leave some percentage of truth to the unknown realm.

This is the only way to find peace, happiness, joy, and to live naturally. It’s the true way to equilibrium. Open up to all possibilities and test it with your heart.

There is a natural guidance out there. Animals don’t have a visible guide for are they born with a physical list of directions or guidance.

They are born listening to their natural instincts and guidance. There is jo corruption in the life of an animal, no fakeness unless there is influence of humanity in their life.

Animals are superior to us right now because our mentality is backwards because of corruption.

There are God’s, there is spirituality, there is magick. Wake up.

Thats what this whole thing is about. To wake up to our true power, to wake up to our magick, to our potential, to ourselves. Our dark side and out light side which equals to ignorance and intelligence.

Intelligence is using imagination with logic. Observation, personal experience, open heart, open mind. Correct mistakes cleanly and without judgements and hate on the mistakes made.

You can belive in any God or even lack a belief in God–and do these things… if you’re a fearless person. If you cannot then you’re fearful of something or you have hate in your heart.

What is it?

Both hate and fear are okay to have. It’s needed to have but only in order to keep the fight alive. Whether the fight is to overcome it, or to smash the enemy, or to destroy or protect something.

Then comes the question is it worth it? And why?

Yes. Because it is my purpose to defend & fight for what I believe in. The God of War, planet Mars blessed me with the power of action. The freedom to fight for and protect that which is true & just. I fight for my right to be free, liberated, I fight for equality, and i fiercely protect equilibrium!

In order to do that you must be open & consider all things. Allow all voices to speak so long as fairness is respected.

Fairness within myself & others.

Everyone has their own varied truth & role to play. But there are rules. Without the rules we wouldn’t be here. There is structure or we wouldn’t be here.

Those rules are very simple and we’re not meant to be corrupted but they were. It’s detrimental that we correct the mistakes in our heart.

It has become our very birthright. Because of the choices humanity made a long time ago to rebel against its true nature.

Speak to you planets. You will see & you will know. Dont take my word for it.

To live in the now means to know the past, see the mistakes in the now, ans correct them, for a better future. But first we must know ourselves, know others, the environment, the politicians, science, religion, past present and future.

Then we may begin the great work… Of change!






6 thoughts on “War on Religion”

  1. Belief in resurrection is a delusion. Everything which lives has but one life. Humans are much like every other creature on earth (we are all related), but have a more advanced brain and can make up all sorts of stories about the nature of the world. The monotheists have been scammed into believing that they are special and they pray for the end of the world! GROG


    1. I don’t believe in straight up resurrection. I do believe that reincarnation is possible. Every individual person, animal, insect, or any other creature has one life as that unique individual. However I do believe there are many lives that a soul can live. I believe in order to have a physical world there must be a spiritual world of some sort. In my opinion this is shown by how we create. First we receive an idea or are inspired by something we saw therefore begins the journey of creating said… whatever… and then its brought forth into the physical. Everything starts with feeling, thought, action, then it is manifested into reality. Whether it is an original feat or not. I believe something like this happened in order to bring about our world, the animals, and the human race. But that is just me. I won’t be saying what is delusion or what is not. There is a reason for the corruption however. Not all religions nor beliefs are the same simply because everything had a different intention while being brought into this world. As far as storytelling… everything is a story. Its a matter of true or false. Even my whole life is a story.. and was first birthed within the imagination.. then brought forth into the physical form. That is how the basis of things work anyway. And if one is a magick user the basis is the same. But I wouldn’t say our brains are advanced, in general, and definitely would not say it comparably speaking to animals. We really dont know what animals are thinking. And in my mind, they are much more advanced than we are. You dont see animals expressing their identity crisis or complaining about their roles in this world. lol But I appreciate your comment! 🙂


      1. Violet, resurrection is a delusion, a wish to be special. The delusion has a name, it is schizotypalism. There is but one life for each of us, not two. This is just the greatest Bernie Madoff scam in history!


      2. And who told you this? Why would you trust what a psychologist says about the concept of reincarnation? (I didn’t say anything about ressurection but either way.) Psychology, Psichiatry is a watered down version of Shamanism Psychology, if you look at history you will find that there was a change in mental heal medicine. It is also known, in hsitory, that anyone whom believed in witchcraft and/or spiritual concepts that weren’t christian–they were condemned, refered to as evil but then after several years of this, the government decided to call them insane instead. You are essentially insulting my mental health based on what you’ve been TOLD & taught to believe. You don’t actually know the truth of what you speak of. The true scam is alive & well today! People are allowed to believe in many different religions today, preach about them even, even if they are belittled & treated badly by those that do not believe. But did you know that people like me cannot chose my religion if I am at my death bed in the hospital? There are many different religions posted to chose from when one is in the hospital but my religion including Wicca, Paganism, Satanism isn’t on that list! Why do you think that is? Why is every other religion allowed to be chosen at the hospital but A witch cannot state that they are a witch if they are dying in the hospital. THAT smells like a scam to me! Do not argue with people about their beliefs when you have had zero experience with the beliefs that you are telling the other person that they have a mental illness because of said belief. It is rude, unintelligent, & inhumane. You don’t know who I am, what I’ve experienced. And you don’t have a right to tell me what is or isn’t a dellusion simply because you read that it was a delusion in some book from a branch of mental health medicine that was stolen from Shamanism Psychology where it was believed & accepted that a person had a soul. And treated depression, and other illnesses that are refered to today as “mental illness”. Everything that you are taught today came from ancient texts where they did things completely different. And it wasn’t a correction that the government made when they changed things, rewrote religion, and forced people to get rid of certain beliefs but allowed them to convert to other ways of thinking. Why did they do this? Because they simply wanted a NEW WORLD. They saw a vision of how they wanted the world to be so they destroyed the old ways.. that actually made a difference… because they found a shiny pretty item from Earth called GOLD. This world is all about MONEY, dear. They want to keep people broken, they want people to think they are crazy, they want people to fight over religion, they want the division and war that exists among the people to continue… this way they have full control over everything we think, feel, and do! And that way we remain CONSUMERS! Believing in reincarnation IS NOT a wish to be special!! It is the sure fine way to hold TRUE responsibility in the life youre living, and have lived! It is the natural law of the planet Earth! Do you truly think that these planets have no energies that remember the corruption & mistakes made by humans??? That is unintelligent to believe, and it also perpetuates humans to believe that they shouldn’t be accountable or responsible for what to think. how to think. how to behave. how to treat people. human beings are the most unevolved beings on the planets. All of us, no matter what you believe. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is special is they don’t believe they aren’t. What you believe defines youre life. This is the UNIVERSE. We are on a ball of dirt in the middle of a dark world! That all by itself says to me that I can believe in whatever the fuck I want to believe in so long as I’m not hurting anyone, insulting them, or calling them crazy or assuming that someone must think a certain way simply because they have a specific believe that makes more sense & explains the very fact that NOTHING truly dies on this planet. it may die but everyting is reborn just after! Rebirth happens before you very eyes! Explain to me the seasons? Why doesn’t Earth just disintegrate after Winter? Or at least the part of Earth that is winter… while the other part is summer or spring… According to YOU, after winter that part of the EArth shouldn’t be reborn again. There are many lives, dying and being reborn all the time everywhere! It may not be the identical leaf that grows once before after all of the leaves upon the SAME tree die & fall during during.. but still… rebirth happens on that same tree. And those leafs are apart of that same tree. Therefore all things are connection, and true seperation doesn’t exist. The laws of the Universe are right in front of you. Forgive me, but you’ve been scammed to believe otherwise. This new world isn’t about whats natural! It is about money & slavery. Now, with all due respect, do not come to my page & insult me by insinuating that I have a mental illness simply because you don’t agree with my beliefs. Again, its inhumane & its ignorant. You are free to disbelieve, and I am fine with having debate.. but youre obviously taking things personally if you are going to stoop to this level & insinuate things that you really don’t have any idea about… youre simply repeating what youve been told. Youre a copy of an imitation. I”m speaking from personal experience & I will never become a slave of this world that has forgotten how to learn and instead preaches. No thank you.


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